Gene Location in High on Life

Gene Location in High on Life

In the science fiction first-person-shooter. High on Life, players are tossed into another outsider world absent a lot of information on what to do. Before you can begin your chance as an Abundance Tracker, you should initially find someone who can assist you with getting there. This person, Gene Location in High on Life, will give you every one of the materials you really want to begin your abundance hunting. Here is the simplest wat to find him in the far reaching Blim City and select him in the group.

Fortunately, you only need to find Gene once concerning the remainder of the game he spends the whole game sitting on your lounge chair. In this way, finding him is only an issue right off the bat as it keeps you from continuing to carry on with the High On Life missions taking down the abundance targets.

Upon entering Blim City in High On Life, you’ll find yourself completely excited by the energetic outsider city. A bustling location loaded up with likenesses and contrasts that one can’t resist the urge to contrast with. As we leave our moved home, Kenny informs us of the popular One Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life, an abundance tracker that can help us out in this bizarre world. Be that as it may, where could we at any point find him? We’re not in Kansas any longer, you know.

The primary mandate given to the player is to investigate Blim, a sprawling spaceport, looking for popular abundance tracker Gene Location in High on Life. Likes to stuff its craft plan with a great deal of displays, so finding Gene might appear to be a more daunting errand than it really is. Anyway, where could Gene in this city be?

Where to Find Gene in High on Life

From the front entryway, gaze upward and to one side to see a goliath banner of the popular outsider the player is looking for. The genuine Gene can be viewed as underneath that banner.

Finding Gene might cause the player to feel a piece senseless in light of the fact that it is barely noticeable. A few outsiders around Blim can be interacted with. Every one of them will make them interest words to say regarding Gene. A purple outsider straightforwardly in front of the house can inform the player that they saw Gene on a seat close by.

Straight in front of the house and to one side, Gene Location in High on Life is sitting on a seat, looking a piece unique in relation to his adapted bulletin. He’s obviously destitute, missing the two legs at the knee, and one of his eyes appears to be collapsed. Interacting with Gene will give the player admittance to his abundance tracker suit and permit progression in High on Life. However, don’t stress over those pop-ups. The pawn shop that the suit guides you to can fix those.

From now on, Gene can be tracked down making himself at home in the player’s home. He’ll post up on the sofa and help insofar as he can from that point. He messes up the floors a little, yet cleaning the house is certainly the least of the issues to be looked right now. Once the abundance tracker suit is set up with the right programming, return to home base to get a task from Gene that will test the player’s abundance hunting future.

Gene Location in High on Life

That covers where to find Gene Location in High on Life. Assuming you are looking for more top to bottom aides on those managers we mentioned, make certain to look at our High On Life walkthrough which is stuffed brimming with valuable information and tips to take care of you.