How To Play As Ana In Overwatch 2

Find Out How To Play As Ana In Overwatch 2

Ana In Overwatch 2 is quite possibly of the hardest legend. Ana is one of the classic Overwatch upholds. Being dropped not long after Overwatch 1’s original release in July 2016, Ana was easily one of the most outstanding backings of the original game. Presently in Overwatch 2, she actually plays out her job fantastically and rewards the people who are talented at aiming her abilities.

Ana’s pack is somewhat hard to utilize, yet her utility can make totally devastating impacts whenever utilized accurately. She is easily one of the most troublesome backings in Overwatch 2, however will compensate players for their aptitude in her pack.

How To Play As Ana In Overwatch 2

All Ana’s Abilities

These are all of Ana’s abilities accessible in Overwatch 2:

  • Biotic Rifle (Essential and Auxiliary Discharge)

Essential discharge is a shot based hipshot and does 75 healing while striking a well disposed player and 70 harm to a foe.

Optional discharge is the capacity to scope in, and it transforms Ana’s shots into a hitscan with a bigger hitbox region.

  • Passive

Job: Backing. As a help class, Ana will automatically recuperate herself while not taking any harm.

  • Biotic Projectile (E)

Ana tosses a shot based projectile that detonates while colliding with one or the other terrain or another Legend, whether companion or enemy. The explosive will do instantaneous healing to allies of 100HP as well as lift healing got from some other wellbeing source by half for 4 seconds. Assuming the explosive hits a foe, they will take 60 harm and not be able to get healing for 4 seconds. Cooldown of 10 seconds once utilized.

  • Rest Dart (Left Shift)

Ana’s just method for get out are a Rest Dart. This dart, which can be redirected or consumed by guarded abilities, will put the Legend hit by it to rest for 5.5 seconds. The sleeping player will awaken right away whenever struck by harm. The cooldown is 15 seconds.

  • Nano Lift (Extreme)

Ana’s definitive is a designated increase in nano energy that encourages her picked ally. Nano help instantly recuperates the chose focus for 300 HP, supports their harm yield by half, and decreases incoming harm by half more than eight seconds.

How to play as Ana

Ana is all about expertise shots and managing your cooldowns as successfully as conceivable. With her minimal versatility and inability to take the strategic position that different characters like Leniency or Baptiste can, Ana should be played cautiously. Attempt and turn your situations as frequently as conceivable with all her the foe from locating you.

Ana’s healing depends on line of sight, and that implies you likewise must have the option to see your group, so playing corners and peeking to mend and then, at that point, ducking back around cover as you reload and turn is areas of strength for a. Presently you likewise recuperate; you can be more forceful in your play-style, however recall that without portability, you’ll be easy pickings.

Recollect that your Biotic Explosive is your most impressive hostile capacity and that using it as a way for your group to take part in battles is an extraordinary method for getting esteem. Moreover, your Rest Dart can be utilized as both a hostile and guarded capacity, saving yourself from troublesome flankers, or as a method for countering a Widowmaker perused in and ignorant about your presence.

Good teammates to play with, Ana

Brigitte can shield Ana from flankers and result a great deal of healing and harm openly when Ana is set up. Reinhardt is a superb tank for Ana as his safeguard can help her turn. He have massive harm ouput as well once Nano Lift is concerned with him. Genji and Ana have forever been utilized in combination as Nano Edge is a horrendous game-changing combination, and the flanker can likewise easily return to help his Ana. These are just a few models, yet legends who can take the concentration off Ana and arrangement massive harm with her Definitive are incredible decisions.

How To Play As Ana In Overwatch 2

All counters and who to counter with Ana

At the point when you play with Ana, you’ll have to keep an eye out for all flanker characters. Tracer and Genji can easily kill you assuming that you’re abandoned your group and have consumed your cooldowns. Winston is likewise one more hard counter to you as an Ana, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for him as he plunges. Flanking Moira and Lucio players additionally represent an issue assuming you’re surprised.

With Ana’s capacity to hostile to recuperate legends, she’s a hard counter to players like Roadhog, who will generally get into the center of a battle and depend on their self-healing to get away. Ana is likewise a sharpshooter with hitscan when perused in, and that implies that she can take out a solitary Reverberation or Pharah from a good ways. Her Biotic Projectile is astounding for delicate countering most healing abilities in the game too.

Ana is a troublesome legend to master, and you’ll have to deal with your cooldown management and positioning reliably on the off chance that you’re looking to involve her in games successfully. With her new capacity to now passively regen her wellbeing beyond battle, there is something else to our #1 granny.