How to Complete Ark quest in Tower of Fantasy

You will get the mission by perusing a “Secretive Letter” Complete Ark quest in Tower of Fantasy at the directions (406, 306) in the parliament as displayed in the photos beneath. Assuming you can’t collaborate with the letter, that implies you have proactively understood it. All things considered, open the “Missions” and go to the “Message” tab to follow the Ark Quest as displayed in the fourth picture beneath.

Pinnacle of Fantasy has such countless journeys that missing a few fun ones is simple. One such journey that is barely noticeable and difficult to actuate is known as the Ark mission. The mission is important for the story journeys, so you should finish it to get 100 percent consummation for the game. A really clear mission expects you to discover a few troublesome pieces of information tower of fantasy side quests list and tackle the secret about Lucia. This is the way you can enact and finish the Ark journey in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Complete Ark quest in Tower of Fantasy

  • You should be at Chapter 4 in the fundamental story to get this journey. To actuate the Ark journey, you first need to go to Terminal from the delay menu. In Terminal, select the Story choice and snap on Ark under Chapter 4-02 in the Truth of Omniun pannel. From that point onward, Ultralight Tomestones you should find the pieces of information at parliament 406 306.
  • To view those as, make a beeline for the Trapostaion Hub at Crown Mines, and before a major house there, you will track down a strange letter. At the point when you collaborate with that letter, you will get the choice to acknowledge the journey. Subsequent to getting the mission, you will get your most memorable target to pay attention to the mother-girl discussion.
  • You can find the mother and girl before the house where you tracked down the letter, under a haven. At the point when you track down them, converse with the mother and afterward converse with the girl. Conversing with the two of them will finish your most memorable goal. A while later, go address Fredd, who is snoozing front of the house, to get more data about the bits of hearsay. Presently you should make a beeline for the dock of Lumia.
  • You can do that by quick going to the closest Spacerift, or you can undoubtedly walk or drive there. At the dock, you will initially see a few fantasies of individuals that were there. Presently you should follow their voices by pursuing the goals. Continue to follow those, Awaken Characters and it will ultimately lead you to a puzzling box, which will vanish, and this will finish the goal to research.
  • Presently you will get the target to go to Hykros and converse with Adacs. You can make a beeline for Hykros from any of the Omnium Towers. In the wake of arriving at there, search for Adacs on the top by following the objective marker. Converse with Adacs, Complete Ark quest in Tower of Fantasy and it will finish the Ark journey in Tower of Fantasy. To check assuming it’s finished, go to the story pannel in Terminal and check whether the Ark mission is stamped finished.

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