Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life

Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life

Blim is one of the primary explorable locations in High On Life and it accompanies a lot of Luglox chests to find and open. Be that as it may, where could all the Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life be? In this article, we will cover every one, where you can find it within the actual city, and any gear you might have to arrive at the chest in question. You should have managed a large portion of the game to have the option to gain admittance to these. There likewise isn’t a guide in High On Life, so we will utilize directions and milestones to assist with guiding you to the perfect locations.

On the off chance that a player is looking to 100 percent complete Half Life Opposing Force Mouse Glitch, they’re going to have to know where the lugloxes are. Lugloxes are High on Life’s version of money boxes. They’re stable, conscious beings who just exist to have their insides gathered subsequent to being torn separated by the abundance tracker’s confided in blade, Knifey.

Assuming that it sounds a piece dreary, that is on the grounds that it is. Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life succeeds at planting its tongue solidly in cheek with its reality building methods, offering the player a wide exhibit of ironical spins on exemplary pretending components to give a totally extraordinary encounter. Finding lugloxes can be somewhat of a pain, however with a sharp eye and the right abilities, unlocking these secret boxes will be straightforward.

High On Life Blim City chests

There are 8 Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life dissipated all through the city and they can be found taken cover behind entryways requiring Gatlians, high up for you to reach with your Jetpack and Mag-Boots, and out in the open. They are by and large a portion of the simpler chests to find and get in the game.

You can see the location of every one beneath:

Blim City chest location 1

Right external your home, to one side, you can find a little open carport close to a few traffic bollards and bins.

Inside here you can find the chest which you can open.

Blim City chest location 2

To one side of that chest, you can find a little garbage region. At the back, there is a line that you can send one of Animal’s kids through.

Do so and it will open the entryway, unlocking the chest for you.

Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life

Blim City chest location 3

Just to one side of the primary chest, you can find one more Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life by the red boundary going around the city.

It is sitting on a seat and is simply to one side of where you originally find Quality’s location in High On Life.

Blim City chest location 4

On your right you can find a dim back street. Hop up to the second level and utilize Kenny’s Stunt Opening to flip the boards. Head inside and utilize one of Animal’s youngsters. Head back outside and shift focus over to one side to find a chest in the recently opened entryway.

Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life

Blim City chest location 5

Follow the city and adhere to one side from the last chest. You will stroll down a dim rear entryway and see a focal stand. Around this stand, close to the means you can find a chest.

Bust it open to get yourself a prize.

Blim City chest location 6

From the last chest, go up the steps by the focal stand and you can see a wall with a bolt pointing upwards. To advance, you should have Gus from beating Krubis in High On Life.

Utilize Gus’ Stunt Opening to shoot the sawblades into the wall, creating stages for you to bounce onto with Knifey. Do this over and over to go up the wall using the three sections. Once at the third messed with you can hop on, look over the means you went up to find a chest on the top of the building.

Blim City chest location 7

From the past chest, bounce up and stroll along the roofs. Across the square, you can see another wall where you can utilize Gus’ Stunt Opening. Fire the sawblade into it and move up.

Up here, you can find the following chest.

Blim City chest location 8

From that point, hop down and stroll past the Blim City Chest Locations in High On Life. Hop down to the lower road level, off the means and you will be in an enormous back street.

To your right side, by a pink light, you can find the chest. It is close to the telephone point.