Best Items To Upgrade First In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Best Items To Upgrade First In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Embark on an enchanting excursion in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where the sands of time hold both secret and power. Unravel the intricacies of the Upgrade System and strategically enhance your arsenal to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Best Items To Upgrade First In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Understanding the Upgrade System

Forging Power:

The Upgrade System in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown allows you to enhance key items, elevating their capabilities. Carefully investing in upgrades can significantly impact your effectiveness in both combat and exploration.

Top Items to Upgrade First

A. Sword of Time

Enhanced Strikes:

Upgrading the Sword of Time early enhances your primary weapon’s damage output. Quick and strong strikes become essential in overcoming foes and bosses.

Combo Efficiency:

Further developed combos with the Sword of Time allow you to chain attacks seamlessly, creating devastating combinations to dispatch adversaries efficiently.

B. Dagger of Time

Temporal Manipulation:

Focus on upgrades for the Dagger of Time to amplify your temporal manipulation abilities. Increased charges and faster recharge times grant you greater control over the long haul related mechanics.

Platforming Ability:

Upgraded Dagger abilities aid in intricate platforming portions, providing additional choices to navigate the climate and address puzzles.

C. Gauntlet of Time

Temporal Strikes:

Upgrading the Gauntlet of Time enhances its offensive capabilities. Use temporal-infused makes to agreement significant damage and upset foe guards.

Time-Driven Protection:

Strengthen the Gauntlet’s protective abilities to withstand adversary attacks. Temporal safeguards and counters become crucial tools in your protective repertoire.

Benefits and Strategies for Upgrading These Items

A. Increased Damage Output

Efficient Combat:

Upgrading your weapons guarantees that encounters with foes are quick and efficient. Maximize damage output to streamline combat sequences.

Boss Battles:

Face challenging bosses with confidence. Upgraded weapons engage you to tackle formidable adversaries, making boss battles more manageable.

B. Enhanced Abilities

Versatile Maneuvering:

Upgrading the Dagger of Time gives versatility in maneuvering through the game world. Quick and precise time-manipulating abilities open up new avenues for exploration.

Strategic Engagement:

Upgrade the Gauntlet of Time strategically to adapt to various combat scenarios. Tailor your temporal abilities to suit your favored playstyle.

C. Unlocking New Areas and Secrets

Exploration Advantages:

Certain upgrades enable access to beforehand inaccessible areas. Uncover stowed away secrets and discover valuable resources by investing in exploration-focused upgrades.

Temporal Riddle Arrangements:

Upgraded items may hold the way to solving temporal riddles. Enhance your tools to unravel the secrets woven into the fabric of time.

Other Useful Upgrades in the Game

Health and Stamina:

Consider investing in upgrades that enhance your overall health and stamina.
Increased endurance guarantees life span during intense encounters.

Temporal Shielding:

Upgrade temporal shielding abilities for added safeguard. Fortify your safeguards against adversary attacks, especially in situations where evasion may not be sufficient.

How to Obtain Upgrade Points

Movement Rewards:

Advance through the game’s narrative to earn movement rewards, including valuable upgrade points.

Exploration and Challenges:

Search out secret areas and conquer challenges scattered all through the game world. Many of these endeavors yield precious upgrade points.

Defeating Foes:

Engage and defeat foes to earn upgrade points. Talented combat and efficient takedowns contribute to your movement.

Best Items To Upgrade First In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown


In the sands of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the ability to shape your destiny exists in the upgrades you choose. Elevate the Sword of Time, Dagger of Time, and Gauntlet of Time to new levels, and let the echoes of your enhanced abilities resonate through the corridors of time. Choose carefully, investigate meticulously, and become a master of the temporal arts as you navigate the enchanting realms that await.