Need For Speed Unbound Voice Actors

Need For Speed Unbound Voice Actors story is a relatively independent affair with not very many characters. However, out of all individuals you meet during it, who loans their voice to their faces? Indeed, this article will assist you out by giving you the full Need For Speed Unbound cast and voice actors with listing.

With its not very many characters, you will not be spending a great deal of time reading through a considerable list, as there are just six names underneath. In this way, you can invest more energy looking at the best Need For Speed Unbound cars to use in the story mode.

It could be a racing game at heart however cars aren’t the main thing on the spotlight as the Need for Speed Unbound characters give a truly necessary attitude to the roads. The cast and their voice actors all give you a stellar performance to guarantee that there’s also personality and not simply style. This article will talk about who the Need for Speed Unbound characters are and their voice actors.

Need For Speed Unbound voice actors: Gamers are amped up for the release of the new game in the Need For Speed series called Need For Speed Unbound. It got an immense gathering among the gamers, and they wanted to know the voice behind the characters of the game. This made them ask who are the Need For Speed Unbound voice actors. Read this article to find out who are Need For Speed Unbound voice actors and characters.

need for speed unbound voice actors

Need For Speed Unbound Characters and their Voice Actors

The list characters and their voice actors in not long. Cyberpunk 2077 Released Nonetheless, there is a feature character in the game. Here is the whole list:

  • A$AP Rocky – A$AP Rocky
  • The Protagonist – Ian Nelson/Elizabeth Grullon
  • Rydell – Dwayne Barnes
  • Yaz – Ashleigh Lathrop
  • Tess – Jennifer Sun Chime
  • A$AP Rocky Need for Speed Unbound characters and voice actors

A$AP Rocky (Voiced by A$AP Rocky)

A$AP Rocky voices himself and appears in the game as himself. This American rapper appears in the front of Need for Speed Unbound and is the defacto face of the game. Two or three his melodies can be listened to in-game as you drive along the roads of Lakeshore City.

The Protagonist (Voiced by Ian Nelson/Elizabeth Grullon)

The protagonist of Need for Speed Unbound who is voiced by Ian Nelson or Elizabeth Grullon depending on the orientation picked for them. A talented road racer who had to function as a taxi for Rydell’s Rydes garage after it was ransacked.

Rydell (Voiced by Dwayne Barnes)

Rydell voiced by Dwayne Barnes is the proprietor of the Rydell’s Rydes garage. He’s a pleasant enough individual who offers eager players some guidance regarding racing. He also allows you to utilize his garage to make enhancements to your vehicle. Although he and Yaz have some bad blood between them after the latter rolls in with some bad group.

Yaz (Voiced by Ashleigh Lathrop)

Yaz is voiced by Ashleigh Lathrop and is the absolute first individual you meet in the game. You literally start the game with her riding shotgun as you race through the Lakeshore City roads. She’s a talented car wiz who can repair broken old cars into brand new road racing vehicles, however her involvement with a bad group unfortunately gets Rydell’s Rydes garage burglarized.

need for speed unbound voice actors

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