How To Get The Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors

Find Out How To Get The Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors – Ultimate Guide

This guide is about Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors. There are a ton of ways that you can make your character more strong in Vampire Survivors. While leveling up is one of the best ways to go about it, getting your hands on additional strong weapons as you progress through the stages is another way of making movement significantly easier.

There are a great deal of versatile and viable weapons that you will actually want to get your hands on in the maverick like. However, one that many players are looking to get their hands on is the Bloody Tear Whip. Bloody Tear is a Whip weapon development in Vampire Survivors which can then be evolved into Fuwalafuwaloo.

The Bloody Tear Whip is a compelling weapon in Vampire Survivors, and players are looking for ways to get it. In this minimalistic survival game, all you have to do is get by against the waves of beasts for as lengthy as conceivable. Over the long haul, these foes get seriously challenging and their numbers increase. In any case, you also get new and strong weapons and abilities. Each character has an extraordinary weapon, which you can evolve. This guide will let you know how to evolve the whip in Vampire Survivors.

How To Get The Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors

How to Upgrade the Whip to Get Bloody Tear in Vampire Survivors

In the event that you are new to the game, you will start with the character, Antonio Belpaese. His starting weapon is the whip, which attacks horizontally and passes through the foe. To get the Bloody Tear, you have to evolve Antonio’s whip to the max level (Level 8) and acquire one Hollow Heart. Vampire Survivors Achievement Guide Then, kill one of the more grounded beasts to get a chest. When you open it, you will get the Tear Whip inside it.

Note that it’s not guaranteed so you could have to open a couple of chests. This is a breakdown of the way you can upgrade the Whip:

  • Get all the Blue Diamonds by killing beasts.
  • When the blue bar at the top is full, you will get 3 choices to either upgrade your weapon or get another item.
  • Pick the choice to upgrade the Whip till it reaches level 8.
  • Get the Hollow Heart item as well.

Why should you Upgrade the Whip?

The Bloody Tear Whip is a strong weapon however we suggest using it in certain levels like the library. That’s because of its attack pattern. Similar to the whip, this weapon slashes horizontally damaging adversaries at the top and the sides. This leaves you vulnerable against adversaries coming from the bottom.

However, the weapon also has a daily existence steal ability. Meaning, you will regain 8 HP for each critical hit. You can further upgrade it to increase its Area of Damage and the quantity of slashes. Besides, you can evolve it as well into a Fuwalafuwaloo by combining it with max-level Vento Sacro.

How to Evolve Whip into Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors

In request to evolve the Bloody Tear Whip, you really want to have the Whip at max level and at least one degree of Hollow Heart passive. Whenever you’ve done those, get a treasure chest during your run and it’ll evolve.

Hollow Heart is a passive item that increases the maximum health that your character has by 1.2 per level. It very well may be opened by any character simply by surviving with them in the game briefly.

How To Get The Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors

How do you trigger the lunar eclipse in Vampire Survivors?

The Lunar Eclipse occasion begins whenever you first effectively complete the Moongolow reward stage by surviving until the 15-minute mark. As the clock ticks past the 15-minute mark, Moongolow will turn out to be increasingly red and distorted and you’ll get magically transported to the secret stage, Heavenly Prohibited.

Indeed, fans should start the game and then race through the following advances, and the white apparition will be available on the character select screen in the event that they are adequately fast: Go to the start menu, type “spam”, and snap Start. Kill Death Vampire Survivors Type “spam” on the character select screen, click Affirm, and click Start.

The cats for the most part walk around in a straight line and may change course after some time, and have a chance to attack with their claws when they are near the foes. They can also occasionally hurt the player character when they are near it, dealing two times the usual damage.

Giovanna can be tracked down within the Inlaid Library, the game’s subsequent stage. Then, to evolve the Gatti Amari, fans should acquire an Artifact known as the Stone Mask, which is also located in the Inlaid Library.

Alternatively, players can attempt to erase the Blue Reaper using either the Pentagram weapon or the Rosary item. Of these two choices, the Pentagram is the one that fans can access most consistently, and Vampire Survivors characters may want to get it early to prepare for the Drowner’s arrival.

What does Hyper mode do in Vampire Survivors?

Hyper mode alters some stage modifiers. It always increases the character’s and foes’ move speed by 65% – 75%, the shot speed by 15% – 25% and gold multiplier by half. Additionally, there can also be modifications to the Karma reward and foes’ health.

With more than 250 Max Health, Red Death is also incredibly tanky which makes him a great decision on nearly all stages. The Reaper’s health pool is set at multiple times the player’s level when it spawns. The Reaper has – half knockback resistance, meaning that it is instead pulled towards the player while getting hit.

It is dropped with a 1/100 (1%) chance from normal Bloody Tear Whip, a 1/25 (4%) chance by the Wandering Eye Fish, Zombie Merman, Blood Eel, and Hemogoblin Shark, a 1/5 (20%) chance by The Man of the hour and The Lady, and a 1/2 (half)/1/1 (100 percent) by Dreadnautilus.

However, hollow Heart can be found as a stage item in Mad Woodland and Moongolow (Prescribed to get the Smooth Way Map from Dairy Plant first to make it easier to find these stage items). It is also placed into your passive item rotation once you make due north of a minute with any character