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Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review

This article is about Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review. Since 2014, Secretlab has become well known making premium gaming seats with a solid scope of development. The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 delivered today consolidates highlights of outstanding amongst other gaming seats we’ve tried, the Secretlab Omega, and the Secretlab Titan, which obliged the large and tall group, into one. Secretlab is suspending the other two seats and offering the Titan Evo in three sizes, expecting to oblige the entire market.

It’s a dangerous undertaking, however the Titan Evo hopes to oblige a tremendous scope of body types with quite certain changes. You can also read about best gaming chair from here.

That incorporates a redeveloped lumbar emotionally supportive network that allows you to change the two its solidness and stature and armrests that have 4 unique changes. This is the sort of seat that can oblige such countless various positions and appears to be worked to last.

Note that with the Titan Evo, Secretlab is getting rid of the more modest Omega and bigger Titan. The Titan Evo comes in three unique sizes to cover the entire scope of sizes and come in various costs:

  • Regular – tried ($449 for artificial cowhide/$469 for texture upholstery): for gamers 5’7″ – 6’2″ and weighing under 220 pounds with a maximum upheld weight of 285 pounds
  • Small ($429/$449 for texture): for gamers 4’11” – 5’6″ and weighing under 200 pounds with a maximum upheld weight of 285 pounds
  • XL ($499/$519): for gamers 5’11” – 6’9″ and weighing 175-395 pounds

Specification of Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Regular (tested) Small XL
Upholstery Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric (tested) or Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric or Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric  or Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette
Total Height (with base) 51.2 – 54 inches / 127 -134cm 50 – 52.8 inches 53.1-56.9 inches / 133-144.5cm
Backrest Length 33.5 inches / 85cm 32.3 inches / 82cm 35 inches / 89cm
Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 21 inches / 53cm 20 inches / 51cm 22 inches / 56cm
Seating Area Width (Point of Contact) 18.5 inches / 47cm 17.7 inches / 45cm 19.3 inches / 49cm
Seating Area Width (total) ~22 inches / 55.9cm Not disclosed Not disclosed
Seating Area Depth 19.3 inches / 49cm 18.9 inches  / 48cm 19.7 inches / 50cm
Armrest Width 26-29.1 inches  / 66-74cm 24.4-27.6 inches / 62-70cm 27.4-30.5 inches / 69.5-77.5cm
Armrest Height 26-31.9 inches  / 67-84cm 26-31.9 inches  / 66-81cm 26.4-33.1 inches / 67-84cm
Max Recommended Weight 285 pounds / 130kg 285 pounds / 130kg 395 pounds / 180kg
Weight 76.1 pounds / 34.5kg 73.9 pounds 82.7 pounds / 37.5kg
Warranty 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media

Pros & Cons

  • Fabric upholstery option seems durable
  • Luxurious neck pillow, armrests
  • Highly adjustable lumbar support, armrests
  • Spacious seat
  • Generous forward and backward recline
  • Seat could be softer
  • Recline lever sometimes jams
  • Neck pillow sometimes falls when reclining


The Titan Evo rolls onto the scene with a full exhibit of shading choices for the two sorts of upholstery — texture or phony cowhide — accessible. Albeit, the most distinctive shadings are on the $20 pricier, Softweave Plus texture side. This is somewhat because of another, computerized weaving measure that considers more itemized designs than the past SoftWeave. Secretlab portrays it as utilizing “entwining circles of high-strength yarn filaments,” which empowers “more modest subtleties to be fused into each join, empowering … complex plans in a multifaceted material with various layers of shading.”

Right now, you can get the seat with the texture upholstery in (as seen above) Plush Pink, Mint Green, Frost Blue, Cookies and Cream, Black3 or Arctic White. Notwithstanding, I’m anticipating seeing what different plans become exposed with this new innovation and Secretlab’s as of now settled standing for luxurious plans with topics enveloping everything from League of Legends, to Game of Thrones and electronic DJs.

My survey unit came in Black3, which, notwithstanding its name, conveys unobtrusive traces of white string looking all through for a dark or dull dim generally speaking energy, contingent upon your lighting Suede articulations line the sides of the seat and backrest.

The backrest likewise has a token of the year and size of the seat and a touch of red inquisitively, yet innocuously, strung into a little region close to the backrest’s calfskin as well. There’s likewise a small number of silver accents contained to the armrest region, yet they’re just observably for you to appreciate, not anybody watching your livestream.

It’s not really an all-dark seat, but rather the sprinkling of white gives the Titan Evo additional person and assists it with looking somewhat more costly. In any case, I can’t resist the urge to get some vehicle seat flows.

