AOC Agon AGM700 Review 2022

AOC Agon AGM700 Review

This article is about AOC Agon AGM700 Review. AOC has checked 2021 as the time of gaming peripherals, entering the market with new consoles, headsets, RGB mouse cushions and gaming mice. The AOC Agon AGM700 is the exceptional gaming mouse conveying a $40 MSRP contrasted with the AOC Agon AGM500’s $25. A $40 sticker price actually puts the AGM700 on the less expensive side of gaming mice, particularly when you think about its elements.

The AGM700 entices with a 3.17-ounce assemble that can increment by 0.18 ounce increases up to 4.09 ounces, because of five removable loads. There’s additionally a rifleman button for right away dropping affectability to a low 200 CPI for speedy headshots.

You additionally get a twisted link and three locally available memory profiles and eight programmable catches. In any case, you may likewise track down that the AGM700’s shape and the situating of its side catches, including that marksman button, keep it from being the best gaming mouse.

Specifications of AOC Agon AGM700

Sensor Model Pixart PWM3389
Max Sensitivity 16,000 CPI
Polling Rates 1,000 Hz
Programmable Buttons 8
LED Zones 2x RGB
Cable 5.9 feet (1.8m) USB Type-A cable, braided
Connectivity USB Type-A
Measurements (LxWxH) 5 x 2.5 x 1.47 inches (127 x 63.5 x 37.34 mm)
Weight 3.17-4.07 ounces (90-115g)
Extra 5x 0.18 ounce (5g) weights

Design and Comfort of the AOC Agon AGM700

With each organization even digressively identified with PC gaming offering some kind of gaming mouse, plan and shape are basic differentiators. AOC is apparently focusing on the FPS swarm, outfitting the AGM700 with a sharpshooter button on the left side, which rapidly drops the CPI (checks per inch, regularly oftentimes called DPI or specks spots per inch) when held, considering moment accuracy for headshots.

Its other enormous plan factor is its movable weight. All alone, the mouse is 3.17 ounces, yet with the alternative to amount to 5 loads weighing 0.18 ounces (5g) each, the mouse can weigh up to 4.09 ounces (115g). On the mouse’s underside is a battery-like compartment, where you can jump out each weight utilizing gravity.

An expert rifleman button and movable weight give the AOC AGM800 really clear opponents. The Logitech G502 Hero, (too the remote form, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed) likewise has these abilities however is heavier than our audit center (3.3-4.5 ounces). Corsair’s M65 RGB Elite is likewise heavier (3.42-4.09 ounces), similar to SteelSeries’ Rival 600 (3.39-4.52 ounces).

In any case, each of the three of those mice came out a couple of years prior. Today, FPS mice are getting a lot lighter, from honeycomb mice like the Glorious Model O (2.08 ounces) to remote mice that are so light, it’s in their name (see the 2.12-ounce Logitech G Pro X Superlight).

A lighter weight can make it simpler to flick the mouse around rapidly and find an objective during a FPS game. However, at its heaviest weight, the AGM700 feels strong – which some like, particularly in case you’re not super serious and need something somewhat more adaptable. With every one of the 5 of its loads in, the AOC Agon AGM700 felt more strong than a honeycomb mouse like the Model O, for instance, and furthermore functioned admirably as a usefulness mouse.

In this state, it felt powerful toward the palm yet not very debilitating to move, with halfway thanks because of its five dangerous feet. They’re not as fruitful as PTFE feet, otherwise called Teflon, which give additional coast and are accessible on some top notch mice. Developments were as yet smooth however. Tragically, the feet seem like they’ll strip simpler than others. AOC backs the AGM700 with a 2-year guarantee.

The AOC Agon AGM700’s somewhat strange shape seems as though it was created with goal yet has space for development. It’s balanced, save for the two side catches and rifleman button on the left side. Solid bends enter the sides, and there’s an enormous protuberance in the middle that outcomes in a profound, descending slant toward the mouse’s back, where the sides likewise arrive in a bit more.

I have longer hands for a lady and regularly utilize a hook grasp, yet it was more awkward than typical here. The enormous mound is excessively far north for my loving and delve into my center and ring fingers’ lower knuckles. Moreover, the profound bends on the mouse’s sides power my fingers into a point where my ring and pinky fingers need support.

