Best X13 Auto Loadout In Modern Warfare 2 – Full List

X13 Auto Loadout In Modern Warfare 2 Handguns are very strong in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Every handgun fills a special job in your loadout, ranging from pocket shotguns to slug hoses. The X13 Auto solidly sits in the last class, filling your rivals with a plentiful measure of lead.

Creating a decent X13 Auto build can be troublesome on the off chance that you’re opting to transform the gun into a SMG, the main pistol with this capacity. Fortunately, we have a few builds that transform the X13 Auto into a dependable reinforcement weapon for forceful players. We’ll be showcasing two builds that transform the X13 Auto into a recoilless weapon and an optional SMG.

The X13 Auto is respected to be one of the most amazing auxiliary guns in MW2. What makes it more hazardous is that it is the main pistol in the game with the capacity of turning into a SMG. In any case, this relies a great deal upon using the right connections. In this aide, we’ll tell you the best way to make the best X13 Auto Loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

Players got to involve the X13 Auto in the MW2, where numerous players got to procure the Side Effect weapon blueprint. That blueprint is usable in the full game, regardless of whether players have the base X13 Auto opened. While players can stay with the Side Effect, we have a superior loadout for the X13 Auto in Modern Warfare 2.

Best X13 Auto Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

Best X13 Loadout and class setup in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 send-offs with a whopping 51 distinct weapons, and five of them are pistols. Activate and Earn Perks In COD Modern Warfare 2 One pistol stands out over the rest, and unsurprisingly, it’s the completely automatic X13.

“The exceptionally specific, completely automatic trigger get together of the X13 conveys a staggering 20 rounds each second while sacrificing a lot of precision and successful reach,” says the X13’s in-game portrayal.

It ought to be obvious, yet this is not a weapon that you need to attempt to kill foes with. The X13 is the ideal supplement to whatever kind of weapon you appreciate using in your essential opening while stomping noobs online with buddies.

Stable X13 Auto Build

This build makes it simple to land full-auto shots at longer distances. We center around reducing the X13 Auto’s backlash by using the XRX Sidewinder-6 Slide, FTAC Old Z Grasp, and the Comp 905F Pistol gag. This causes the gun to have practically no backlash. Prepare a greater magazine (size ultimately depends on you) and the FJX Diod-70 laser for better aiming security and Promotions speeds.

SMG X13 Auto Build

We convert the X13 Auto into a SMG, focusing every one of our connections on pull back. Notwithstanding what the connection says, Effect Point increases your backlash, so you need to spec for withdraw decrease to land shots from a good ways.

We utilize the FTAC Old Z Grasp close by the XRX Dynamic Precision Stock to alleviate the vast majority of the gun’s backlash. To eliminate the horrendous reticle side bob while firing, we utilize the Corvus Series-D gag to eliminate practically all even backlash. To finish the build, we utilize 33 Round Magazines to make multikills a lot more straightforward.


The FJX DIOD-70 will increase the Sprint to fire speed and other development details which will give you opportunity to take part in forceful interactivity. This is one of the most valuable and useful connections in the X13 Auto Loadout as it gives you the certainty to play more offensive and rush adversaries.


Then, for our Magazine, we’re choosing the 50 Round Drum. This will transform your X13 Auto into a living breathing SMG. This will assist you with staying in the match without running out of slugs endlessly time again. With a lesser reload recurrence, you can shower your foes down and disturb the whole match hall.

Best X13 Auto Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

What is the best gun in Modern Warfare 2?

The MiG-31 can beat along at a truly good Mach 2.83 at height, making this the quickest moving gun on the planet. There have been a couple (not many) quicker airplane, yet none carrying a gun.

Dark weapon time! This is the R-23M, a variant of a 23mm airplane autocannon intended for use in space. Unlink Activision Account In Modern Warfare 2 It prepared humankind’s just (known) outfitted rocket: the three Almaz space stations flown in the 1970s.

The speed you move in circle relies upon your height, yet in low circles it will be a large number of kph. A whole lot quicker than anything in climatic flight. Tragically this gun doesn’t qualify as the three Almaz stations tumbled from the sky quite a while in the past, and you said “in modern warfare”.

You presumably signified “quickest firing” regarding cyclic rate, however I expect a wide range of other people will focus on a scope of answers including all the typical airplane cannons and perhaps a portion of the insane stuff like Metal Tempest.

This is an extreme inquiry to respond to, in light of the fact that everything relies upon your style. Might it be said that you are a sharpshooter, a camper, or do you run n’ gun? By and by, my go to class was the UMP45 with a silencer, and a SPAS 12 shotgun. Then I prepared Long distance race, Stopping Power, Commando, and go crazy on individuals. Coincidentally, I utilize the Spas as my essential, and change to the UMP when rivals are a ways off.

What is your most loved loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

The guns feel amazing to fire or try and simply wave around. The conditions are interactive and alive. Foes don’t simply convey one standard variant of a weapon; one foe might have a degree on his AK47 while his pal might have abbreviated the barrel and eliminated the wooden stock.

Bodies fall realistically when they kick the bucket and don’t simply transform into props and other bodies – they have legitimate material science. Projectile openings remain on bodies for that additional visceral impact. A few foes bite the dust with their eyes shut, some completely open, some with the eyes moved up. Molotovs, projectiles, top quality rifles all do various things to foes.

The story is magnificently finished and the characters are as well. The game doesn’t smack you in the face with “HERE, this character is exemplary and this other person will take the necessary steps to finish the mission!”. The information on the characters’ character is gradually uncovered as you go.

Story wise, there is such a great amount to pull at you as you go through the game. Infinity Ward didn’t go easy while aiming for debate. There are non military personnel passings, kid passings, mass homicide, substance weapons, torment scenes, just to give some examples. The story likewise brilliantly takes from films and occasions situated in the present time of warfare. Benghazi is utilized as inspiration for one of the missions.