Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe

The Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe

The Phantasma Prime is one of the most remarkable shotgun rifles in Warframe. This is the Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe of the Phantasma pillar shotgun, and it gloats improved details over its default adaptation. Featuring Radiation harm, alongside increased Basic Possibility, reward Basic Multipliers, and increased Magazine Limit, this shotgun can soften away foes in a moment or two and can be especially viable against Grineer resistance. However, you should convey the right mods to bring out its actual potential. In this aide, we’ll go over the best conceivable build for the Phantasma Prime in Warframe.

The Delete Weapons Warframe particular weapon. They sent off together as a component of Revenant’s Prime Access pack. You can likewise acquire this weapon by cracking Relics in the Void. This shotgun is a strong weapon and can be a top-level decision if suitably constructed. It highlights innate Radiation harm and experiences no harm falloff paying little heed to separate. This guide will explain the Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe and how to open it.

What is the best Phantasma Prime build in Warframe?

Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe is a magnificent weapon for clearing out shielded Grineer, however it takes a genuine work to get it there. Because of the ammunition economy, your main concern is making certain you refrain from using it relentless. This weapon, while strong, consumes ammunition quickly. This build will boost its true capacity and attempt to relieve its glaring shortcomings.

These are the mods to pursue if you have any desire to build an incredible Phantasma:

  • Burst – Increases base harm and intensity harm
  • Electrifies Sharp – Increase status chance on kill and harm per status impact
  • Excited Damnation – Multishot on kill is increased and stacks multiple times
  • Bone chilling Impact – Increase cold harm and status possibility
  • Primed Point Clear – Increases base harm
  • Primed Shotgun Ammunition Transformation – Converts auxiliary ammunition pickups to essential ammunition
  • Scattering Inferno – Increases heat harm and status possibility
  • Harmful Flood – Increases toxin harm and status possibility
  • Careful Weapons – Increases multishot harm possibility

This build is centered around Phantasma’s innate Radiation harm. This build will give you Radiation, Intensity, and Viral harm with pretty much every draw of the trigger. These impacts will then proc Electrifies Sharp, which pushes the harm through the rooftop. Primed Shotgun Ammunition Transformation is an unquestionable necessity, as it holds you back from running out of ammunition partially through a drawn out mission.

How to open Phantasma Prime

Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe

To open this weapon for your munititions stockpile, you should break Relics containing its different Prime parts. You can likewise procure its parts by trading with other players or purchasing them straightforwardly through Prime Access.

Exploit this weapon, mainly on the off chance that you utilize Revenant Prime. It’s a destructive shotgun, however in his grasp, it raises to perhaps of the best weapon in all of Warframe.

This build requires three Formas to match the greatest mod limit. With the capacity to proc Effect, Radiation, Intensity, and Viral harm, status impacts are the vital damaging component of the Best Phantasma Prime Build in Warframe. Furthermore, increasing the Multishot detail increases bar harm and status impact possibility. Ultimately, to keep the build adaptable, you might trade out the Group mod (Primed Purify Grineer/Undermined) for Vigilante Deadly implements to improve Multishot and basic hits from your essential weapon.