how to drag opponent in wwe 2k22

How to Drag Opponent in WWE 2k22

Drag Opponent in WWE 2k22 can set up an environmental interaction, a royale elimination, or to situate them for a special move. So how can you drag your opponents in WWE 2K22?

To drag opponent, first grapple them using Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox), then press L1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox). You can then move the opponent around using the left stick. To stop dragging your opponent, press the drag button again. While dragging your opponent, they can throw out or you can run out of stamina, what breaks the grapple.

how to drag opponent in wwe 2k22

How To Drag A Downed Opponent

The drag mechanic is at its most valuable on downed opponents. This is because in the event that one attempts a pin or initiates an accommodation hold too near the ropes the official will call for the Rope Break and the pin/accommodation attempt will fail. Also, in the event that one attempts a pin or accommodation just after the rope break, it’s doubtful to find success.

It’s also really great for getting a downed opponent into position for a high-flying move or one of WWE 2K22‘s completing moves from the top turnbuckle. However, be aware of standing firm on them in the drag foothold for a really long time as the opponent will automatically counter it. The mechanics for dragging a downed opponent are as per the following:

  • Make sure the opponent is adequately exhausted with attacks prior to attempting the drag.
  • Stand over the downed grapplers and press the grab move by squeezing the B/Circle button to grab their legs and arms. Situating doesn’t matter as lengthy as the player’s grappler is near the opponent lying on the mat.
  • Then press the L1/LB to initiate the drag and position them for the finisher or the pinfall.
  • Be careful not to hold the opponent in the drag move for a really long time as they will auto-counter it.

How To Drag A Standing Opponent

The drag mechanic isn’t simply restricted to opponents that are down on the mat. It fills in as a means to get them into position all through the ring too. The standing grab mechanic in WWE 2K22 allows the player’s grappler to situate the opponent into a corner turnbuckle, against the ropes, or for a beyond ludicrous rope toss using a variety of attacks or completing moves. The mechanics for dragging a standing opponent are as per the following:

  • Grab the opponent by squeezing the B/Circle button.
  • Then press the L1/LB and walk them to the ropes or the corner.
  • While taking the opponent to the ropes the player will have the choice to toss them over the top rope by squeezing the B/Circle button.
  • In the event that the player decides to overlook the brief, the opponent will be situated against the ropes or the corner for various grapples, attackers, and even finishers.

how to drag opponent in wwe 2k22

Using The Drag Mechanic Outside The Ring

The drag mechanic can be utilized actually outside the ring too. It very well may be utilized to slam opponents into the ring post or to execute finishers on the announcer’s table. This is the way to utilize the dragging mechanic outside the ring:

  • Grapplers appear to recuperate faster outside the ring so possibly utilize the drag feature when near the announcer’s table, barrier, or the ring post. Hanging on too lengthy would be a mistake in WWE 2K22 as it can reverse the situation of the match thanks to extra damage caused outside the ring.
  • When near a ringpost press B/Circle to grab the opponent then press L1/LB to walk them over to the ringpost, the same will work for the barrier and the announcer’s table.
  • The game will provoke the player with a X/Square to hit their head into the post, table, or barrier.
  • In the event that one has a finisher stored with an opponent leaned facing the table they can play out a special finisher.