How to Make Turkey Beet Soup in Tower of Fantasy

A bowl of warm soup that can Make Turkey Beet Soup in Tower of Fantasy pursue away all the exhaustion of the day. In the wake of overcoming Robarg and Sobek, drops from secret phrase chest during the Aida Bistro occasion. On the other hand acquired by gathering fixings and cooking.

The Aida Bistro in Pinnacle of Imagination offers players the remarkable chance to run their own special café and serve clients their number one dishes. Albeit, intermittently new food things and recipes will be added to enliven the menu, tower of fantasy recipes which can make it hard to tell the fixings as a whole and recipes.

How to Make Turkey Beet Soup in Tower of Fantasy

You’ll be amazed to know that, in spite of its name, Turkey Beet Soup contains no real beets. To make this scrumptious treat, you’ll require three basic fixings. These are:

  • 1 Turkey
  • 1 Potato
  • 1 Mushroom

When you have these fixings, Firework Rising Side you simply have to go to a cooking pot and throw the fixings in to make the feast. You can get the recipe from overcoming either Robarg or Sobek during the Aida Bistro occasion, yet you can make the dinner at any rate regardless of whether you haven’t tracked down the recipe yet. This is additionally the most loved soup dish for both Tsubasa and Zero, giving extra focuses during the Aida Bistro occasion.

However, finding the fixings is a piece trickier. Mushrooms are a typical fixing, found in huge amounts in East Aesperia or you can overcome the Shroomen beasts. Potatoes can be tracked down all through the North Aesperia district or just toward the north of Banges Dock in South Aesperia.

Obviously, you’ll require turkey in your Turkey Beet Soup, Ark quest which is a lot more uncommon fixing than the other two. Turkey is dropped by Hyenas, so you’ll have to track down them and rout them to get this scrumptious bird. Their base is in the space set apart on the guide underneath.

Dissimilar to different feasts in the game like Purple Sweet potato Pie, Turkey Beet Soup offers no harm supports, however it will recover 20 satiety to keep you recovering your wellbeing between fights.

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