It’s a tight weave, and it doesn’t seem like anything will catch on these slicker strings, essentially not for quite a while. Machine weaved logos in dark on the back and front of the headrest are subtle on the dull texture. These logos likewise seem as though they will not catch effectively in light of the fact that they feel smooth, level and adhered to the upholstery.

Discussing logos, Secretlab’s is stepped into every armrest, except they’re too little to be in any way any trouble, except if you’re insulted by how comparative it looks to the Delta Air Lines logo.

Indeed, even the zipper at the back of the backrest that gives you likely admittance to its innards is protected by hard plastic. It makes getting inside the backrest hard, which is acceptable on the grounds that you shouldn’t have motivation to play with the froth inside at any rate.

Eventually, the SoftWeave Plus upholstery has the perfect measure of surface to cause the seat to feel sturdy however not scratchy. It likewise will not adhere to or empower sweat-soaked skin, similar to cowhide or artificial calfskin upholsteries regularly can. Cleaning might be harder, particularly on the off chance that you get pieces or other filth in the middle of those strings. But since the strings are so firmly woven, this wasn’t an issue for me during and testing and certainly less worried than with some lattice seats, similar to the Mavix M5.

In the event that you favor calfskin, you might be disillusioned that there’s as of now no genuine cowhide upholstery alternative like there was with Secretlab’s past seats. Notwithstanding, Secretlab accepts its new artificial cowhide, called Secretlab neo Hybrid Leatherette, is so like the Napa calfskin it utilized, that couple of individuals would spend the extra for the genuine article..

You can discover endless gaming seats all around the web covered in polyurethane (PU) calfskin and numerous outstandingly less expensive than the $449 Secretlab is charging for the ordinary measured Titan Evo. The Cooler Master Caliber R2, for instance, is at present $300, but with a more modest scope of changes and less solace.

Nonetheless, Secretlab claims its new phony cowhide is multiple times more tough than customary PU calfskin, because of a “base layer supported with super fine strands.” Plus, a “interesting top cover” cases to emulate the brilliance of Napa calfskin. As of now, the fake calfskin upholstery is accessible in (as found in the image above) Ash, Stealth, Black, Royal and Classic.

In case you’re not getting it, Secretlab disclosed to Tom’s Hardware that there will be a Napa cowhide rendition accessible “sometime in the not too distant future”; nonetheless, the brand is expecting a ton of interest in light of how comparable and less expensive the Neo Hybrid Leatherette form is.

Inside the Titan Evo is a steel outline that you can’t feel at all through the upholstery and froth. The seat is finished with a water driven gas cylinder and aluminum amalgam wheelbase.

The brand says it tests sturdiness with any semblance of drop tests, stacking it with significant burdens and then some. Different tests incorporate inundating the upholstery in fake perspiration and placing it in a mugginess chamber. As maybe expected of a seat that foregoes genuine or counterfeit cowhide, the SoftWeave rendition of the Titan Evo didn’t get warm, damp with sweat or tacky during my experience with it.

New 4-Way L-Adapt Lumbar Support System

Perhaps the greatest change Secretlab presented in the Titan Evo 22 is its lumbar emotionally supportive network. The Omega seat I recently utilized had a separable pad shrouded in fantastic velour and loaded down with delectable cooling adaptable padding. It was agreeable to the point that it could remain all alone as an additional pad in the family room or room, instead of simply a gift threw in with a seat.

The Titan Evo goes the method of the bigger Titan seat, which utilizes a movable lumbar emotionally supportive network incorporated into the seat. I was informed that this is on the grounds that more modest individuals who might utilize the Omega instead of the Titan additionally needed underlying lumbar help.

You can in any case purchase the lumbar help pad, yet Secretlab went through 2 years totally upgrading its lumbar framework for the Titan Evo with the goal that L-Adapt, as it’s called, can offer two kinds of flexibility: thickness and tallness.

We’ve seen handle based, customizable lumbar emotionally supportive networks previously. For instance, the Razer Iskur has a handle for changing how firm the lumbar help region is. The Titan Evo additionally has that, in addition to a second handle for making that region go up or down along your back.

Solidness changes yield an observable contrast when sitting in the seat. In case you’re not, you can unmistakably see the backrest’s projection differing with each touch of the handle.

I like a ton of lumbar help and ordinarily have the framework set to most extreme solidness. Backing felt hard and resolute however didn’t stand out drastically or drive into me. Indeed, I could really utilize somewhat more lumbar help.

You can in any case purchase the Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow for $59, and I ended up having one available. Putting it on top of the Titan Evo’s L-Adapt gave the overabundance care my eager lumbar longs for.