My palm grasp fared somewhat better, yet, once more, I wished the protuberance was further back to be nearer to my palm, instead of under my lower knuckles. The AOC Agon AGM700’s plastic here is smooth (however not grimey), making it significantly harder to get the palm to remain close to the mound.

Elastic like sides likewise make it harder to track down a dependable hold in light of the fact that, in spite of their three-sided embeds, they’re by and large elusive. Not really downright terrible make a hook grasp, (which relies upon holding the sides), or any grasp unimaginable.

However, it added a steady, minor feeling of insecurity to utilizing the mouse. The parchment wheel is comparable yet with its triangles standing out. Parchments aren’t flighty yet are marginally more dangerous than would be ideal. It’s additionally simple for the two regions to draw in dust.

Compounding my grasp battles was the huge, red rifleman button that is not difficult to hit incidentally. It’s straightforwardly south of the forward button, and in the event that I utilized a palm grasp, there was no place for me to normally put my thumb without contacting one of those three catches.

The forward/in reverse catches stick out more than the expert marksman and have a fair measure of opposition. However, the CPI switch is compliment, and I wound up hitting it incidentally on uncommon events. Be that as it may, much of the time I’d come nearer than I’d like, diverting me from my assignment and making utilizing the mouse more unpleasant.

Fortunately the expert sharpshooter button is reprogrammable, and you can deactivate it through programming. You can undoubtedly bring it back, on account of the mouse’s three locally available memory profiles.

The AGM700 follows the styling of other AOC gaming peripherals, similar to the AGK700 console, by overflowing with red. The tint is addressed by the sharpshooter button and interweaved with dark in the good, however firm, plaited link. Discussing, it’ll set aside some effort to get the twists from bundling out of the link, as it’s not truly moldable.

Slantingly brushed lines top the left and right snap catches to make it look more metallic. You can feel the surface, yet it’s not troublesome and adds measurement to the mouse’s appearance. A M key lights up green, blue or red to reveal to you which of the three installed memory profiles – or Modes, (consequently the M) – you’re presently utilizing. There are additionally six lines close to one side snap, to remind you which CPI setting is in play.

The AOC Agon AGM700 has RGB lighting in its parchment haggle the more mind boggling Agon logo by the palm region. Be that as it may, both region’s lighting is stifled by white plastic, so it’s not extremely brilliant or rousing. You can pick various shadings for each zone, yet they must have a similar impact: static, breathing or flicker.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap price
  • Lots of programmable buttons
  • Braided cable
  • Adjustable weight
  • Sniper button
  • Hard to grip
  • Lackluster RGB
  • Stiff cable
  • Heavier than some FPS rivals

Gaming Experience on the AOC Agon AGM700

The AOC Agon AGM700 sports a PixArt 3389 sensor with 200-16,000 CPI (flexible in 50 tally augments) a maximum speed of 400 inches each second (IPS) and max speed increase of 50g. Those specs put the AGM700 comparable to the best gaming mice, including some that are considerably more costly. I’m happy AOC went with a regarded sensor brand, instead of making its own with outrageous specs most needn’t bother with.

Regardless of whether weighing 3.17 or 4.09 ounces it feels strong, particularly for a FPS mouse. Some opponent mice can feel less expensive than anticipated on account of ultra lightweight plastic, yet the AGM700 doesn’t have that issue. Hauling the entirety of the loads out put forth the mouse require significantly less attempt to control, and I liked it as such for long gaming meetings.

The mouse’s expert marksman catch can be a useful resource however will take becoming acclimated to first, especially in the event that you’ve never utilized one. It’s a compliment button with negligible travel, making it at first difficult to hold down for more than 0.5 second while squeezing the left-click catch to fire. However, with enough practice, it’s feasible for this to turn into a genuine benefit.

I had the option to arrive at it with both a palm, and hook hold, albeit incidental presses were possible with the previous, where my thumb was continually laying as an afterthought catches. Furthermore, once more, the mouse’s more dangerous grasp makes each development more monotonous.

Under the left and right snap are Omron-brand mechanical switches that made for material, exact snaps during ongoing interaction without a very remarkable plastic commotion. In general, the catches are on the heavier side with some gentle input subsequent to discouraging, contingent upon where I squeezed the catch. It’s not very diverting, yet caused clicking to feel somewhat clunkier than on different mice

The snazzy link’s meshed fiber is an or more for strength, however it’s unyielding and will probably show up with pleats from bundling that are difficult to kill. I needed to guarantee the link was in a decent situation prior to playing since it’s difficult to control during my gaming meetings.

