The Fastest way to Level up Using Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to our FFXIV fishing guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to know
about fishing in Final Fantasy, how to do it most effectively, and the quickest ways to level up. Of
course, before you can do this you have to unlock the fishing class by finding the fisher’s guild in
limsa lominsa.

An important thing to note when taking this route is that the fastest way to gain experience while
fishing is to choose the best fishing spot for your current level, and to keep key pieces of gear in
mint condition so you can act effectively and quickly. It is also advisable to carry some source of
food, preferably rabbit pie which you can buy from the limsa food vendor in the market, and to
pack some jack o lanterns as well.

Quest items for the fishing class

To make this part of the game easier it is advisable to check out the market board and buy all
the cheapest fish for your level. If you run out of currency you can buy FFXIV Gil and get great
discounts and limited-time deals that are waiting for you. Without further ado, these are the fish
you would want to buy:

Fisher 01: Lominsan Anchovy x 5
— (Right outside the guild, Bait: Lugworm)
Fisher 05: Harbor Herring x3
— (Right outside the guild, Bait: Pillbug)
Fisher 10: HQ Princess Trout
— (Middle La Noscea: any river, Bait: Crayfish Ball)
Fisher 15: Navigators Dagger x5
— (Western La Noscea: Brewer’s Beacon, Bait: Rait Tail)
Fisher 20: Warmwater Trout x5
— (Upper La Noscea – Oakwood, Bait: Crow Fly)
Fisher 25: Shadow Catfish
— (Fallgourd Float, Bait: Moth Pupa > Striped Goby > Shadow Catfish)
Fisher 30: Fullmoon Sardine x 10
— (South Umbral Isles (Night), Tackle: Spoon Worm)
Fisher 35: Desert Catfish
— (Sagolii Dunes, Bait: Rolling Stone)
Fisher 40: Raincaller x5
— (Old Gridania. Whispering Gorge, Rain. Bait: Stem Borer)
Fisher 45: Cloud Cutter x5
— (Whitebrim, Bait: Hoverworm)

Levels 1-10

The absolute best way to reach level 10 in Final Fantasy besides buying loads of cheap fish
from the MB and spamming levequests is to catch princess trout using Crayfish balls. You can
find Princess trout in virtually every river in middle La Noscea. Some alternative sources are sea
cucumber, harbor herring, ocean cloud and coral butterfly but none really match up to princess

What you want to do is go to Murmur Rills and grind using the crayfish balls. This is absolutely
the quickest way of leveling up to level 10 as you get massive amounts of experience from this.
Before you try any of the other methods, this is the most advisable one.

Levels 10-15

The fastest way to level up from 10-15 is to find and catch Navigator’s Dagger. To find
Navigator’s Dagger you can Use Rat Tails in Brewer’s Beacon, Western La Noscea. Fairly easy
catch, you should experience no difficulty at this point. Alternative, although lesser, sources are:
Harbor herring, pebble crab, moraby flounder and tiger cod. If you do happen to catch any of
these fish that is no problem – they give a decent amount of experience also, it is just not the
optimal method.

A very useful tidbit is that Swiftperch using Goby Balls has a small chance to get you all of the
fish you need! Save the Rothlyt Oysters and White Corals – they’re used for the next tiers
levels. Not only this, but Thankfully, Swiftperch is the best choice for both leve-fishing and
grinding. Continuously fishing and submitting make this tier extremely fast to get through. It is
absolutely the best strategy to just camp at Swiftperch and grind until you reach level 15.

To close off

It is extremely useful to know what type of fish to catch and where to look for them in
accordance to the level you are currently at, you can mostly do this by looking at guides such as
this one. You should also remember that a little trial and error are gonna be required but that’s
just part of the process and what makes the game fun to play. We hope you enjoyed our FFXIV
fishing guide and that it was helpful, keep on grinding and enjoy gaming with the new tips you
have learned!