Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount | Top Picks

In this article we have shared our top picks of Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount. A best magnetic phone car mount is significant during the movement, particularly for the occasion trip. The magnetic holder holds your cell phone consistently strong and secure and gratitude to the 360-degree joint, you’re generally the best view on the showcase.

So be loose in the movement time and appreciate music framework, a magnetic wireless holder for your cell phone. Here we best appraised magnetic phone mount audit for you.

Why Buy a Magnetic Phone Car Mount?

Stay safe while driving. In many cases, it’s difficult to oppose noting a phone or text while driving. You’re more uncertain, notwithstanding, to remove your eyes from the street on the off chance that you have a magnetic car mount.

Keep your phone in one spot. Rather than burrowing through your folder case, handbag, or pocket to find a ringing phone, keep it at eye level with a PDA magnet mount on your dashboard.

Settle on a ton of decisions while driving. On the off chance that you invest your energy in rush hour gridlock making up for lost time with business or individual calls, a magnetic dashboard phone holder makes it simpler for you to accept more calls securely.

Keep your GPS gadget close. Notwithstanding making sure about your PDA, some magnetic car mounts can hold different gadgets, including a GPS. This permits you to follow headings by taking a gander at the screen at eye level.

What To Look Before Buying A Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Stability of holding the phone

Solidness of the phone in the mount is a definitive factor for some clients. Practically speaking it is sufficient to hit a more rough stretch of street to decide if the long and adaptable arm of certain handles will immovably hold the heavier, in addition to classification smartphone. It very well may be summed up that the more general the phone mount – the more fragile it holds the phone.

Magnet Strength

One of the main highlights for such mounts are the quality of the magnets. All things considered, you have to ensure that an assortment of computerized gadgets with changing shapes, sizes, and loads can be held up by these mounts. This is the best way to ensure that your gadget will be held safely.

Holders mounted on the dashboard

This strategy has comparable focal points and impediments as the one when the holder is adhered to the windshield – with special case of a certain something – it can harm the dashboard. Since there is no single norm for material used to cover the dashboard and in light of the fact that the board-mounted holders joined to it are frequently – separated from the pull cup – outfitted with an extra sticky material it can without much of a stretch stain the highest point of the scramble.

Particularly when the car will stand a couple of days in the sun, and the paste, which in principle ought not leave any imprints, could vulcanize with the load up. Also – the cement part can be utilized once – after expulsion it doesn’t function admirably reused in another spot.


We additionally analyzed that it was so natural to utilize the gadget while it was made sure about to the mount. This implied that the mount permitted you to change it in such a way that your screen could be controlled without trouble.

Air vent mounting

The phone holders mounted to the air vents in the car normally give the most open doors for ideal and the most utilitarian position from the driver’s viewpoint, while not restricting the view. This is on the grounds that car architects must give admittance to the vents to changing them without any problem.

The impediment might be the diverse size and plan of the vent braces in various car models.

Speed ​​of charging

This measures is hard to confirm in the store, so it’s anything but difficult to skip it. In many arrangements, charging proficiency depends less on the holder itself as on the electrical arrangements of the car.

A disagreeable and disastrous exemption are the remote chargers. This is a moderately new yet effectively amazing innovation. You can place the phone on the rack before the rigging switch, and the phone begins to charge consequently. Right now, in any case, the speed of remote charging fails to impress anyone.

Frequently, practically speaking, incidentally, when you need to utilize extra elements of the phone, the gadget burns-through more force than it gets. Thus, the phone can pass on totally after certain long periods of driving with GPS framework.


As indicated by the components of the magnet just as the intensity of the magnet, we decided the number of various gadgets we could fix to the holder and be fulfilled that it would wait.

Our Best 5 Magnetic  Phone Car Mounts

1. Kenu Phone Holder best magnetic phone car mount 

Our best overall magnetic phone car mount is  Kenu phone holder The Kenu Airframe is a standout amongst other magnetic phone mount in class cell phone holder car.

This model is an all inclusive car mount. Subsequently, this magnetic phone car mount is viable with pretty much all as of now accessible available smartphones, for example, the new iPhone and Samsung gadgets.

kenu phone holder is mounted on the ventilation space and would thus be able to be effectively utilized in many cars. In our test, other than the simple and instinctive taking care of, we additionally have the high vigor the car holder astonished.

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Also, we have the better than expected quality contrasted with different models of the classification mobile phone holder car especially persuading. Not least in light of the great value execution proportion, the Kenu Airframe Car Holder is one of our test victors.

