How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13 Remnant 2

How to Unlock Ford Chest in Ward 13 Remnant 2 – Full Guide

Ford Chest in Ward 13 is a special container in the game Leftover 2 that holds important items, rewards, or gear. It’s named after Ford, a significant person in the game, and is frequently associated with special and strong plunder.

How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13 Remnant 2

How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13:

Progress Through the Game: Ford’s Chest may be locked or inaccessible until you arrive at a certain point in the game’s story. Progress through the main story and complete important quests to unlock access to Ward 13 and subsequently, Ford’s Chest.

Gather Special Items: Sometimes, unlocking Ford’s Chest could expect you to gather specific items or complete certain tasks that are uncovered as you investigate the game world. These items or tasks could be associated with Ford’s storyline or the legend of the game.

Interact with NPCs: Engaging in conversations with NPCs within Ward 13 could give you clues or information on how to unlock Ford’s Chest. NPCs could give you hints, tasks, or directives that lead to its unlocking.

What is Inside Ford’s Chest in Ward 13:

Ford’s Chest frequently contains important rewards that can improve your personality’s capabilities or progression within the game. These rewards can include:

Weapons: Strong weapons or one of a kind variants that can give you an edge in battle.

Reinforcement Sets: Intriguing or special shield sets that give extra security and interesting bonuses.

Consumables: Significant consumable items, such as wellbeing restoring items or ammo, that can help you during battles.

Crafting Materials: Resources that can be used for crafting and upgrading your stuff.

How to Use the Items Inside Ford’s Chest in Ward 13:

Prepare Weapons and Protective layer: Assuming that you get new weapons or shield from Ford’s Chest, access your inventory and prepare these items to improve your personality’s battle capabilities.

Strategic Use of Consumables: Use consumables wisely during battles to gain a benefit. Healing items can keep you in the battle, while ammo can assist you with sustaining your attacks.

Update Stuff: In the event that Ford’s Chest provides crafting materials, use them to redesign your existing stuff for improved stats and execution.

How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13 Remnant 2


Unlocking Ford’s Chest in Ward 13 in Remainder 2 holds the promise of important rewards that can significantly affect your personality’s progression and effectiveness in battle. By following the clues given by NPCs, completing pertinent quests, and exploring the game world, you can access this special chest and guarantee its treasures. The items you find inside can be used strategically to conquer challenges, strengthen your personality, and immerse yourself further in the captivating and challenging universe of Remainder 2.