The Callisto Protocol Trophy List

The Callisto Protocol Trophy List

On the off chance that you are a completionist like me, you will need to know every one of the prizes for anything that game you are playing. Since The Callisto Protocol Trophy List has recently been delivered, numerous players are contemplating whether the prizes for it are challenging to accomplish or not. For that reason this guide will show you The Callisto Protocol prizes and how to open them.

A portion of these prizes are very simple to open, while some might require a ton of expertise and exertion. Nonetheless, we will give you a hints that you can use to effectively open every one of the prizes and get that sweet Plat. In this way, moving along, how about we make a plunge and look at Finally Overwatch 2 Confirms Date of Season 2 Map trophy guide.

Do you want a Trophy guide for The Callisto Protocol? As a feature of our The Callisto Protocol guide, we will assist you with opening all Prizes and uncover how to get the Platinum. Our Trophy guide will cover questions like whether there are any Missable Prizes or Trouble Related Prizes.

Because of the idea of the substance on this page, kindly note there might be The Callisto Protocol Trophy List spoilers underneath. While we have attempted to keep everything as without spoiler as could really be expected, navigating to other pages could uncover plot focuses and late-game situations.

All The Callisto Protocol Prizes

The Callisto Protocol has a sum of 27 Prizes (1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 9 Silver, 10 Bronze). A portion of these prizes will be opened while you are playing the game since they are attached to missions and sections. The game is a simple Plat for players that affection to gather it. In any case, there are a not many that could cause a few issues.

As previously mentioned, practically these prizes are very simple to open. You will open the greater part of them by simply playing the game. For instance, you will open the Frantic Times trophy inside the initial 30-40 minutes naturally by advancing the game.

In any case, there are sure prizes like Harvester of souls and The The Callisto Protocol Trophy List is About Existence that can call for investment and commitment. To open the Soul harvester trophy, you want to gather all embed profiles that are spread across the guide of the game. While it could include a touch of investigation, you shouldn’t make some intense memories.

The most troublesome trophy on this list is The Protocol is About Existence. To open it, you want to beat the game on the most elevated trouble – Greatest Security. In the event that you are searching for a test, you can begin the game on this trouble and complete it. Nonetheless, if you need to have a decent encounter, play the game at the trouble you need and finish it.

Whenever you are finished with the game and have opened any remaining prizes, you can begin your new playthrough on the hardest trouble. This will permit you to just zero in on completing the game rather than doing other things to get prizes.

Are There Any Missable Prizes?

There are bunches of Missable Prizes in The Callisto Protocol Trophy List, yet you ought to acquire by far most of them by playing the game normally. Most connect with doing specific things during battle, such as utilizing the GRP and removing explicit appendages. The main Missable Trophy you want to observe is Messenger of death, which requests that you track down All Embed Profiles Areas.

Other than that, you can reload recoveries to crush out any Prizes where you really want to do things on different occasions. Progress likewise continues between passings.

The Missable Prizes are:

The Callisto Protocol Trophy List

  • You Really want a Weapon
  • Harvester of souls
  • The Shared trait
  • Get it together
  • In Striking Distance
  • Reforged
  • Offering in return
  • Float Like a Butterfly
  • Non-life-threatening injury
  • Bite Them Up
  • Work environment Danger


There you have it, those are the prizes in The Callisto Protocol Trophy List. The game has very direct prizes that can be opened without any problem. I would provide the Plat with a rating of 7 out of 10 since you don’t need to do a ton. The main troublesome trophy is the one where you need to finish the game on Greatest Security.

What do you honestly think about the game up until this point? Did it match your publicity? We couldn’t imagine anything better than to hear your contemplations about the prizes and the game in the remarks underneath!