The Best Ship Names for Sea of Thieves

Ocean of Thieves allows you to purchase The Best Ship names for Sea of Thieves and name it close by your crewmates as you sail the ocean and complete many experiences. Tragically, sorting out a legitimate name can be troublesome, and finding one that mirrors your group and the numerous jokes looking for you can be troublesome. In this aide, badass ship names we’ll share the best boat names for your boat’s peak in Sea of Thieves.

The Best Ship Names for Sea of Thieves


Achilles was an unbelievable Greek legendary legend, one who just had one shortcoming: his Achilles heel. In any case, he was almost great in battle and a splendid military soldier. There could be no greater name for the individuals who wish to cruise the ocean and wage war against different players.

The Indefatigable

The Indefatigable was a Royal Navy boat, and she sent off in 1784 and served in the French Revolutionary War. The boat’s name likewise implies being not able to be exhausted, Update Sea of Thieves which is ideal for players who intend to spend several hours in their Sea of Thieves meeting.

The Odyssey

Another appropriate boat name from Greek folklore would highlight the Odyssey here and there. A well known sonnet follows King Odysseus as he got back from the Troy War and the undertakings that unfurled to him as he endeavored to get back to his realm and his loved ones. It’s a frightening story; ideally, you don’t wind up stuck adrift for quite some time.


The Velox is a Latin word for “quick” and “quick,” Invite Friends which is ideally suited for any boat and group steering her that intend to clear across the Sea of Thieves. Albeit the name probably won’t be completely ostentatious, it’s a short, speedy name for any reasonable boat you intend to cruise into the distance.

You’ve become skipper of a privateer transport. What do you name your boat?

  • All things considered, despite the fact that I’m straight, The Best Ship names for Sea of Thieves I would be profoundly enticed to give a sign of approval for old school Saturday Night Live and name the boat “The Raging Queen”, since it’s so “masculine”.
  • Or on the other hand, I could go with something ludicrous, that makes individuals baffled, however irritated that they got gone after and crushed by such a senseless name. Something like “Pikachu” or “Hi Kitty”. (Albeit Raging Queen fits that classification also, I think).
  • I don’t have the foggiest idea. It’s intense. You need to work out some kind of harmony of being threatening, without going excessively far into “camp” an area.

What are your tips and deceives for Sea of Thieves?

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