Aimpoint Pro vs Aco Comparison Which one is best for you? 2021

Today we will think about two red speck sights from a similar brand, the Aimpoint PRO  vs ACO Comparison, two fundamentally the same as and famous sights that can be difficult to pick between.

On one hand we have an entirely skilled and effective watch rifle optic and that has gotten colossally well known among powers and regular citizens the same, on the other we have a carbine optic planned explicitly for current wearing rifle and focused on non military personnel use, enveloped by a neighborly sticker price.

Which one is appropriate for you? We’ll summarize some critical contrasts in the accompanying table, at that point dig into the subtleties of the brand and every optic.

Aimpoint is a top name in red spot optics, and appropriately so as they created the main electronic red speck in 1974. With this progressive advance, Aimpoint have buckled down throughout the next years to keep up their name and keep on delivering top notch items for a scope of shooters.

At the point when the US armed force changed from utilizing iron sights to the far predominant red spot sights, normally, Aimpoint kind of exploded in both law authorization and regular citizen universes. They are most popular for assembling tough gear that can truly convey in genuine circumstances.

For the individuals who depend on the Swedish nature of Aimpoint, there is as yet not a straight forward decision with regards to picking your optimal sight. They have a lot of choices for military, law requirement, chasing and sports shooting. How about we perceive how two of Aimpoint’s top quality yet moderate items reasonable against one another.

Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Sight

Intended for advanced brandishing rifles, the Aimpoint Carbine Optic is a prepared to mount and shoot type directly out of the case.

It utilizes a 2 MOA red dabs for greatest objective obtaining just as precision at all separations.

Other than that, its DL1/3N battery permits it for as long as one year consistent use. Likewise, its waterproof lodging makes it fit for use in practically all natural conditions.

That is the reason for sportspersons, Aimpoint aco can be a decent choices. It is likewise important that is splendor settings are extraordinary and make it great and fit for use in a wide cluster of light conditions.

To give you a superior Aimpoint aco audit, we’ve done our examination on its highlights, upsides and downsides. If you don’t mind examine them, so you get an away from of this item in the event that you plan to get it.


  • It has 9 brightness settings to improve accuracy under varying light conditions
  • It is completely waterproof hence usable in all weather conditions
  • Single Dl1/3N battery that allows up to 1 year constant use
  • 2 MOA Dot Reticle for maximum target acquisition
  • Aluminum housing material for durability

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect use in all environmental conditions
  • Ready to mount and use
  • Nice red dot
  • Works great
  • Slightly reduced battery life

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

With astounding highlights, Aimpoint PRO improves sight execution particularly shortly intense conditions that current day law authorities face.

In contrast to other rifle optics, it accompanies an all set unit implying that you’ll procure it and quickly put it without hesitation.

Beside that, Its hard-anodized 30mm cylinder encases an exceptionally proficient circuit that permits remaining turned on for up to three years.

So in the event that you are burnt out on battery issues with the rifle optic you have right now, at that point you have to check out to this Aimpoint star.

For top execution with night vision gadgets, the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic’s front focal point is extraordinarily made with a band-pass covering.

To make it shockingly better, its secluded QRP2 mount has a removable spacer to list the sight at ideal tallness, an extraordinary element for the carbine style weapons.

You can, anyway eliminate this spacer on the off chance that you need to utilize it on police sub-machine or shotguns. For a more point by point Aimpoint professional audit, the highlights featured underneath will give you all the data you require, so you gauge it well and make an ideal examination with the Aimpoint aco.


  • It is compatible with almost all night vision devices and in fact can be used with Concealed Engagement Unit as well as the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier
  • Has strong retainer straps to keep pieces such as battery and adjustment cap together
  • Hard anodized housing makes it waterproof and usable in real word conditions faced by law enforcers
  • Has front and rear flip covers to protect and keep lenses as clean as possible
  • Its transparent clip cover at the rear end allows use of the sight with both eyes open even if the two covers are closed in an emergency
  • Unlike magnified scopes and iron sights, it has a high first shot hit probability and enhanced speed
  • Its threaded front lens opening makes it usable with anti-reflection device

Pros & Cons

  • Solidly made and high-quality finishes
  • Can stay on for three years on a single battery
  • Has brightness adjustment knob for accuracy
  • Works great
  • You might have to spend a little bit more than you would with other options since it is a high-quality optic with exceptionally excellent features

Aimpoint ACO and PRO are Affordable

Before, any individual who wishes to get Aimpoint quality red dab should spend more than $500. Individuals with strict spending need to sit tight for uncommon arrangements or go for second-gave optics.Then went along Aimpoint PRO, which permit you to spend just something $400-ish for those SHTF tough quality.