The mouse’s elastic parchment wheel has a delightful snap in that is additionally programmable. Be that as it may, it sounds shabbily while looking over quickly, and my survey unit’s wheel can wobble whenever bumped to one side. The less diverting CPI switch is reprogrammable however south of the M catch to begin. The lighting pointer on the left snap button makes in-game switches simpler, and I never objected to inadvertently squeezing the raised CPI switch or M catches.

Features and Software on the AOC Agon AGM700

AOC’s first arrangement of gaming peripherals are finished with their own product, AOC G-Tools. It’s simple enough to comprehend and explore and hasn’t smashed as far as I can tell utilizing it with two distinct AOC peripherals. That is superior to we can say for a ton of fringe applications, particularly from newbies. G-Tools isn’t the most attractive application and isn’t also spread out or give as much usefulness as any semblance of Razer’s Synapse, for instance. In any case, it’ll take care of business.

The mouse upholds three installed memory openings called “modes” and named M1, M2 and M3. You can likewise make five “profiles” in the product, and each profile has three modes. The AGM700 will extend the last utilized profile’s three modes to another PC, even without redownloading G-Tools.

Nonetheless, RGB settings will not continue and will rather remain on the impact last utilized in programming. Every product profile, (too as its three modes), can be set to dispatch when opening a particular application, yet this possibly works if G-Tools is open.

G-Tools’ Buttons menu is the place where you set the AOC Agon AGM700’s eight programmable catches. A full scale director takes into consideration further developed programming and is easy to utilize. You likewise get choices like media control, dispatching the adding machine or showing the work area.

The Sensitivity segment allows you to set up to five DPI settings to look through when squeezing the catch south of the M catch (on the off chance that you utilize the mouse’s default settings), in addition to “Savvy DPI,” which, as indicated by an AOC representative “alludes to the way that the mouse adjusts to how you are utilizing it, office setting moderate, gaming fast.” However, numerous gamers incline toward playing with a low CPI, and I like to know my mouse’s accurate settings.

You can likewise pick between a surveying pace of 1,000, 500, 250 or 125 Hz, however there’s no alternative for a super high surveying rate like some exceptional gaming brands have started to bring to the table, (for example, the 8,000 Hz Razer Viper 8K Hz).

Furthermore, there are sliders for double tap, Windows pointer and parchment speed. The adjustment device professes to align the mouse with the manner in which you move and your mouse cushion, however I didn’t see any quick upgrades in the wake of utilizing it.

G-Tools’ Light FX menu allows you to play with RGB however doesn’t have numerous alternatives. The Breathing, Static and Blink impacts let you pick between “Arbitrary” or a “Solitary LED” shading, where you can enter red, green and blue qualities or select from a shading picker.

There are additionally sliders for brilliance, which you’ll most likely need at its most elevated to make the shades more precise through their white encasing. The Static and Blink impacts have similar customization choices. You can likewise adjust RGB with theAOC’s set number of other gaming peripherals.


The AOC Agon AGM700 is a promising first exertion. Contrasted with current opponents, it’s somewhat hefty for its FPS target market, yet that additionally assists it with feeling more generous than rivals that can feel modest, regardless of whether they’re not. The marksman button is a decent consideration, however joined with a tricky skeleton and side grasps, keeping an exact hold over the mouse that permits smooth influence of the expert rifleman catch will take work.

Flexible loads give the AGM700 adaptability for work and different undertakings, yet the most genuine gamers will require something with better grasp and solace. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with a sharpshooter button, there are numerous mice designed for FPS titles that are lighter as well.

Fortunately, the AGM700 has numerous programmable catches and locally available memory, so you can change settings to make the expert marksman button less nosy differently. The mouse’s $40 MSRP is likewise engaging, and we’ve seen it on special for much less expensive.

As of this composition, you can discover the Logitech G502 Hero for around a similar cost as the AGM700, and it has a superior put expert marksman button. Corsair’s M65 RGB Elite is marginally more, with its aluminum outline and more touchy sensor (up to 18,000 CPI). Albeit the two mice are heavier than AOC’s choice.

In case you’re set on a weight-flexible mouse and an expert sharpshooter button, the AOC Agon AGM700 merits considering, especially for its lighter weight contrasted with adversaries and quality link.