After Beating the Game in High on Life

What to do After Beating the Game in High on Life

The abundance tracker has ascended through the positions from lowlife gamer to intergalactic friend in need. High on Life’s story missions have been finished, and there’s only one question left hanging in the air: what’s straightaway? Beating the Game in High on Life a few open closures after facing off with Gargantuous, however Earth is still left (somewhat) intact, and the day has been won.

The credits include a few photographs that offer a little bother of the epilog for this excursion, however that is pretty much all players get for a resolution until a possible Beat Skrendel Bros in High on Life. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there isn’t even more High on Life brings to the table. Here, we’ll list the things that might merit setting sights on in High on Life’s post-game.

There’s not a lot to do in High on Life after beating it. There’s tiny post-game content, yet you do get to continue to play once the credits have rolled. In this way, the central issue is whether or not High on Life DLC is coming to make all the difference for the party.

High On Life has taken the world Beating the Game in High on Life by storm with its satire science fiction bid. For players who tore through this game loaded with kidding firearms and incredibly phallic or knob molded outsiders, you could wonder what else there is to do.

What is there to do after beating High on Life?

The High on Life post-game is lacking. After beating it, no significant content is added, however you can finish any exercises you actually need to finish. Thus, assuming you’re looking for things to do, consider the following:

  • Purchase any remaining Twist Plates from Blorto.
  • Make a point to get a flick at the cinema on the off chance that you haven’t yet.
  • Find the other Luglox Plunder Boxes.
  • Search for the mystery ending to High on Life.

Sadly, there’s no real way to replay bounties, and there’s no Beating the Game in High on Life In addition to mode. Thus, if you need to partake in any pieces of the game a second time, you’ll need to begin once again totally.

Is There Post-Game Content in High on Life?

Luckily, there is post-game content in High on Life however it comes in the type of exploring the spots that the player has been previously. There aren’t a lot more story beats to uncover, nor is there a particular direction to investigate. Lezduit is sadly missing, as is Lizzie, yet that does not mean there aren’t a lot of other NPCs to in any case interact with.

After completing the game and rolling credits, snap to continue the game. There is some short discourse from Quality that dubiously insinuates a meta-affirmation of everyone’s presence within a game before the player is allowed to meander.

After Beating the Game in High on Life

The Mystery Ending

In the event that the post-game has made the abundance a tad of story content, there is one off-shoot specifically worth exploring. This mystery ending comes total with a continuation bother, an accomplishment, and a crucial show that certainly adds intrigue to the possible fate of Beating the Game in High on Life. For any devotee of the game hitherto, it is a flat out must to find this scene. Here is a manual for figure out how to get into Dr. Gurgula’s Mysterious Lab.

Think all aficionados of High On Life can concur; the exchange is one of the game’s royal gems. While nothing during the game powers you to look at the gatherings, assuming you’ve partaken in the game’s energy up until this point, it merits delving into the discussion boards to see the unadulterated insanity that unfurls there.