High on Life's Best Design Choice is Weapons

High on Life’s Best Design Choice is Weapons That Talk

From the psyche of Justin Roiland and Squanch Games comes High on Life’s Best Design Choice is Weapons, a FPS action-experience that is absurd and imaginative in its design choices. Disclosed at the Xbox and Bethesda Ganes Showcase this June and with the family of Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites behind it, High on Life could be a comedic hit on PC and Xbox.

With everything the uncover trailer has shown for the After Beating the Game in High on Life, seemingly one of High on Life’s best features is its strange choice of weapons that all have remarkable personalities and voices of their own. By causing the weapons to have distinctive identities and transforming them into characters, besides the fact that this give can an abundance of satire through in-battle discourse and cutscenes with various guns prepared, yet it could also assist with evading game design hurdles such as tutorials.

High on Life is a game about stopping an outsider cartel from transforming all humans into drugs. It’s certainly a strange premise, yet much stranger is how you intend to accomplish this objective. The only opportunity you have is to collaborate for certain agreeable aliens called Gatlians that are in a real sense talking guns.

High On Life is ending up being one of the most remarkable and entertainingly humorous action-experience games lately. The title is co-made by Justin Roiland, one of the makers of High on Life’s Best Design Choice is Weapons, and it has a similar tongue-in-cheek humor that is very reminiscent of the show.

Luckily, High On Life has made it so that you can quiet the entirety of your guns and weapons in the game. Yet, the game doesn’t expressly state that you will actually want to make it happen, not to mention how you will actually want to make it happen.

Quieting your guns in High On Life

While Kenny will be your definitive aide and High on Life’s Best Design Choice is Weapons, some locally aren’t too fond of his personality or voice. Luckily, the game will permit you to quiet Kenny and the wide range of various guns you will actually want to seem to be you clear your path through the story.

Subsequently, to have the option to silence your guns in the game, you will be expected to:

Advance toward the Settings option when in the game. What’s more, explore to the Sound tab, where you will find the Weapon Chat option. The accessibility of this option is not something that the game transparently tells you, which is one of the reasons why numerous locally are having a ton of issues quieting their guns.

Once in Weapon Gab, you can switch off the option that will automatically quiet every one of the guns in the game. You can not switch the guns now and again independently. Sadly, you will either get to quiet every one of the guns at once or not at all.

Additionally, you can diminish the recurrence of the High on Life’s Best Design Choice is Weapons on the off chance that quieting them completely is not something you are searching for. Consequently, to lessen Kenny’s utterances in the game, you should choose the Occasional option in Firearm Babble, as this will significantly lessen the times that the guns get to remark on the proceedings of the game.

If you need to return the setting and permit your guns to talk away openly, then, at that point, you should select Successive in Weapon Gab.

High on Life's Best Design Choice is Weapons

Aside from having the option to quiet your guns, you will actually want to quiet the adversary as well, as there are frequently when your bounties continue to visit away as you experience them. Over the Firearm Prattle, there is a Foe Babble option in the High On Life sound settings that you can use to customize their recurrence.