Where to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

Wondering How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors? The Clock Lancet is a Weapon in Vampire Survivors that doesn’t bargain harm to foes, yet its shot bar is fit for freezing targets when struck. While its absence of DPS makes it ineffective as a singular deadly implement, it can synergize well with other Relics, Weapons, and Arcanas for high CC-based utility. For instance, whenever matched with the Arcana Too far out, this Weapon’s freezing pillar will cause adversary targets to detonate.

The Clock Lancet’s advancement is Infinite Passageway How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, which additionally can freeze foes yet is initially incapable to bargain direct harm. However, subsequent to firing its freezing pillar in a full revolution, it can instantly divide the HP of each and every foe on-screen.

How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

Finding the Clock Lancet is the simple aspect, evolving it requires a lot of exertion and testing. You will likewise need to seriously endanger yourself during the development interaction. However, the prizes are certainly worth the work assuming you can endure that long.

Unlocking the Clock Lancet

You open the Clock Lancet by finding an Orologion during fight. It seems to be a clock on the war zone that blazes blue and yellow. When you move towards it, it freezes all foes on the war zone for a couple of moments. Subsequent to finishing a round (you don’t need to play the full 30 minutes) Queen Sigma, you will get the notice that you opened the Clock Lancet as a weapon.

Evolving the Clock Lancet

To evolve the Clock Lancet, you want the Yellow Sign artifact. The Yellow Sign is obtained by defeating the final manager of the Moongolow reward stage with a non-secret person (ie. Antonio, Gennaro). When you do this, you will open the Sacred Illegal stage in the level choice menu.

The Heavenly Prohibited stage is certainly not an ordinary stage. You are trying to get to the furthest limit of a long hall, which will require great development speed. Fighting isn’t suggested How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, and you really want to zero in on dodging adversary assaults. When you get as far as possible Big Trouser, you will find the Yellow Sign artifact. The Artifact permits things like the Silver and Gold Ring to show up on maps.

How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

To evolve the Clock Lancet, you want to get the Silver and Gold Rings. This will make two foes show up and go after you, however you don’t need to overcome them for the development. You can pull them towards you with the Distraught Section Arcana, cutting out the need to look for them. Completely update the Clock Lancet, the Silver Ring, and the Gold Ring, then open a fortune box. You will get the Infinite Hall, which keeps the Clock Lancet’s ability to freeze yet additionally parts the wellbeing of all foes around the person after 12 Clock Lancet radiates, very much like a clock.


Clock Lancet fires a line of freezing shaft around the player in twelve bearings clockwise each in turn. The freezing pillar causes no harm, however will freeze any foe it hits.

Rewards to Span will add to the time adversaries are frozen. Rewards to Cooldown will increase the discharge pace of the weapon.


Selecting Beyond the field of play (XII) Arcana permits the freezing bar to make blasts when they hit foes.

Blood Astronomia (XXI) permits Clock Lancet to put a harm zone on the ground that continuously make foes move more slow for all time.

Open Moongolow

The most important move toward evolving the Clock Lancet is to open the Moongolow reward stage in Vampire Survivors. To open this reward stage, players should open Hyper Mode on four ordinary stages, for example, Distraught Timberland, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower. For full lucidity, Hyper Mode is opened for these levels by defeating the managers that show up on them at the 25-minute imprint.

Arrive at Blessed Taboo and Get Yellow Sign

Subsequent to unlocking Moongolow, players should choose the stage and arrive at the 15-minute imprint with any non-secret person. After fulfilling this prerequisite, fans will be shipped to a mystery stage known as Heavenly Prohibited, which they should explore in a debilitated state. All the more explicitly How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, players should make a trip the entire way to the right half of the level in request and pickup the Yellow Sign artifact that is tracked down there. Strikingly, fans can get back to Sacred Taboo straightforwardly from the stage select screen in the event that they pass on there, yet they can’t return subsequent to collecting the Yellow Sign.

How to Open Infinite Hallway

Whenever you’ve opened the Yellow Sign, load into the phase of your decision and begin hunting down the Clock Lancet, Gold Ring, and Silver Ring. Like every single base weapon, the Clock Lancet can be gathered from Step Up determinations, but since the Gold and Silver Rings are solely floor plunder, you’ll have to follow the bolts on your screen to find these inactive things.

While beginning your quest for these three parts, begin by heading west towards the Silver Ring instead of traveling east towards the Gold Ring. This is on the grounds that the Silver Ring offers the advantage of increasing the Term of your weapon impacts while amplifying the area of impact of your assaults. In the mean time, the Gold Ring just has adverse consequences that buff foe wellbeing, speed How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, amount, and generate recurrence.

Collecting the Silver Ring first will give you an opportunity to radically Step Up your Length and Region so you can more readily battle the improvements the Gold Ring will concede your adversaries.

How to arrive at Sacred Prohibited

To arrive at the Sacred Prohibited, you want to make due for 15 minutes in the Moonglow with a non-secret person. That implies not Exdash, Toastie, Help Marrabbio, Leda, or the Cover of Red Passing.

At the 14-minute imprint an enormous circle of eyeball foes will begin warping the region around you. Get by to the 15-minute imprint and you’ll be magically transported to the Sacred Illegal. Every one of your weapons, arcanas, aloof things, and updates, aside from your starting weapon How to Get and Evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, will be eliminated toward the beginning of the Blessed Prohibited.