How to Get the Huma Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Today, we will examine this immaculate person Get the Huma Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy and view her standard, progressions, group comps, lattices, and that’s just the beginning. Assuming you are genuinely new to the game, try to look at our Pinnacle of Imagination Fledglings guide and Best Tips and Deceives in Pinnacle of Imagination to get better at it.

To check the positioning of Huma and her weapon details, go through our Pinnacle of Imagination level rundown and Pinnacle of Imagination weapons guides. If you additionally have any desire to consider a few other great characters in the game, then ensure you go through our aides on the best characters, Huma Simulacra best SSR characters, and job of characters in Pinnacle Of Imagination.

How to Get the Huma Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

As we said, getting Huma is totally founded on your karma, and there are two different ways you can attempt it. The first is overcoming a world chief and afterward stealing from his chest. The subsequent one is through utilizing unique orders. Both of these techniques may haphazardly remunerate you with Huma, Desert Melons yet they don’t promise it.

Overcoming a world chief

There are different world supervisors in the realm of Pinnacle of Imagination. These supervisors are incredibly strong; some could kill you with a couple of hits. To overcome them, you will require help from different players. Also, the vast majority of these managers have specific shortcomings that you can take advantage of by utilizing the right weapon(s) against them. The following are a couple of managers that you can take a stab against.

  • Robarg
  • Ice Bot
  • Woman Lucia
  • Apophis
  • Sobek

As referenced, these supervisors are extremely strong, and battling them at any level under 20 is self-destructive. When you rout any of these supervisors, Hidden Memory Quest you should utilize the ideal unravel on the chest to get a possibility getting Huma Simulacra and Liquid Sheild V2.

Utilizing the exceptional orders

In Pinnacle of Imagination, you can buy extraordinary orders utilizing the in-game money. These exceptional orders arbitrarily drop SR, or SSR characters, including the Huma Simulacra and Liquid Sheild V2. Besides, there are two sorts of these unique orders; restricted time and typical. Assuming Huma is on the restricted time request, you ought to buy those; in the event that not, stay with the ordinary orders.

Why is Pinnacle of Imagination so famous?

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