2. Spigen Kuel H12 Hexa Car Phone Mount

This magnetic PDA holder can undoubtedly connect to any ventilation framework in the car. The nut is turned so the point can be changed. The joint is versatile every which way 360 degrees and offers even the likelihood to append the Smartphone on a level plane to the ventilation framework.

Thus, the best perspective on the showcase is constantly ensured. Regardless of the size of your Smartphone. A solid magnet keeps even the relatively gigantic Samsung Galaxy S8 in addition to safely fixed. For one of the two encased metal plates on the rear of the phone is trapped.

Try not to stress! – The glue leaves no buildup on the Smartphone and the magnetic field can do any mischief to the Flash memory of the Smartphone, so you need not to information misfortune stress over.

The dark finish of the Spigen phone holder is scratch safe and certifications so the excellent look of the very much handled contraption stays long.

3. 2Pack Universal MAXBOOST Phone Car Mount

Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount

The MAXBOOST car mount includes a basic plan that magnetically sticks your phone on the mount to permit you to appreciate sans hands. It is made with four amazing magnets introduced in the mount head so you won’t need to stress over your phone when driving on a harsh street. Be that as it may, if your phone has a thicker size case, it might meddle with the grip power.

Additionally, the phone car mount accompanies an insurance film to keep the sticky tape from harming the phone. With the smaller plan, it is viable with most air vent and it is additionally effortlessly taken out to keep your car’s air vent without scratch.

At the point when you are not utilizing the magnetic mount you can likewise store it in a glove box. It has a flexible survey point and thusly you can turn your iPhone the most agreeable point while driving. MAXBOOT phone car mount may incorporate a year guarantee and it’s additionally viable with most smartphones.

4. Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Koomus Pro Magnetic CD space mount is imaginative and simple to introduce. You simply need to press a catch and slide it into CD space, and it is prepared to utilize. It is sans bother brisk and simple snap-in one hand mounting framework.

The mount holder is 360 degrees rotatable and can be introduced with the ensured case. The complex rectangular plan is covered with silicone which shields your smartphone from scratches. The mount holder is viable with a wide range of smartphones with or without cover.

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5. SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

The savvy and simple Magnetic Cell Phone holder will permit you to stay up with the latest on everything blazing on your smartphone’s screen. The mobile phone holder accompanies the dynamic snap innovation to shield your gadget safe from falling.

It is tried to guarantee that the magnetic draw doesn’t hurt your smartphone. The mount holder inbuilt so that it effectively adheres to any level surface so you can utilize it in the car as well as in the workplace, house or anyplace.

Guide to Buying the Best Magnetic Car Mount

Presently we will broadly expound on you by what method can choose an attractive vehicle mount that will function admirably for you:

The Strength of the Magnet

The principle part of these vehicle mounts are, obviously, the magnets themselves. This is the reason you have to pick ones that have solid and suffering magnets.

Normally, the more prominent number of magnets in a specific mount, the better. This is on the grounds that they can make a more prominent attractive power.

In this manner, they are better prepared to pull in the metallic parts of your telephone. There is a more noteworthy possibility of your telephone at that point waiting, paying little mind to the driving conditions.

To truly verify that you are getting the most grounded power conceivable, you might need to select mounts that accompany extra metallic plates.

These plates ordinarily have glue backs that permit you to join them to the rear of the telephones or the telephone covers.

Thus, you will appreciate a more prominent attractive association, guaranteeing that your telephone truly is all around associated with the mount consistently.

Device Compatibility

There are two principle includes that will decide the degree of the similarity of the vehicle mount with different advanced gadgets.

The first is the quality of the magnet. Along these lines, the more grounded the magnet, the more proficient it is of holding up gadgets, all things considered, and measures.

The subsequent component is the surface zone of the mount. All things considered, the more prominent the surface region, the simpler it will be for the mount to hold up the advanced gadget.

To bring everything together, in the event that you need a mount that can hold a wide range of telephones, tablets, and GPS gadgets, search for a solid magnet and a bigger mount.

The Mount Mechanism

The following thing that you should take a gander at is the mount instrument of every one of these holders. Presently, every component has its own arrangement of preferences and disservices so you have to pick one which suits your requirements best.

Adhesive Mounts

These have a clingy tab that permits them to be stuck anyplace on your dashboard. Because of this, they are acceptable at keeping your telephone and different gadgets at eye level.

The other extraordinary thing about cement based mounts is that the clingy substances will in general be fairly solid. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you live in rather hot or moist regions, these may not be reasonable for your vehicle.

