Napoleon's Lounge in High on Life

How To Go To Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life

High on Life’s quests will generally take an indirect method for arriving at their destination, yet this strategy for game scripting only makes the jokes punchier. In request to finish the penultimate abundance, the player should find a method for accessing Nipulon’s Lounge, a high security spa containing a great deal of G3 goons. Furthermore, in request to access Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life, the player might need to get a piece imaginative.

Once Nipulon’s abundance can be accessed in the Abundance 5000, now is the right time to head through the entrance and into Half Life Opposing Force Mouse Glitch. The player’s weapons are in somewhat of a warmed contention with one another, yet once that gets sorted for the occasion, this is the way to find the manner in which through one of High on Life’s zaniest main quest lines.

Getting to kill the G3 bosses and higher-ups is the only way for you to retaliate for Earth’s invasion and attempt to get back home to your absent parents and your questionable hobbies of your sister. Perhaps space fits you better. At any rate, you will start small, however ultimately you will cause a considerable amount of harm by killing and collection the abundance of G3’s VIPs.

In this case, we are talking about Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life, a G3 boss, who will ideally meet his demise on our hands. Your goal is to kill Nipulon and recover coordinates for earth. Here is a walkthrough and guide of Abundance: Nipulon in High on Life. To begin, just acknowledge the abundance on the abundance 5000 machine.

How to Get to Nipulon’s Lounge

You will get tasked to gather Nipulon’s abundance. That means, killing him in short. You have heard a ton about this person to this point, so you will have a reasonable thought who you are dealing with. Having said that, the method for getting to him, and to his Lounge, is a seriously convoluted one. Don’t stress however, we got you. This is the way to get to Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life:

Napoleon's Lounge in High on Life

  • Once you show up at the location where you will find Nipulon, you should listen to the guns talking to divulge your next target.
  • You should go to Residue Town and search for the Goop Salesman situated close to the entry.
  • Then, go to one side once you leave Leftover Town to continue to the West Side of the Old Town until you meet some construction workers. They will enlighten you regarding Father Mackincheese.
  • Enter the Old Town Saloon and ask about Dad Mackincheese. He is really a yellow NPC who you can converse with.
  • He will ask you to duel with the Torg in the Saloon. Dueling is as simple as drawing your weapon and shooting after Father counts down. You should kill all the Torgs since they aren’t absurd game and will go after you.
  • As a result of the fight, Dad Mackincheese dies.
  • Return to the workers and let them know the news. They will be ecstatic and, I’m not kidding, out of unadulterated love and rainbows, they will fabricate a scaffold. Cross that scaffold.
  • On the opposite side of the scaffold, gather the medicinal bloom. Then, at that point, return to the Goop Salesman.
  • Enter the small chamber to get gooped.
  • Leave Residue Town and travel East. Stroll past the guards and enter Nipulon’s Lounge.

Napoleon's Lounge in High on Life

Don’t let your watchman down, since entering the Nipulon’s Lounge in High on Life is just the beginning of the finish of Nipulon himself. Continue your ascension towards this incredible boss fight and don’t bite the dust, please. Best of luck on your abundance hunting!