With the new ACO, which is at present the most reduced estimated Aimpoint product, quality red dab is always reasonable at under $400.

Both have Superb Durabiltiy

Durability is the place where Aimpoint truly sparkles. The ACO, despite the fact that not as demonstrated as the PRO, should be as intense and solid.

By and by I have an incredible run with the two optics and have encountered no durability issues. Aimpoint’s guarantee is 10 years for regular citizen use, 2 years for proficient use.

As a matter of fact, the best guarantees are the ones that you *don’t* at any point need to utilize them. Also, you can rely on Aimpoint items to fall into that classification.

Similarity between Aimpoint PRO and ACO

Both the ACO and PRO have a great deal of likenesses, for instance they look fundamentally the same as they share the body cylinder and focal points. The two optics have limitless eye alleviation and are sans parallax and both have a 2 MOA red speck.

Besides, both are planned by Aimpoint, so in the two cases an exceptionally solid item is ensured. Yet, the two weapon sights have some central contrasts, as well, and these are what will assist you with concluding which is ideal for you.

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Differences between the Aimpoint PRO and ACO

Price and Affordability

The Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) came out after the ever famous Aimpoint PRO as Aimpoint’s subsequent section level optic. It was all the more explicitly planned to fulfill a market of novice purchasers who at the time were going for the overqualified Aimpoint PRO as their entrance level optic. Directed at non military personnel and donning use, the Aimpoint ACO was planned so that first time sight purchasers wouldn’t need to dish out such a lot of money to get a sight with a scope of highlights they probably won’t need, for example a home protector or beginner shooter, however was as yet like the famous PRO.

Range of Uses

You can either see this as a positive, or a negative. The lower value implies less highlights, so you will find that the ACO isn’t night vision viable, neither does it accompany focal point covers. Some consider this to be an immense disadvantage, since when you add the cost of the covers to the optic (which are vital when utilizing your firearm outside, as trackers will discover) at that point you should go with the Aimpoint PRO and get the other added highlights, for basically similar cost as your ACO in addition to covers. Yet, others will contend that there’s no compelling reason to pay more in the event that you don’t need or need different highlights.

Battery Life

Another point where the Aimpoint PRO dominates over the Aimpoint ACO is on battery life. In spite of the fact that they share a similar battery, the battery life of the ACO is just 10,000 hours, 33% of that of the Aimpoint PRO. Then again, Aimpoint have not done testing on the battery of the ACO, so it is likely the battery life would really be comparable, however that would just be an estimate. The vulnerability is sufficient to influence numerous who truly esteem the ensured life span of the PRO’s capacity.


Concerning the absence of night vision because of various focal point coatings, the Aimpoint ACO compensates for it by having 9 sunlight brilliance settings while the PRO just has 6, obviously the PRO is night vision viable and accompanies an extra 4 night vision settings. Which sight is most appropriate to you relies upon your utilization and requirements. In the event that you don’t take shots around evening time or realize you will never utilize night vision however you esteem the additional splendor settings, at that point its a simple decision.

Mount Type

A last contrast between the two sights is the sort of mount. The Aimpoint ACO accompanies a fixed mount which implies, when focused, it is consistently prepared to utilize. This additionally gives supreme co-witness and because of the fixed mount, this can’t be acclimated to 1/3 co-witness, which might be an issue as per your inclinations. For the individuals who favor an unmistakable view when shooting (one of the attracts to utilizing a straightforward red spot in any case) it could merit putting resources into the PRO which has a more flexible mount.

Summary and Recommendations

In review, the two models are incredible optics and offer the high caliber and sturdiness of an Aimpoint item, yet for those on a limited spending plan or for the individuals who just require the most essential of highlights, the Aimpoint ACO is the sight for you. It was planned and showcased for individuals like you, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t have the extravagant highlights like night vision perfectly or being waterproof to 45m, it is as yet waterproof to 5m, has a decent scope of splendor settings, and is basic yet powerful. Ideal for non military personnel use, from brandishing rivalries to home guard.

Then again, in case you’re not all that worried about your spending plan, regardless of whether you are a beginner and don’t need anything extravagant, paying a smidgen extra for the Aimpoint PRO is 100% justified, despite all the trouble to get a supported battery life, night vision similarity, a more adaptable mount, and all the special rewards.