Who is The Best Legend in Apex Legends

We will talk about Who is the Best Legend in Apex Legends in this guide. There are currently 22 in all out, so in the event that you don’t know who to pick, or need to attempt another person, here’s the best legend in apex legends. In the event that you are looking for which Legends to use in Fields, we have a different list for that here. This tier list is stringently for the fight royale mode, both positioned and easygoing.

Recall that any Legend can be strong when polished a ton, and even ‘lower-tier’ characters can be extraordinary when in the right hands – utilizing the right weapons is likewise significant. However, this is our general ranking for the best legend in apex legends you need on your crew in some random game.

Excited fight royale Apex Legends has seen critical progress in the class, and that can unquestionably somewhat be added to its imaginative cast of playable legends, every one of which brings something one of a kind to a group’s organization. Whether it’s a guarded pack for holding back enemies, a forceful unit for pushing them, or a help unit that helps partners, players have a wide determination of legends to browse to guarantee they’re playing a job that suits them.

In any case, while each legend has their position in the Apex Games, there will constantly be a not many that sit on the highest point of the game’s meta- – similarly as there will continuously be some that can’t exactly arrive at a similar degree of significance each season. Here is our tier list of the best legends in Apex Legends.

who is the best legend in apex legends

Best Legend in Apex Legends Tier List

Before we separate our picks, Check Hours Played on PS4 Apex Legends here’s our finished tier list initially.

Tier Legends

  • S Tier Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Seer, Skyline
  • A Tier Ash, Scathing, Phantom, Lifeline, Octane, Loba, Gibraltar, Impetus
  • B Tier Wattson, Vantage, Bangalore, Maggie, Newcastle, Pathfinder, Revenant, Circuit, Hallucination
  • C Tier Rampart, Crypto

Continue to peruse to find out why we’ve picked this request, and which Legends may be more qualified for you.

Who is the best legend in apex legends character?


Generally speaking, Bloodhound is as yet the best Legend in Apex Legends for most of players. This is thanks to the invaluable information they give to their group their strong and simple to-utilize unit.

Despite the fact that their capacities will not cause any harm, the abilities to track are unrivaled, and in the event that you don’t have a Bloodhound on your crew, you’re in a difficult situation.

Bloodhound hasn’t gotten any significant changes for a couple of seasons, however they remain even, in spite of being top of the heap. They are still areas of strength for as could be expected with regards to group sythesis and scouting out adversaries.

Bloodhound’s output is the center of their pack, allowing you, yet your colleagues as well, to see foes in the space featured through walls. The main disadvantage to the output is that adversaries will realize they’ve been checked, and therefore realize you are nearby – yet the benefit is still in support of yourself.

Monster of the Chase, A definitive capacity, transforms Bloodhound into a killing machine for a period, highlighting foes in red like a computerized danger, and seeing foe developments on the ground. This is supported by the aloof, showing where adversaries have been as of late.


Regardless of some huge nerfs in Season 14, Valkyrie’s novel arrangement of capacities actually make her an exceptionally impressive pick, and it’s adequately not to take her out of S Tier yet.

Her Definitive Capacity is Upward Plunge; which empowers you and your partners to send off to the sky and redeploy. You will likewise see colleagues in your line of sight featured as you are in the air.

Her main latent, the jetpacks, permit Valkyrie to arrive at practically any spot on the guide, and instantly get the strategic position, in any case, they are exceptionally clearly, which is one of the enormous disadvantages.

You likewise can’t discharge weapons while using the jetpack, making you a sitting duck. The strategic flames a multitude of mini rockets, which don’t bargain a lot of harm, however will daze foes, making them a simple tidy up kill.


The Season 10 Legend instantly shot into a S-Tier position toward the beginning of the time because of every one of the three of his capacities having incredible power for tracking foes and being a nuisance to them in a battle. In any case, truly necessary nerfs removed a respectable measure of his original power.

Not in the least does Seer’s detached show you the heading of foes with a heartbeat sensor, yet his strategic can likewise examine, interrupt capacities, interrupt healing, interrupt restores, and show adversaries wellbeing bars, and track for 8 seconds. It doesn’t bargain harm any longer, yet that was more power than it truly required.

What’s more, Seer’s definitive will comparatively follow all foes within an extremely huge vault, if they are running or shooting (which is more often than not).

Seer has now turned into a genuine opponent to Bloodhound’s crown as the best ‘filter’ and recon legend, so in the event that you’re a Bloodhound main, you should evaluate some Seer as well. There are nerfs anticipated later on however, so we might see him exit the top tier.

who is the best legend in apex legends

What is the best strategy in Apex Legends?

Drop on the outsource go for the gold firearm on the boat in the event that you get it you kill however many individuals as you can and you leap off. Bangalore Prestige Skin in Apex Legends Attempt to drop from the outsource to an inflatable zipline so you can return up and travel to an open area in light of the fact that normally region under outsource is loaded up with players that dropped or didn’t come to the outsource.

Stow away: It is like endurance with the exception of you do it an insane way. You snatch every one of the abilities to heal you can and you basically sit inside the tempest watch for individuals camping the tempest and in the event that you see, you go further and continue to mend yourself. Look bodies around the guide that have been left and presumably have syringes or drug packs. You crowd all of then snd then you run. At the point when the game begins to end now you really want to get firearms so ideally you got 1 great weapon that is all you want.

Who is the least used legend in Apex?

Apex Legends Pick Rates: Fresher Legends Maggie and Newcastle Are Least Famous. Apex Legends Status pick rates show more current legends like Frantic Maggie and Newcastle have among the most reduced pickrates. High versatility legends like Octane, Phantom and Valkyrie remain among the most famous.

The primary time of Apex Legends, called Wild Frontier, began on Spring nineteenth, 2019 and finished on June eighteenth, 2019. As the game’s inaugural season, it introduced its most memorable new Legend, Octane, and the Fight Pass.