How to get Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

How to Get Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

Get Bad Bunny in WWE 2k23 which looks to repeat and refine everything set up in WWE 2K22. It includes a 2K Showcase starring John Cena, upgrades to MyGM mode, another game mode in view of the WarGames match type, and that’s just the beginning. Fans will almost certainly find out about the game in the coming weeks, in front of its Walk 17 delivery, yet 2K and Visual Ideas have additionally uncovered the pre-request reward pack as well as three unique editions for the game.

So, the WWE 2K23 pre-request reward is a playable Bad Bunny pack, with the game likewise coming with standard/cross-gen, deluxe, and icon editions. The previous is simple; WWE 2K23’s standard edition is estimated at $59.99 for PS4 and Xbox One control center, while it is valued at $69.99 for PC, PS5, and Xbox in both advanced and actual arrangements. The cross-gen edition includes advanced duplicates of both PlayStation and Xbox adaptations, accessible across the two stages within a similar control center family.

How to get Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

How to get playable Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K fans looking to get the Bad Bunny-driven content need just to pre-request any variant of the game. That includes the Icon, Deluxe, Standard, and Cross-Gen Advanced editions.

Pre-ordering awards admittance to the Bad Bunny Reward Pack, which comes total with the playable Bad Bunny character and 1x Ruby Bad Bunny MyFACTION Card. Pre-purchasing choices have proactively gone live across the PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox advanced storefronts.

At the hour of writing, the team at 2K Games presently can’t seem to showcase the plan of Bad Bunny’s in-game person.

2K Games declaration likewise affirmed an entire host of grapplers that will join John Cena on the program. Notwithstanding Bad Bunny, then, at that point, WWE 2K23 players can likewise anticipate playable grapplers like Brock Lesnar, Roman Rules, Ronda Rousey, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE 2K23 Deluxe Edition Content

  • Cost: $99.99
  • Standard Edition and Bad Bunny Reward Pack
  • Season Pass for every one of the five post-send off DLC packs
  • MyRISE Uber Lift and SuperCharger

How to get Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Icon Edition Content

  • Cost: $119.99
  • Includes all content in the WWE 2K23 deluxe edition and Bad Bunny Pack
  • Heartless Animosity Pack
  • Emerald Paul Heyman MyFACTION Oversee Card + three deluxe Premium Send off MyFaction Card Packs
  • Early delivery: Walk 14

WWE 2K23 fans have a great deal to anticipate, as more information will open up in the coming weeks. Maybe quite possibly of the greatest secret right currently is the content of the time elapse. WWE 2K22 added individuals like Logan Paul, Mr. T, and MGK, yet additionally WWE Legends like RVD, the English Bulldog, and Prickly plant Jack. On the off chance that the Bad Bunny pre-request pack is any indication, it appears WWE 2K23 is going in a comparative heading.