The thing to remember with these mounts is the material of your dashboard. Various cements won’t adhere to specific textures so you should mind this early.

Vent Mounts

Another well known kind of mount is vent mounts. As the name recommends, they can be fitted onto your air vents.

Presently, you should know that vents mounts aren’t reasonable for a wide range of air vents. Thus, you should check the plan and edges of your vents before you buy this sort of mount.

When picking vent mounts, ensure that they can fit both dainty and thick edges so you are bound to get an ideal choice for your vehicle.

Likewise, to guarantee that you are not harming your air vents, make it a highlight get mounts with rubber treated grasps.

In the event that you live in a territory that has outrageous temperatures – freezing or warm – these mounts may not be the correct decision for you.

Since these mounts do incompletely obstruct the vents, they will upset any warm or cold air coming through them, changing the temperature inside the vehicle.

CD Slot Mounts

One reason that these will in general be a mainstream decision is on the grounds that couple of individuals really use CDs any longer. In this way, you can accommodate your mount here without expecting that any element on your dashboard will be upset.

Similarly as with the vent mounts, you should check early that this sort of mount can find a way into your CD opening. For best outcomes, search for mounts that can be changed very well.

It should likewise be realized that because of the plan of such openings, they may not generally be appropriate for harsh streets as they tend to vibrate.

User-Friendly Features

At long last, the mount should be easy to understand. This implies that you can without much of a stretch change the vehicle mount with only one hand.

On the off chance that the mount comes furnished with some sort of spinning highlight, you ought to have the option to move it towards and away from you without putting forth an excess of attempt.

Also, you ought to have the option to lift the telephone from its attractive mount and to change its direction without pulling on it.

This finishes up our investigate the different sorts of attractive vehicle mounts accessible available. The data we have given should make the undertaking of choosing the correct one for you much simpler.

Tips & Advice for Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

  • In the event that the mount appends to the dashboard or windshield, make certain to clean the surface with liquor wipes or another cleaning item first. This will eliminate any earth or grime development and make the bond more grounded.
  • On the off chance that you stick a phone mount to a dashboard or windshield with glue, let it sit for 24 hours—or whatever time period the maker suggests—prior to utilizing it with your cell phone.
  • Rather than staying the metal plate straightforwardly onto your phone or its case, consider setting the magnet between your phone and the case. Along these lines, you can reuse the magnet on the off chance that you get another phone.
  • In the event that your phone can utilize remote charging, be aware of where you place the metal plate. It very well might be smarter to take advantage of the case rather than the phone itself. This will permit you to eliminate the situation when you need to charge your gadget remotely.
  • Some attractive phone vehicle holders accompany more than one metal circle. For a more grounded hold, especially on heavier phones, consider joining the two plates to the phone or case.
  • In the event that you are utilizing a CD attractive phone vehicle holder, don’t endeavor to discharge a CD from the gadget while the mount is set up. This may harm your CD player, phone mount, or both.
  • Attractive phone vehicle mounts that utilization glue may abandon a tacky buildup when you eliminate them from the dashboard or windshield. Dental floss and a cleaner, for example, Goo Gone, can help with eliminating the buildup.



Cell phone storage can’t be eradicated by a magnet since they are strong state drives (SSDs) or blaze memory that don’t utilize attraction to compose information. SIM cards, SD cards, and LCD/LED-based screens are unaffected by magnets. Little magnets regularly don’t influence your gadget’s electric compass, GPS, battery, cell phone signal, or different capacities.


Most work with most phone cases. Just stick the metal plate either on the phone, working on it, or between the phone and the case. A few mounts, nonetheless, aren’t viable with thick cases, for example, Otterbox models.


A few mounts are planned to stick to a windshield, however it’s significant that the surface territory is level. There’s no assurance that the mount will wait on a bended surface.


Numerous attractive vehicle mounts incorporate segments that empower you to turn the phone, permitting both the driver and traveler to see and collaborate with the screen.


A few sorts of mounts join straightforwardly to the dashboard with the guide of a solid cement. Tape can generally be eliminated from the surface zone utilizing a cleaning arrangement, however it might take a tad of real effort or Goo Gone to take care of business.


In the event that a mount utilizes solid glue, the mount should hold up in both hot and cold temperatures. It’s best not to introduce the mount, notwithstanding, when it is amazingly hot or cold inside the lodge.


The phone car mount is the best gadget to put resources into on the off chance that you are a driver. These devices are quality and can keep going for a long time while you actually change your smartphone model in light of the fact that the greater part of them are general. For security driving, you ought to consider introducing a phone car holder to dodge interruptions while driving.