Voruna abilities in Warframe

All Voruna abilities in Warframe

Voruna showed up in the Lua’s Prey update for Warframe, and she is the 51st playable person to join the program. She is Werewolf themed, and her idea workmanship was made in association with unbelievable craftsman Joe Madureira. She centers around hard-hitting secrecy assaults and strong latent abilities to keep her in the activity consistently. This guide will explain all Voruna abilities in Warframe: Lua’s Prey.

The Lua’s Prey update for Warframe introduced Prime Resurgence works in Warframe, a wolf-themed Warframe with an incredible set-up of abilities. Make confusion by inflicting many status impacts, tail your foes from the shadows, and jump on your prey out of nowhere.

Voruna is a scuffle themed Warframe that is phenomenal for priming focuses with status impacts, ideal for Condition Over-burden skirmish constructs and other status-scaling impacts. With the right form, Voruna turns out to be nothing shy of a DPS beast that is virtually unkillable. This guide will cover how to get your hands on Voruna, how her abilities work, and we’ll showcase a portion of Voruna abilities in Warframe.

Voruna is a battle themed Warframe that succeeds at priming focuses with status impacts, making it the ideal decision for scuffle constructs that use Condition Over-burden and other status-scaling impacts. With the suitable form, Voruna changes into a DPS beast that is extremely difficult to overcome. This tutorial will explain where to find Voruna, how she works, and show off a portion of her best forms.

All Voruna’s abilities in Warframe

Voruna is wolf themed, and her covering is decorated with four wolf heads, each with an alternate name that factors into her four exceptional assaults. She can be procured from Combination Endurance missions or a themed pack Available.

Voruna’s parts drop from Conjunction Survival missions found on Lua. The Yuvarium and Circulus nodes will unlock upon completing “The War Within” quest. Additionally, Voruna abilities in Warframe parts may also be purchased from Archimedean Yonta in the Zariman, unlocked upon completing “The New War” and “Angels of the Zariman” questlines. Lua Thrax Plasms, a currency needed to craft her parts, can be found by surviving every five minutes in Conjunction Survival missions.

Cover of Dynar

  • TAP – Dynar covers Voruna with invisibility and speeds up her speed. Invisibility closes when Voruna assaults. For a brief time frame after a scuffle assault lands, skirmish assaults have increased Basic Harm and Status Possibility and inflict Drain. Skirmish kill an adversary during this chance to expand the scuffle buff.
  • HOLD – Dynar monitors Voruna, increasing her Parkour Speed.

Teeth of Raksh

  • TAP – Raksh’s teeth attack your adversaries. 5 irregular Status Impacts are applied at 10 Stacks each on an adversary. On track’s demise, spread the Status Impacts to other close by adversaries.
  • HOLD – Raksh watches Voruna with Status Impact obstruction.

Lycath’s Chase

  • TAP – Lycath chases to sustain the pack. Foes killed by scuffle assaults drop wellbeing circles and adversaries killed by headshots drop energy spheres. Increase the length of Lycath’s chase by killing adversaries impacted by at least 5 Status Impacts.
  • HOLD – Lycath monitors Voruna with increased Weighty Assault productivity.

Ulfrun’s Plunge

  • TAP – Voruna drops to all fours and plans 5 severe charges that lock onto adversaries. Ulfrun, the most remarkable wolf, drives the assault as Voruna runs toward her objective. The pack bargains increased harm to targets and close by adversaries that are inflicted by Status Impacts. Deadly goes after twofold the harm of Voruna’s remaining charges.
  • HOLD – Ulfrun watches Voruna. Assuming Voruna falls during this time, Ulfrun kicks the bucket in her place.

Voruna highlights areas of strength for a reward capacity. You can hold her abilities to call upon each wolf’s interesting Inactive power. Exploit each wolf to strike hard and produce a consistent stock of wellbeing and energy circles for your group.

Voruna abilities in Warframe

Voruna Builds

We’ll be looking at two Voruna builds today that range from no investment to multiple Forma. There are quite a few ways to build Voruna—speccing for melee speed with Voruna abilities in Warframe, using Expedite Suffering to quickly expend Slash and Toxin procs applied by Fangs of Raksh, et cetera—the builds we’ll be showcasing don’t require much setup and are good for all game types.

Voruna wants as much Ability Range as possible with positive Range and Duration. This is mostly due to the small spread radius of Fangs of Raksh, arguably Voruna’s strongest ability. With some investment into Ability Range, you’ll be spreading status procs better than Lavos or any other elemental Warframe. Efficiency can actually be dumped on Voruna if you build around Equilibrium, something we’ll be showcasing in both builds. You’ll also want to use weapon mods that scale off status effects, notably Condition Overload for your melee.