What time does Double Xp End MW2

What Time does Double Xp End MW2

Double XP events to assist them with leveling up positions and weapon levels quick. Fortunately, before the second season on MW2 and Warzone 2, players are getting another Double XP event. The most recent Double XP weekend in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is right now live and will be accessible in the game till 30th January.

Extraordinary mission at hand Modern Warfare 2, notwithstanding its highs and lows, has been a success locally since its send off in October. The game accepted its first middle of the season update and to commend this, the engineers are granting players a double XP weekend. Outstandingly, Extraordinary mission at hand Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 1 Reloaded sent off on fourteenth December across all stages all the while and introduced various changes to the titles.

During the double XP weekend, players will have the valuable chance to get weapons to step up rapidly. Players will have a time edge of five days to deal with leveling up weapons that they need to maximize and gain every one of the connections.

What time does Double Xp End MW2

When is the Next Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 Double XP Weekend in Feb 2023?

At the time of writing, there are no double XP events for any CoD titles, including Vanguard, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone. Notwithstanding, there are multiple ways you can gain restricted time double XP for player rank and weapons. One of them is by completing the MW2 lobby. Completing the mission will give you three hours of weapon and 2XP, and 2x Weapon XP.

Other ways of gaining XP includes advancements and organization that IW has with cheap food chains, for example, Burger King, Mountain Dew, Daddy John’s, and Little Caesars. Consuming MW2 bargains at these cheap food joints will grant you double XP coupons that you can reclaim on the Vital mission at hand site for 2XP, Skins, and other prizes.

New DoubleXP Event in Feb 2023 in MW2 and Warzone 2

A couple of hours back, Raven software affirmed that the Double XP for MW2 and Warzone 2 had gone live. Contrasted with the past events, this one is just 2 days and has no elite event for the PlayStation consoles.

New DoubleXP Event in Feb 2022 for Warzone Caldera

Right now, there is no event arranged.

What time does Double Xp End MW2

Starting Times of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 February 2023 2XP Event

When the Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 double XP events are reported, they normally send off at these times all over the planet.

  • 8 PM CST
  • 6 PM GMT
  • 10 AM PT
  • 1 PM ET

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