Open Chests in High on Life

How to Open Chests in High on Life

In High on Life, players should traverse a few introductory tutorial groupings prior to reaching the main open region of the game. Once players have shipped their rural home to the peculiar outsider world, they’ll soon find Open Chests in High on Life. However, in the event that players attempt and tear open the chests to get Pesos (High on Life’s cash), they won’t have the option to until they get another weapon: a talking blade named Knifey.

As you meander around the beautiful outsider scenes in Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life, the first-person shooter from Rick and Morty Justin Roiland, it shouldn’t take too long to coincidentally find conscious purple plunder cartons, known as Luglox Chests. Also, you might be wondering how to open them.

Regardless of how you attempt, you won’t have the option to open them immediately. Fortunately, once you understand what hardware you want, opening Luglox Chests is quite simple. This guide lets you know everything you want to be aware of the outsider chests.

Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the hit television series Rick and Morty has united a science fiction Open Chests in High on Life. The game was as of late delivered and was considered to be one of the most expected rounds of 2022. With the game being influenced by the well known Network program, getting far and wide attention is bound. In the event that you’ve quite recently got your hands on the game, you could go over many locked chests called Luglox lying about in the overworld. In this aide, we’ll show you how to open Luglox chests in High on Life.

How to Open Luglox chests in High on Life

In the game, Luglox chests seem like a purple-shaded huge money box. They contain an assortment of plunder things in them ranging from money, updates and collectibles. You actually must open however many Luglox chests as you can in light of the fact that it can give you admittance to a few weapons and overhauls. Accordingly, making the game a lot simpler as you progress.

However, to Open Chests in High on Life you should get Knifey. He can be added to your weapons list after you beat your most memorable chief – 9-Torg. This is fundamentally an abundance chase mission which rewards you with your most memorable skirmish weapon – Knifey. No awards for guessing what weapon Knifey depicts in the game!

Fortunately, since the abundance chase mission happens pretty right off the bat in the game, you wouldn’t need to stand by too long. Once you get Knifey, you will actually want to open Luglox chests quite without any problem. Just approach any Luglox chest and cut it with Knifey close by. The crate will part down the middle, and you will actually want to get your hands on some important plunder.

Open Chests in High on Life

With that, we have arrived at the finish of our aide. That is everything necessary to open Luglox chests in High on Life. Since the game is newly delivered, we will continue to post guides throughout some stretch of time. Remain tuned to our Gamer Change page for the most recent aides on High on Life.

Obtaining Knifey is surprisingly simple; you should simply follow the game’s absolute first abundance mission to kill 9-Torg. The mission will take you through the ghettos of the primary city, so follow your waypoint markers by pressing up on the D-Cushion until you go into a room with two subterranean insect foes and Open Chests in High on Life on the table. There are a few decisions to make here at the end of the day, you’ll bring down the foes and obtain Knifey.