NZXT Capsule Mic Review: Simply Awesome for Streaming

NZXT Capsule Mic Review: Simply Awesome for Streaming

NZXT Capsule Mic Review

This article ia about NZXT Capsule Mic Review. Streamers, I think this is it — I think we tracked down the one: a simple to-utilize, moderate mic that isn’t super-costly and gives studio-quality sound. NZXT hasn’t been in the sound or mic game for a couple of years, and the Capsule is a genuine rebound that is worked to rival the best gaming microphones. At $129.99, this mic isn’t as spending plan well disposed as choices like the HyperX SoloCast, yet with the alternative to sit in a stand or a blast arm and a cardioid polar example, starter and prepared streamers the same can partake in the Capsule.


On the off chance that you like all dark everything, you’ll be glad to realize that the Capsule arrives in a dark, or a white colorway. Either alternative is extremely moderate. There are just two buttons and a ring light on the lower part of the mic. The top handle controls the microphone acquire, and the base handle is the volume button for the earphones.

On the actual lower part of the mic there is a USB-C port, a string to associate with a blast arm and a 3.5 mm earphone jack. The elastic wrapped rope associates with a USB C-port on the microphone and has USB-An on the opposite end.

The string on the lower part of the mic is for a connector that associates it to a three-eighths inch blast arm or the stand remembered for the container. The microphone acquire button has five circles climbing little to enormous — in light of the fact that this adaptation is dark it is more earnestly to see the circles. It’s the equivalent for the volume button, the polished dark scores are difficult to see aside from when they get a brief look at light.

The uplifting news is, regardless of what direction the mic is confronting, whether it’s in a stand sitting on the work area or a blast arm turning the dials clockwise consistently implies more increase and volume. Yet, the two fastens endlessly scroll, which isn’t awesome, and there are no ticks or knocks or other input to show how far the dials are being turned.

The microphone is encased in a matte completion, and a light orbiting the mic is installed in the lower part of the case. The light is a visual pointer for being on an equipment based quiet. It becomes red when it’s muffled and white when it’s unmuted. Pressing in the volume button quiets and unmutes the mic.

The stand that accompanies the mic is weighted. Both together weigh 1.9 pounds, and the mic weighs 0.64 pounds without help from anyone else — the stand is heavier than the mic. The stand is associated with two gear-teeth on the two sides, which are associated with a tie that settles into the microphone. Extricating the pinions followed by squeezing a button on the rear of the lash eliminates the mic from the stand. The stand isn’t simply smooth, all around fabricated, and weighty — there is additionally an underlying shock mount to limit the sound on the off chance that you coincidentally find your mic.


Frequency Response 100 – 20,000 Hz
Sample / Bitrate 24- bit / 96 KHz
Polar Patterns Cardioid
Headphone Amplifier Impedance ≥ 16 Ohms
Dimensions (w/ stand, LxWxH) 115x 131.3 x 252.8 mm
w/o stand 60 x 65.1 x 170.2 mm
Weight 1.94 lbs /883g
w/o stand .64 lbs /314g
Warranty 2 years

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible sound quality
  • Minimalist style

  • Plug and play

  • One pattern
  • Can’t tweak EQ


The issue NZXT set off to settle is the high expectation to absorb information of sound programming and to limit mistake. Despite the fact that there isn’t programming needed to utilize the Capsule don’t think briefly that that limits pilot blunder.

Here is the verification, in light of the fact that there isn’t any product I can’t see where the increase is set. Since the buttons don’t have markers on how far they’re being turned, the main way I can tell is by asking the individual on the less than desirable end or checking my levels by connecting the earphones into the mic. Utilizing diverse programming will call for various addition levels.

Numerous mics like the Razer Seiren Emote accompany programming to assist you with review gain and volume. XLR Microphones with interfaces like Focusrite give you significantly more command over gain and volume.

NZXT doesn’t accompany any product so any tweaking I need to do occurs with the increase button on the mic and in Device Properties in Window 10 sound settings. This is quite I tracked down my perfect balance. I turned down the mic to 54 percent and turned the increase dial clockwise to turn up the addition get more subtleties in my voice — it’s ideal.

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Indeed, even with mics that do accompany programming, I actually discover I need to change Windows settings to get the best quality, so this isn’t a major issue using any and all means.

Sound Quality

This is the main thing in NZXT’s freshest mic. The organization asserts it’s intended to be easy to utilize, limit foundation commotion, and with a cardioid polar example.

At the point when I initially connected this mic, I thought I was being smooth while in a Zoom meeting. I began getting a noisy shrieking sound through my earphones and I needed to resist the urge to panic on camera while inside blowing a gasket while facilitating and recording the call.

I might dare to dream the recording didn’t get the shrieking. I did some investigating after I got off the Zoom call and I discovered that you can’t utilize this mic with a USB extender in light of the fact that it doesn’t give it enough squeeze.

I needed to switch away from my typical headset, which utilizes USB Type-C to interface with my PC, as the Capsule gives sound out through a 3.5 mm jack. Having the volume button in closeness made it simple to change the earphones yield as important.

Testing this mic on Zoom calls while my significant other was 25 feet away was somewhat baffling. He, similar to me, telecommutes, so when he gets uproarious or amped up for something everybody in a Zoom call will know it. I even taken a stab at testing the clamor door; I said something and afterward requested that he say something 2 seconds after I spoke.He was removed a little however was as yet discernible — which sucks.

My next try occurred through Google Meet, I simply expected to change the increase only a tad. Nonetheless, that is irritating in light of the fact that relying upon where my gathering is my microphone needs various settings, so I’ll generally be changing. The volume menu bar in Windows naturally turned down and muffled itself any time I attempted to slide it up to 100.

This mic does best when it’s straightforwardly close to you. An advantageous way for lovers might be to have a blast arm. The nearer I was to the mic, the more hot and full my voice sounded. You can’t perceive I have high roofs and the train thundering by everything except vanishes. In the event that I move excessively far away from the mic, in any case, my voice can sound precarious and misshaped.

At the point when I sorted out the ideal setting for the increase I actually got a decent studio sound when I was under two feet from the mic. I didn’t encounter my voice dropping nor removing in and. Regardless of whether I began murmuring and attempting to give my audience members some extemporaneous ASMR, everything got flawlessly. At the point when I was right up on the mic and talking it seemed as though spreading margarine on a warm brioche bread roll.

Above all, my game stream’s sound is significantly crisper. The sound for my YouTube recordings don’t seem like their repeating, cutting, or void — a remarkable inverse.


I truly appreciated utilizing this mic once I began to track down the perfect balances with the addition and the volume in Windows 10 settings. I flawlessly progressed from a Twitch livestream, to a Facebook livestream, to Discord voice talks without contacting any dials.

The microphone is snappy, regardless of whether you favor a high contrast or all dark look, and the metal stand feels strong. The handles, be that as it may, which turn perpetually absent a lot of input, weren’t fair and square.

Yet, in case you’re a decoration searching for something pretty much fitting and-play, this is one to remember.