How To Use Photo Mode on PC & Xbox in Starfield

[Learn] How To Use Photo Mode on PC & Xbox in Starfield

In the sprawling and outwardly stunning universe of Starfield, capturing breathtaking minutes and stunning vistas is an unquestionable necessity for any space pioneer. Photo Mode permits you to freeze these minutes on schedule, letting you become the enormous photographer you’ve for a long time needed to be. Whether you’re playing on a PC or Xbox, this guide will walk you through how to use Photo Mode to deify your space undertakings.

How To Use Photo Mode on PC & Xbox in Starfield

Step One: Enable Photo Mode in the Game Settings

Before you plunge into capturing the excellence of Starfield, ensure you have Photo Mode enabled in your game settings.

Send off Starfield: Begin the game and explore to the main menu or pause menu.

Access Settings: Search for the “Settings” or “Options” menu. This is typically addressed by a stuff or cogwheel icon.

Find Photo Mode: In the settings menu, find the option for Photo Mode. It could be under the “Gameplay” or “Designs” section.

Enable Photo Mode: Toggle the Photo Mode option to “On” or “Enabled.”

Step Two: How to Access Photo Mode

With Photo Mode enabled, you can now effectively access it during gameplay.

Play the Game: Continue your experience in Starfield.

Pause the Game: During gameplay, pause the game using the assigned button or key on your controller or console.

Open Photo Mode: Search for the Photo Mode option in the pause menu. It’s generally expected addressed by a camera icon.

Enter Photo Mode: Select the Photo Mode option to enter this imaginative mode.

Step Three: Taking Photos in Photo Mode

Now that you’re in Photo Mode, you have different tools and options available to you to catch the ideal shot.

Camera Controls: Use your controller thumbsticks or mouse to move the camera around. You can container, slant, and zoom to approach your shot precisely as you like.

Change Settings: Investigate the Photo Mode menu for additional settings. You can frequently change things like openness, concentration, and channels to upgrade your photo.

Catch the Occasion: When you’ve made your shot, press the assigned button (normally named “Take Photo” or “Catch”) to snap the image.

Editing Your Photos in Photo Mode

Numerous Photo Modes in games like Starfield accompany fundamental photo editing elements to refine your photos.

Editing Tools: Investigate the Photo Mode menu for editing options. You might have the option to change brilliance, contrast, saturation, and add channels.

Save Your Altered Photo: In the wake of making alters, save your photo to your in-game display or to your gadget assuming that option is accessible.

Sharing Your Photos

What’s the tomfoolery in capturing incredible minutes on the off chance that you can’t impart them to companions and individual space pioneers?

Access Display: Check the game’s exhibition or photo collection component to see all your caught pictures.

Share via Online Entertainment: Assuming the game backings it, you can frequently share your photos straightforwardly to web-based entertainment stages like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

In-Game Sharing: A few games likewise permit you to share photos within the game’s local area or with companions on your gaming stage.


Photo Mode in Starfield adds an entirely different dimension to your gaming experience, allowing you to record and share your undertakings more than ever. By following these steps, you can undoubtedly enable Photo Mode, access it during gameplay, and use different tools to catch and upgrade your number one minutes in the universe. In this way, get your camera and prepare to investigate the excellence of Starfield from the perspective of your own imagination.