Beat Krubis in High On Life

How To Beat Krubis in High On Life

Krubis is the second wrongdoing ruler Beat Krubis in High On Life, despite the fact that players can decide to battle Douglas first assuming they like. Players fight through challenging, puzzle-focused mines before they arrive at Krubis, who has a scope of stunts and assault systems in his cone-molded head that make him a stronger manager than 9-Torg.

Players should overcome Krubis to advance with the main game story and gather his abundance, pretending as an abundance tracker in the space scene of Blim City. Players should use every one of the capacities and methodologies advanced within the initial 3-4 hours of High On Life Come Out On Xbox, however luckily, there are a few convenient systems for every one of his 4 center assaults to make the fight a lot of smoother for players.

Fortunately, to save you from bashing your head against a cavern wall, you will actually want to control yourself up with these tips and take care of the battle. Krubis is undeniably more turbulent so you should bring your running shoes with you to avoid his many assaults as you use the Beat Krubis in High On Life weapons you have up until this point.

Krubis is the second manager that players should look in High On Life. This manager runs the mining organization and have fitted drills on his head and appendages, giving him versatility underground. In this aide, we will discuss techniques on how to overcome Krubis in High On Life.

Beat Krubis in High On Life

Krubis can go underground with the assistance of its drills, and he can likewise drift over the ground, giving him an upward advantage within the battle. The majority of his assaults will be shots, except if you draw near enough for a scuffle hit. He will likewise approach his goons in the center of the Beat Krubis in High On Life. Recorded beneath are his assaults and how to dodge or counter them.

Krubis Moves:

  • Buckshot – Krubis shoot his shotgun at you on different occasions. He can do it while hovering or mostly covered in the ground. Barrage to the side to keep away from the slugs.
  • Circle shot – He discharge his plate at you which will bounce when it reaches a stopping point. Depending on how far you are from him, you can barrage aside or use Knifey to redirect the plate back to him.
  • Drill Furor – He vanishes and lasers will begin appearing all over the fighting field. These lasers show where he will be passing through as he breaks out from the stones above. Use the hookbugs to swing your direction away from the lasers and out of risk.
  • Goons – He will get down on his goons to battle for him as he holds up in a glass room. Kill each of the goons in request to continue the battle.

Krubis Strategies:

  • In spite of the fact that Krubis can’t be shuffled, hitting him with a Glob Shot is as yet a successful method for staggering him, particularly assuming he’s hovering. You’ll have sufficient opportunity to sneak in a Knifey cut which will take a decent piece of his wellbeing.
  • Depending on how great you are at using Knifey, you can redirect the circles more than one time towards Krubis.

Beat Krubis in High On Life

Once the battle is finished, you’ll get the Unfeeling Driller accomplishment. You’ll likewise get Gus as another firearm and the Fulfilled Gus-tomer accomplishment for it.

To sum up, keep yourself under control, shoot him with Glob Shot and use Stunt Opening substitute discharge when he is underground. This is your best procedure against Beat Krubis in High On Life.

Once you down him, Knifey will get Krubis’ Drill as a prize from the battle. In addition, you will get your hands on Gus, the Gatlian that Krubis used.