Easy Way To Get Toastie In Vampire Survivors – Full Guide

Get Toastie In Vampire Survivors has gained a considerable amount of popularity over the long haul because of its basic yet brilliant mechanics. In this game, there are various stages that you can open and get by to kill the main chief. On the off chance that you are a veteran player, you’ll be familiar with the characters that you can open.

In the event that you have already opened all the main characters and heard about a portion of the mysterious ones, then you’ve come to the ideal locations. In this article, we’ll direct you to open the Mystery character, Toastie easily in Vampire Survivors.

Toastie is a playable character in Vampire Survivors that can be opened by completing a mystery grouping of targets. Yet, before you can add Toastie to your cast you should initially open their spooky pal Exdash Exiviiq. In the event that you haven’t opened Exdash at this point you can do as such by entering “x-x1viiq” into the game’s Start menu. Assuming you’re deprived of additional detailed instructions on this interaction, we take care of you with our How to Open Exdash guide.

Yet, assuming you’ve already satisfied that prerequisite, this Vampire Survivors guide will teach you how to open Toastie and shed some light on the Mystery Character’s starting weapon and base attributes.

How To Get Toastie In Vampire Survivors

How to Unlocking Toastie

Unlocking this character can be precarious. To begin with, the player needs to defeat either the Drowner or the Stalker. These two creatures are variants of Death that can appear in certain stages at certain times. Killing either of these two creatures is not as straightforward as the other foes. They are invulnerable to most weapons and status impacts. However, defeating either the Drowner or Stalker isn’t the finish of the cycle.

Immediately after these creatures are defeated, Toastie will jump into the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and say “Panini”. While Toastie is toward the side of the screen the player needs to push down (the arrow key) and Enter on the keyboard. Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors In the event that done accurately the player will hear musical notes play briefly. This is a homage to Mortal Kombat 2.

The Stalker

The Stalker is a green variant of Death that will sometimes appear in the Dairy Plant and is guaranteed to appear in the Bone Zone. It’s easier to kill the Stalker in the Dairy Plant than the Bone Zone. The Stalker can be killed with the Rosary get thing, the mine carts in the Dairy Plant, the Pentagram, and its advanced structure (Perfect Moon). The mine carts scattered about in the Dairy Plant are the most reliable technique for killing the Stalker.

Just keep the mine cart offscreen to the left and the Stalker on the right; then get the Stalker to follow the character into the rushing cart. The Stalker has a 30% chance of appearing at minute eight and twelve in the Dairy Plant. On the off chance that it doesn’t appear at the 12-minute mark, reset the stage. The Stalker appears at the 10-minute mark in the Bone Zone stage.

The Drowner

The Drowner is a blue variant of Death that fills the bottom of the screen with water; this water will gradually rise over the long haul. The main means of killing the Drowner are the Rosary get thing and the Stunning Moon; the Pentagram doesn’t kill the Drowner. This creature appears in Gallo Tower at the 25-minute mark, and at the 30-minute mark; however, it’s resistant to all damage and instant kills during the latter appearance. The Drowner also appears in the Bone Zone at the 20-minute mark.

How To Get Toastie In Vampire Survivors

What is hyper mode in Vampire Survivors?

Hyper mode alters some stage modifiers. It always increases the character’s and adversaries’ move speed by 65% – 75%, the shot speed by 15% – 25% and gold multiplier by half. Additionally, there can also be modifications to the Karma reward and foes’ health.

Alternatively, players can attempt to erase the Blue Reaper using either the Pentagram weapon or the Rosary thing. Of these two choices. Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors the Pentagram is the one that fans can access most consistently, and Vampire Survivors characters may want to get it early to prepare for the Drowner’s arrival.

Karma is one of the stats in Vampire Survivors. It affects various random chance occasions, giving the player higher chances at positive results. The player has 100 percent base Karma before modifications, for example, the characters rewards or PowerUps.

Assuming you’re adequately fortunate to endure to the point of reaching the 30-minute mark in Vampire Survivors you’ll inevitably encounter Red Death. While Red Death could appear to be invincible right away, you kill the Harvester of souls himself assuming you’re furnished with the right weaponry and passive things.

Is there a time limit in Vampire Survivors?

Meetings of Vampire Survivors have a delicate time limit of 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the stage picked. At the time limit, the stage is cleared of all foes and a final, colossally solid foe named Death will spawn.

The Randomazzo Artifact can be found by traveling north in the Gallo Tower stage for a drawn out timeframe. On the off chance that you’re having inconvenience finding the Randomazzo, consider pursuing the Smooth Way Map first since it’ll place a green arrow on your screen to lead you to the Artifact.

The small pale clove is famously anathema to large pale counts, so Vampire Survivors transforms garlic into an actual weapon. And it’s an incredible weapon, too. I’m gradually working my way through the game’s five levels, and I was able to up my time in the library from 10 minutes to 20 minutes today. I have garlic to thank.

Vampire Survivors is all about surviving in a sea of classic film beasts. Yet, when you reach the thirty-minute mark, the game closures with Death swooping in and killing you instantly. However, there is a way you can endure this experience, and even defeat the harvester of souls.

When Exdash has been opened, players will actually want to obtain Toastie by defeating the Stalker or Drowner. Stalkers are minibosses that just appear in Dairy Plant and The Bone Zone, and Drowners will just spawn in Gallo Tower and The Bone Zone.