Age Calculator in Excel

How to Make Age Calculator in Excel

There is no unique capability to Age Calculator in Excel, however there exist a couple ways of converting date of birth to age. This tutorial will explain the advantages and downsides of every way, shows how to make an ideal age estimation equation in Excel and change it for solving a few explicit errands.

MS Excel, or Excel, is broadly utilized Age Calculator programming with a large number of underlying tools and highlights. It assists us with recording different informational indexes and perform computations across them with numerous cells. An illustration of an exemplary computation is to calculate the contrast between two dates. However, it doesn’t seem like a helpful estimation. Be that as it may, a similar procedure is to some degree pivotal to finding or calculating a person or thing’s age in Microsoft Excel.

Aside from finding the age of any individual, we can utilize a similar idea to calculate the term of any venture, the long stretches of presence of any organization, the quantity of years passed between the predetermined dates, and so forth.

In this tutorial, we talk about various strategies or arrangements on how to Age Calculator in Excel. The tutorial assists us with learning to calculate ages as quantities of complete years, months, and days at the ongoing date or a particular date.

How to calculate age from date of birth in Excel

In day to day existence, the inquiry “How old are you?” generally suggests a response indicating what number years you have been alive. In Microsoft Excel, you can make a recipe to figure a precise age in months, days, hours and even minutes. Be that as it may, how about we be customary, and figure out how to calculate age from DOB in years first.

Basic Excel formula for age in years

How would you ordinarily sort out somebody’s age? Essentially by subtracting the birth date from the ongoing date. This customary age recipe can likewise be utilized in Age Calculator in Excel.

Assuming a birthdate is in cell B2, the recipe to calculate age in years goes as follows:

  • =(TODAY()- B2)/365

The initial segment of the equation (TODAY()- B2) returns the distinction between the current endlessly date of birth is days, and afterward you partition that number by 365 to get the quantities of years.

The equation is self-evident and simple to-recollect, however, there is a tiny issue. In many cases, it returns a decimal number as exhibited in the screen capture beneath.

To show the quantity of complete years, utilize the INT capability to cycle a decimal down to the closest integer:

=INT((TODAY()- B2)/365)

Age Calculator in Excel

Using this age equation in Excel creates pretty exact outcomes, yet not impeccable. Dividing by the average number of days in a year works fine more often than not, yet at times it misunderstands the age. For instance, in the event that somebody was brought into the world on February 29 and today is February 28, the equation will make an individual one day more seasoned.

Age Estimation Using the Excel Yearfrac Capability

The most straightforward method for Age Calculator in Excel is to utilize the Excel Yearfrac Capability, which returns the quantity of years between two dates.

For example The quantity of years between two dates, start_date and end_date is calculated as follows:

  • =YEARFRAC( start_date, end_date )

The following accounting sheet shows the Excel Yearfrac capability, used to calculate the age, on 01/01/2017, of a brought into the world on 03/individual/03/1960:

The capability in cell B3 of the above calculation sheet returns the worth 56.82777778.

For example on the date 01/01/2017, an individual who was brought into the world on 03/03/1960, was 56 years of age.

How to Return an Integer From the Excel Age Estimation

If you have any desire to clean up the above age computation, with the goal that it returns an integer, instead of a decimal worth, this should effectively be possible using the Age Calculator in Excel, which shortens a provided number down to the nearest integer.

In the calculation sheet beneath, the Int capability is utilized to shorten the consequence of the Yearfrac capability to an integer.

The capability in cell B3 of the above accounting sheet presently returns the worth 56.