Warp Discs in High On Life

How To Use Warp Discs in High On Life

High on Life uses an extraordinary arrangement of teleportation to open mystery regions. These regions include puzzles, kooky discourse, and a great deal of the game’s unmistakable style of humor. Yet, figuring out precisely how the framework functions isn’t generally unequivocal in the interactivity. Through one of the early story missions, the player should gather a warp plate that can basically magically transport or Warp Discs in High On Life to Breeze Heaven.

The player will be coordinated to get to the warp circle menu that then, at that point, chooses the accessible plate and trades the mansion for Cutie Town in High on Life. The mission feels like a branch-off use of this specialist, yet a few warp circles can be viewed as somewhere else in game, and using them permits admittance to some of High on Life’s best minutes.

Warp Circles are one of a ton of various things in the game to gather as you investigate and for the most part you will actually want to get them as you complete High On Life missions and bounties. They are vital to being ready to get around every one of the game’s planets rapidly without having to take ages to backtrack through regions.

High On Life highlights bonus levels you can reach by using Warp Discs in High On Life. These circles are passed out during explicit bounties, and additional ones can be purchased from Blorto in Blim City in return for Warp Gems. In this aide, we’ll walk you through unlocking Warp Circles, how to use them, how to get more, and how to cultivate for precious stones.

During your experience through space in Squanch Games’ High On Life, you’ll experience a couple of story minutes where you use a warp circle to momentarily make another section of the guide. However, the cordial gourmet expert, who is an underground market vendor, Blorto, will sell you a couple of extraordinary warp plates.

Unlocking Warp Circles

However you’ll open the Warp Far off reasonably from the get-go in High On Life as you go through the Krubis abundance, you’ll have to finish a couple of steps before you can Warp freely.

To start with, complete the Douglas abundance. Once you return to the house in Warp Discs in High On Life, leave the front entryway and head straight ahead to the food stand with the octopus on the rooftop. Chat with Blorto there to open Warp Circles and the unlawful Warp Plate shop.

How to Get More Warp Circles in High On Life

You can purchase more Warp Circles from Blorto’s food stand in the focal square in Blim City. You can purchase the following:

Warp Discs in High On Life

  • Dollface Town Warp Circle – 0 Gems
  • Cinema Warp Plate – 3 Precious stones
  • Skate Park Warp Plate – 8 Precious stones
  • Streetcar Tracks Warp Plate – 5 Precious stones
  • Toilet Warp Circle – 5 Precious stones
  • Calm Cabin Warp Circle – 10 Precious stones

Buying all the Warp Circles from Blorto’s costs a total of 31 precious stones in High On Life. You can get these from Warp Bases. You’ll have to kill every one of the adversaries surrounding the base to gain admittance to the precious stone. Waiting for these bases to generate as you go through the main story isn’t proficient or dependable. Luckily, cultivating Warp Crystals is conceivable.

How to use Warp Circles in High On Life

Warp Circles can be used at glowing beacons all through the planets in High On Life. However, only unambiguous Warp Plates can be used at explicit beacons on planets, so you should have obtained Warp Gems in High On Life and purchased the right one for you to have the option to warp in things. Once at the right beacon you can use it by interacting with it and slotting it into your gadget on your arm from the inventory.

Our full rundown of the Warp Discs in High On Life goes over where you can find and use every one, so make certain to investigate it to get a legitimate thought of where every one can be used. As mentioned, it tends to be very confusing to get Warp Plates and not actually comprehend where they can be used, yet once you have a thought of how the framework functions, you won’t be struggling for a really long time.

Also, that covers how to use Warp Circles in High On Life. For additional tutorials on how to finish goals, look at our High On Life walkthrough for a ton more aides. You can likewise find our aide on High On Life Warp Plates and where to find them to find every single one in the game.