Stray: How to Find All 4 Notebooks in Chapter 4

Not long subsequent to entering the ghettos interestingly, Stray: How to Find All 4 Notebooks in Chapter 4 players will encounter the region’s red-shrouded defender, Guardian. On the off chance that they show him or any of different robots the postcard from the external that they got somewhat before, he’ll make reference to a gathering of robots called the Outsiders and prescribe conversing with a robot called Momo to figure out more about the rest of the world.

Momo lives in a tall structure close to an orange neon sign, which is where players should head straightaway in the event that they wish to advance the principal story of Stray. Subsequent to arriving at Momo, he’ll uncover that his companions are currently absent and that he cannot reach them due to the handset that he’s dealing with being defective. To assist him with fixing it, Notebooks players should find four scratch pad that are dissipated all through the ghettos.

Stray: How to Find All 4 Notebooks in Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of Stray you need to find 4 Notebooks for Momo to propel the story. This guide shows where to track down all Notebook areas.

1. Momo’s Notebook

  • Subsequent to conversing with the main robot in Chapter 4, Kingdom Come Deliverance who is classified “Watchman” (he wears a straw cap and has a staff in his grasp), you should move to the housetops to track down Momo.
  • From where you conversed with Guardian, pivot and shift focus over to one side. You can bounce the candy machine and the AC units on the house walls to get to the roofs.
  • Go to the focal point of the roofs where two robots are tossing cans. There’s a little red material on a house, bounce there and climb the AC units to the gallery above. Go through the open window to track down Momo in the level.
  • Converse with Momo and you will be given Momo’s Notebook. That is the first of four Notebooks done. Any remaining scratch pad are in deserted pads on the housetops. They are undeniably set apart by a blue/white smiley symbol on the house walls.

2. Doc’s Notebook

  • Pass on Momo’s level through the window and shift focus over to the right side. There’s a gallery with a blue neon sign, go there. Within seems to be a library with numerous shelves.
  • In the back are a few heaps of books, get around them to track down a bed. Connect with the paper on the pack to get the Keys.
  • Leave the room, turn left, between the first and second shelf are more heaps of books, hop on them to bring down them over, hence uncovering a protected behind the books. Utilize the Keys to open the protected, inside you track down Doc’s Notebook.

3. Clementine’s Notebook

  • Leave the library through the window you came in. Straight opposite Momo’s level is a blue loft with the white smiley symbol on its wall. Go over the lines on the housetops and enter through the window.
  • Inside is a wall with broken glass boards, Lost Supplies Contract you can just barely get through where the glass is absent. Then, at that point, go left to track down a passage with a PC toward the end. The scratch pad is on the screen.

4. Zbaltazar’s Notebook

  • Leave the level, go on over the lines, back towards Momo’s level. While looking towards Momo’s level look right, there are 2 robots tossing cans and behind them is one more level with the blue neon smiley sign. Go there.
  • On the roof you should get the battery on the left of the vents. This will stop the fan on the right of the rooftop. You can now drop down through the fan, where the orange light is coming from. You’ll land in the level underneath.
  • In the level leap the cases to bring down them over. The last scratch pad will drop out of these cases. Simply hop every one of them and gone through the crates until the note pad drops out and get it!

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