Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life

What Happens if You Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life?

There is a Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life makes players wait for an hour as a component of the G3 enlistment process. With all the insane stuff that has been included the game with regards to the players’ interaction with the actual game, it’s not so unrealistic to think that something will occur after one holds up the whole hour.

As you go into the G3 Orientation room, Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life will show up on the big screen and advises you to wait for an hour to find out what the following activity is. You don’t actually need to wait an hour to advance into the story as there is an opening on the right wall that prompts the lines and to Dr. Joopy.

High on Life is loaded up with the mark brand of Justin Roiland humor. Parody is bountiful, craziness is plentiful, and basically every experience is going to find a joke to mix these components together. A portion of these jokes might be the immediate consequence of seemingly consequential minutes, such as accusing Quality of being a space bigot. In contrast, others are only obligation to the peculiar world-building without any implications on anything outside the actual joke. Notwithstanding, if there is a joke to be had, Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life to gain by it.

If you’ve played High On Life, you’ll realize that the game is loaded up with jokes, astonishments, and general arbitrariness. In any case, given the game is planned by Justin Roiland, we’d want it to be packed with secret accomplishments and cutscenes.

What happens following an hour?

If you wish to wait for one hour, you’re allowed to do as such. Beside the little discussions that your weapons will do while waiting, Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life will likewise monitor you at regular intervals. Once the hour is up, Douglas will then lift up the screen to uncover the following way, however it stalls out. Douglas will show up on the screen again saying that they’ll bring in someone to fix the screen and you’ll need to wait for seven days before the screen sorts out.

Up to this point, we still can’t seem to witness what will if we truly wait for seven days, however if you rout Douglas and return to the location, you’ll find that the screen has been fixed and lifted, revealing what’s truly behind it. It turns out it was only a vacant room without any lobbies nor entryways that lead to some place. There’s likewise no accomplishment for waiting the full hour by the same token.

So if you’re truly inquisitive to understand what Douglas says without waiting a full hour yourself, you can look at Manugames92’s video on the whole scene:

Notwithstanding, their conversation only sums to several minutes of that hour. The rest simply sees you being taunted for your understanding in the end. Since waiting doesn’t open an accomplishment, we strongly propose you don’t wait a full hour while doing the Abundance: Douglas Mission.

Waiting The Full Hour in High on Life

Subsequent to passing one of the training tests that involve killing many adversaries, platforming, and puzzle solving, Douglas will come on screen for another instructional Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life. The key here is to really overlook the video and go to the rear of the room where the player can get out. Nonetheless, in the recording, Douglas requests that the G3 trainees that have made it this far must now wait a full hour before the course can continue to test their understanding and resolve. Anyway, what happens if the player really does wait?

Wait One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life

The response is a piece unsatisfying. Douglas in all actuality does spring up intermittently to extol and make fun of the player for their continued meditation. There are no accomplishments to be opened for completing this waiting period. The only affirmation the game offers are these concise times of additional discourse.

In the end, once the full hour is up, Douglas congratulates the G3 trainee, and the entryway is opened. Unfortunately, the entryway rapidly shortcircuits and shuts right down.

Douglas comes on again and says that if the G3 trainee is seeing this message, it implies that the entryway is broken and the repairman to fix it will arrive in a week or somewhere in the vicinity. He expresses that there’s a lot of air in the room yet no food, so the new test will be to wait until the repairman comes or starve to death.