How To Beat Golden Hippopotamus In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

How To Beat Golden Hippopotamus In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

The Golden Hippopotamus in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a formidable rival that requires key planning and exact execution to overcome. This guide gives definite strides on how to find and vanquish this powerful monster.

How To Beat Golden Hippopotamus In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

Locating the Golden Hippopotamus

Starting Point: Begin your excursion at the Haligtree Shade. This area offers the most immediate course to the Golden Hippopotamus’ den.

Navigating the Terrain: Travel west through the thick forest. Be ready to experience different more modest adversaries and natural risks en route.

Finding the Ruins: Search for an old arrangement of ruins concealed within the forest. The entry to the ruins is set apart by glowing golden images on the ground.

Inside the Ruins: Enter the ruins and continue cautiously. The way is loaded up with traps and minor adversaries. Utilize a torch to light your direction and stay away from traps.

The Den: At the most profound piece of the ruins, you will find an enormous open chamber. This is where the Golden Hippopotamus dwells.

Preparing for the Battle

Stuff and Weapons: Prepare weapons that bargain high actual harm and lightning harm. The Golden Hippopotamus is defenseless against lightning-based assaults.

Shield: Wear covering that gives great security against physical and lightning assaults. The Hippopotamus has a blend of both assault types.

Things: Stock up on healing flagons, lightning bombs, and stamina-boosting consumables. These will be fundamental during the battle.

Summons: On the off chance that you’re struggling, consider summoning partners or using soul cinders to help you in battle.

The Battle Strategy

Perception: Before engaging, notice the Golden Hippopotamus’ assault designs. It has a blend of strong actual assaults and lightning-based capacities. Each assault has an indication, like a thunder or explicit development.

Dodging: Timing is vital. Evade sideways to keep away from its charge assaults and roll away from its lightning strikes. Try not to remain straightforwardly before it, as its ground hammer can hit a wide region.

Assault Windows: The best opportunity to go after is just after it finishes a charge or ground hammer. These moves leave the Hippopotamus quickly defenseless.

Lightning Assaults: Use lightning bombs or lightning-captivated weapons to take advantage of its shortcoming. Hitting it with lightning will bargain additional harm and possibly amaze it.

Stamina The executives: Watch out for your stamina bar. The Hippopotamus’ assaults can be persistent, and you’ll require stamina to evade and counter-assault actually.

Healing: Mend just when you’re at a protected distance. The Golden Hippopotamus can make progress rapidly, so guarantee you have sufficient room before using a flagon.

Additional Tips

Positioning: Remain behind or to the side of the Hippopotamus whenever the situation allows. This positioning minimizes the gamble of being hit by its front facing assaults.

Utilize the Climate: The ruins give a few support points and trash that can be utilized as brief cover. Utilize these for your potential benefit to keep away from assaults and recuperate stamina.

Tolerance and Perseverance: The Golden Hippopotamus is a tough rival, and the battle might take a few endeavors. Remain patient, gain from each endeavor, and refine your strategy.

How To Beat Golden Hippopotamus In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree


Defeating the Golden Hippopotamus in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree requires cautious readiness, key thinking, and exact execution. By observing its examples, exploiting its shortcomings, and managing your assets successfully, you can arise victorious. Best of luck, Discolored!