Secrets Many Still Haven't Found In High On Life

5 Hidden Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life

Evidently linked to the Rick And Morty establishment, Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life a missing hole within the gaming industry. Contrasting any semblance of other designers, this critically-acclaimed title draws its point of convergence on making their players chuckle, demonstrating their firm take on brining comedic worth to games.

Whether it be the witty humor, frequent breaking of the fourth wall, or, inevitably, the wealth of easter-eggs, fans have quickly rushed to this altered Open Chests in High on Life (pretending game), anxious to completely drench themselves. However, despite this enthrallment, many players have nonchalantly strayed from different hidden secrets, of which, hold significant reference to mainstream society in this present reality.

You can only get the secret ending after you beat Garmantuous in High on Life. To have the option to get to this secret, you’ll need to complete the final bounty on the High on Life missions list. However, in the event that you’ve finished off the remaining G3 individuals, find out how to get to this ending beneath as you carry on with the High On Life managers.

Assuming that you have Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life yet want to continue playing the game. Don’t stress, you can still do a lot of in High On Life, such as exploring and finding secret endings. Along with humor, Squanch Games has put in many different kinds of Easter Eggs to find and places to visit after you finish the game.

Rooftop Pizza – Breaking Terrible

Although a relatively current title, High On Life don’t avoid more established mainstream society references. Their innovative and creative nature, as to referencing films, TV shows, and computer games, stretch a long ways beyond the apparent thought of a hidden secret, as the majority of titles withdraw themselves within a more modest domain of covert mysteries, commonly relating to their own establishment.

This Science fiction extravaganza often travels through equal universes, giving reason regarding their intricately positioned Breaking Terrible reference. Honoring Vince Gilligan’s honor winning series, Squanch Games prudently positioned a pizza among one of Blim City’s rooftops, meticulously referencing Walter White’s dangerous outburst during the prestigious Caballo Sin Nombre episode. Despite being a hidden secret where must be seen, the couple of players that didn’t slip past it had the option to witness an astounding easter-egg, instantly unmistakable by devoted fanatics of the hit series.

Sandworm – Hill

Secrets Many Still Haven't Found In High On Life

Within High On Life, the overriding element of Science fiction culture is imminently reiterated, from the talkative Gatlian firearm selection to the odd interactions with outsider NPC (non-player character). Although not a direct reference, rather than the rooftop Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life, Squanch Games’ cunning outtake of a Sandworm from the Hill establishment further improves this prominent theme within the cherished title.

Ready to intentionally bounce alarm the player, this Sandworm takes on a rather soft side contrasted with the ghastly beast within the acclaimed books. Once profound into the Sandworm Territory, an earthly thunder will uproot the player, yet once arose, a frail, high-pitched whine can be heard from the monster, mocking its ability to threaten anyone. Yet again this hidden secret is for simple viewing purposes, restricting the player from interacting with the Sandworm, however, a few fans may inadvertently stray away from this ingenious easter-egg.

Blossom Thrower Art – Banksy

In terms of hidden secrets, High On Life is certainly making a name for itself within the industry. The viral pith this title holds is that of a prominent one, often shared on countless virtual entertainment platforms, assuring its placement within the gaming spotlight. Referencing an icon, in relation to mainstream society, Squanch Games have designated Banksy as one of their concealed secrets.

Infamous for his spectacularly insubordinate work, Banksy has waved his artistic capabilities throughout different parts of the world, inevitably inspiring a generation of similar individuals. Despite this, High On Life’s sign of approval for his art is a rather rough one, however, it matches with the in general witty nature this valued title offers. Depicted through the throwing of blossoms, Squanch Games replaces this with a phallic object, guaranteeing this hidden secret to question the player with laughter.

Splinter Cell Night Vision – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Secrets Many Still Haven't Found In High On Life

Voiced by the broadly respected Justin Roiland, devotees of the Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life establishment have collectively gotten on his various appearances, oftentimes through a narrator’s position. Being the creator of the esteemed title, his personal love for easter-eggs are apparent, however, his honoring reference to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell could without much of a stretch slip past dedicated fans.

Momentarily presented, this Splinter Cell reference shows up within an intensive lesson mission, posing considerably to a greater extent an opportunity players might miss this hidden secret. While learning the title’s control system, the player is requested to squat through a tight air vent, in which night vision goggles are activated. Alongside this would be the momentary presence of a miniscule Sam Fisher icon, directly pairing the two references to the eminent stealth establishment.

Full Film Insight – Demon Wind

Contended by many fans as the most inventive hidden secret gaming has at any point seen, Squanch Games went to lengths other designers couldn’t ever have longed for, purchasing the rights to an entire film. This 90s blood and gore movie, entitled Demon Wind, is featured within High On Life’s cinema experience, of which many players might have not noticed. Open through the purchasing of Twist Plates, fans can sit inside a virtual cinema and view the entirety of the film, being that of one and a half hours long. Additionally, this hidden secret is entwined with an achievement, ingeniously named by Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In High On Life as, ‘We Paid For The Rights To Put An Entire Film’.