The seat wasn’t awkward without it, yet it climbed a level with the seat included, embracing the more profound bend of my lower back additional. Once more, I like more lumbar help than normal, so there’s a sound possibility you’ll be impeccably fulfilled without the cushion.

The issue with depending on a separable pad for lumbar help is that when I lean back or change my situating, I additionally need to change the cushion.

Also, assuming I need it higher, I’d need to hold the cushion set up by applying a touch of pressing factor. The Titan Evo’s lumbar emotionally supportive network doesn’t have this issue, on account of its tallness change.

For the most part, the tallness change was more earnestly to see than the one that pushes the framework internal and outward. Indeed, I didn’t really accept that it was truly moving until I put my finger where the bulgiest piece of the backrest was. Yet, after I saw it with my own eyes, it was simpler for my body to feel the stature change. The component was most useful when I changed the point of my seat. For instance, in case I was sitting at a 90-degree point I needed higher lumbar help than if I was leaned back.

During a profound lean back, I needed lumbar help higher than with a medium lean back. The way that I can get that particular is a point in the Titan Evo’s approval. Then again, the distinctions were minute I would say. Yet, in case you’re paying more than $400 for a seat, it’s no time like the present that implied having the option to address fine subtleties of your solace.

Secretlab’s L-Adapt include is contained a cross section of pivots that should move with you left and right.

This was the most un-observable element of the lumbar arrangement of all. The entire backrest is quite firm to feel anything “moving” with me underneath. The Regular-sized Titan Evo I tried is for individuals under 220 pounds with a maximum of 285 pounds. I weigh essentially not exactly the two estimations, so it’s conceivable somebody with more heave could place a more prominent imprint in the backrest and feel the pivots moving with them.

All things considered, I never felt an observable absence of lumbar help when moving starting with one side then onto the next.

My rigid, skinny arms, (just as a companion’s marginally longer arms), have another protest in that the framework’s two handles are difficult to reach and abandon a situated position.

My members immediately became tired while adapting. Furthermore, it’s difficult to peruse the words on the handle since it’s dark on-dark, yet Secretlab made the controls natural (clockwise for higher and more lumbar help, counterclockwise for lower and less help).

Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow

In all honesty, I’ve really been trusting that somebody will stir up the neck pad game, and Secretlab has by making the Titan Evo’s adhere to the seat by means of magnets instead of a lash.

Lamentably, I actually discover the pad to stand out something over the top and that it pushes my head forward in an unnatural manner, albeit less so than with different seats. This pad is thick, expecting me to apply some pressing factor for it to adjust to my head shape.

The new way to deal with the pad’s application and change implies there are no unattractive ties extended across the rear of the backrest. All things considered, the cushion has a mysterious skimming look, and the magnets functioned admirably generally.

With a more profound lean back the cushion infrequently slipped; albeit, in that situation I needed the pad lower than the most southern piece of the backrest’s magnets (by the highest point of the T logo), along these lines, obviously, the pad fell.

Another drawback is that it’s not difficult to fail to remember that the cushion has magnets in it, so be cautious throwing it close to anything that is touchy to magnets.

The Titan Evo’s adaptable padding head cushion is preferable quality over some other free neck pad I’ve seen included with a gaming seat. At the point when you press it with your hand, it affectionately yields to you and instantly unscrunches back into shape when you discharge. There are determined bends here as well. It’s simply really awful I actually haven’t discovered a neck cushion that I feel adds unrivaled solace. I eventually really like to utilize the Titan Evo without its neck cushion.


The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 offers practically the entirety of the changes you can need in gaming seat and in a gorgeous bundle. You’ll be unable to discover an adversary that feels and looks this great. The Razer Iskur makes a valiant effort with its firm form, however its lumbar emotionally supportive network isn’t as customizable and tastefully, it resembles a cumbersome, flaky deformity.

Essentially on account of the texture upholstery rendition I tried, the Titan Evo is one of only a handful few seats that feels as strong as its cost suggests and further acquires the significant expense with its appearance. Additionally, the nature of the Titan Evo’s cushion sets another norm.

This is a harder seat, and due to that your back should feel exceptionally upheld. However, for a similar explanation, the seat might feel tedious two or three hours. The capacity to finetune the lumbar help and armrests ought not be disregarded.

In any case, the lumbar help pad Secretlab used to incorporate with its seats offers significantly more help that adjusts to profound bends better. Further, having the armrests closer together would take things to a higher level, and having the option to move the armrests in reverse more would be a decent reward.

The Titan Evo 2022 isn’t awesome, and there are a few things I preferred about Secretlab’s presently ceased Omega better. In any case, this is as yet the best of the best among seats we’ve tried and ought to be a sound speculation for gamers looking for a flexible, strong seat for the long stretch.