High on Life Issues New Update

High on Life Issues New Update

A new update delivered for Squanch Games’ senseless space shooter High on Life Issues New Update brings fixes for different bugs along with a few supportive new elements. This most recent update for the flippant shooter comes only days after news broke that that Squanch Games President and Rick and Morty co-maker Justin Roiland has been accused of felony aggressive behavior at home in California.

While Squanch Games had made some progress with its past titles, for example, the VR-centered Trover Recoveries the Universe, making High on Life accessible on Xbox Game Pass as a the very beginning delivery immediately raised the profile of the comedic science fiction shooter.

Delivered in December 2022, the PC and Xbox console-select High on Life Issues New Update was by and large generally welcomed by both gamers and pundits. Albeit a constant flow of adolescent humor and the constant jokes from High on Life’s talking weapons switched a few players off from the game, the surprising concoction of Ricky and Morty and Star Wars: Abundance Tracker demonstrated famous with gamers searching for something else from the tactical shooters that overwhelm the class.

High on Life is a comedic science fiction action-experience Metroidvania first-person shooter game. The game was made by Justin Roiland and created and distributed by Squanch Games. It happens in a sci-fi world and elements talking weapons. Subsequent to introducing the game, High on Life has gotten positive surveys; like other computer games, the High on Life title additionally has issues, for example, the game Won’t Send off issue in its underlying days.

This new update hopes to sort a couple of the High on Life Described as Metroidvania accomplishments where following and in-game difficulties would quit working following specific effectively recreated conditions (like kicking the bucket or reloading a designated spot), in spite of the fact that apparently existing recovery documents actually won’t have the option to get the full completion.

High On Life Fix Notes Update

High on Life updated fix notes and delivery on December 13, 2022, stages on Pc and Xbox, and Xbox consoles the resolving issues execution of the Game the new fix seems to have settled. As per the fix notes, further developing the exhibition game on the High on Life Issues New Update. Pc ought to tackle the issues and execute a bug fix in this new update. Following these High On Life update Fix Notes on December 13, 2022.


  • General accident and progress blocker fixes, including evil, respawn in Douglas Mission, and Jetpack instructional exercise.
  • Further developed PC execution across different equipment configurations
  • Further developed execution across Xbox One and Xbox Series stages
  • Further developed UI text and button meaningfulness – Localization fixes for inaccurate/missing translations, caption timing, and in general coherence
  • Fixed battle music playing at unseemly times and piece stalling out during Krubis and Douglas missions
  • Fixed Blorto’s menu to show the player’s twist gem count precisely cod, adding a solitary buy cutoff to Twist Circles
  • Fixed ads beginning before the past video finishes
  • Fixed captions from staying on screen in the wake of leaving the region or concluding conversations
  • Further developed suggested default video quality settings detection on PC


  • General collision passes all through to assist with keeping the player from stalling out while wandering off the brilliant way on lopsided landscape.
  • General looks, lip folds, and account animation clean gave to NPCs
  • Accessible sound adjusting and spatialization pass across SFX, Music, and Exchange
  • General battle and equilibrium pass on all Chief and Battle Experiences
  • Balance give the Skate Park Twist Base to acquire more focuses per stunt
  • Populated Highway Twist Bose to now show up in the wake of finishing the Game
  • Further developed visuals on shots for the Sweezy Slug Rewind Mod
  • Further developed visuals on Garmantuous assaults during the last jug
  • Tuned slide slam to feel less floaty
  • Expanded attract distance on environmental resources Breeze and Blim City
  • Further developed player control over weapon and adversary battle prattle inside the settings menu
  • Television in the house will currently continue to play recordings in the wake of finishing the Game
  • Tidied up discourse pacing to feel more normal during different conversation
  • Adversaries will despawn otter their passing animations completely complete on Xbox One

High On Life Update 2 Fix Notes

High on Life Issues New Update

High On Life’s second update drove out patches for the High on Life Issues New Update off the beyond couple of days, and the principal update made critical enhancements and execution on stages Xbox series X and Xbox series S. Xbox one and computer Games pass the basic concentration. Albeit the computer game gave a few issues.

The group knows about a casing rate issue present during the instructional exercise on certain configurations inside the computer game pass and is right now researching the issue.” The accompanying new updates on High on life players are as yet requiring a FOV trooper and added to the Game; the concern of the tracker gathering doesn’t been fittingly fixed.

High On Life Gets Second Update

The High on Life updates the new beyond ridiculous first-person shooter game. It was created by Squanch games refreshing a new version of High on Life that fixes many waiting issues. What’s more, the match second updates are currently downloaded, and it’s accessible on cross stages, setting various bugs and other specialized plagues in the first-person shooter weapon game.

The High on Life Issues New Update Game delighted in beyond ludicrous, Rick and Morty-style humor; others were dazzled and battled with a specialized issue. A significant number of the high-on-life bugs are innocuous graphical issues and possibly game-breaking. For instance, high on Life has a Jetpack bug to that specific frightful and potentially ruin one’s save the document, which has all the earmarks of being a generally interesting event.