How To Reroll In Zenless Zone Zero

How To Reroll In Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is a well known activity RPG that offers a plenty of characters to improve your ongoing interaction. For some players, getting the most ideal characters from the get-go is critical for an effective beginning. This interaction, known as rerolling, includes restarting the game until you get the ideal characters from the underlying gacha pulls. Here is a nitty gritty aide on the most proficient method to reroll successfully in Zenless Zone Zero.

How To Reroll In Zenless Zone Zero

Bit by bit Rerolling Guide

Stage 1: Introduce and Send off the Game

Download Zenless Zone Zero from the authority store (Google Play Store for Android or Application Store for iOS).

Introduce the game and send off it.

Stage 2: Play Through the Instructional exercise

Complete the instructional exercise, which incorporates some fundamental battle guidelines and story presentations.

Adhere to the guidelines until you arrive where you can get to the gacha framework interestingly.

Stage 3: Guarantee Beginning Prizes

Gather every one of the underlying compensations from the letter drop and any occasions. These prizes will give you the money required for your most memorable pulls.

Stage 4: Play out Your Most memorable Gacha Pulls

Utilize the procured money to play out your underlying gacha pulls.

Assuming you get the characters you want, you’re good to go! On the off chance that not, continue to the following stage.

Stage 5: Resetting Your Record (Reroll)

For Android Clients:

Go to the settings menu of your gadget.

Explore to the “Applications” area and find Zenless Zone Zero.

Clear the application information and store.

Relaunch the game and rehash stages 2-4.

For iOS Clients:

Uninstall the game from your gadget.

Reinstall Zenless Zone Zero from the Application Store.

Send off the game and rehash stages 2-4.

Stage 6: Rehash Until Fulfilled

Proceed with the rerolling system until you get the ideal characters.

Tips for Productive Rerolling

Utilize Numerous Gadgets/Emulators: If conceivable, utilize different gadgets or Android emulators to play out various rerolls at the same time.

Focus on High Level Characters: Spotlight on rerolling for high-level characters according to the ongoing level records accessible from the local area.

Remain Refreshed: Watch out for any reroll guides, level records, and local area proposals, as they can change with new updates and character discharges.

How To Reroll In Zenless Zone Zero


Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero can be a tedious cycle, however it merits the work to begin the game with serious areas of strength for an of characters. Follow this manual for streamline your rerolling interaction and upgrade your gaming experience. Best of luck, and may you pull the best characters!