Stray: How to Find the Secret Lab in Chapter 6

In the wake of scaling the Zurk-pervaded Stray: How to Find the Secret Lab in Chapter 6 roofs to introduce the recently fixed handset for Momo, Stray players will again end up back in the ghettos. When there, they’ll have to meet with Momo in the bar, which will prompt Jacob referencing that Doc had been chipping away at a weapon to battle the Zurks before he bafflingly vanished in the occasions paving the way to Stray.

However Momo didn’t know about Doc’s weapon, he reviews his close buddy referencing a mysterious lab a couple of times and recommends making a beeline for Doc and Seamus’ place to look at it. Players can then follow him around there, however should investigate the condo without anyone else find out chapter 8 as Momo is excessively enormous to fit through the harmed vent. What follows is the first of two major riddles in Chapter 6 of Stray.

Stray: How to Find the Secret Lab in Chapter 6

  • First and foremost, you should obviously advance toward Seamus and Doc’s loft which will happen normally so this piece will not be excessively challenging for you. At the point when you are inside the condo you will actually want to begin the method Lost Nintendo Switch involved with tracking down the mysterious lab. Prior to settling the riddle you can show the Doc’s Notebook from prior in the game to Seamus assuming that you need some discourse about the mysterious lab. After this, you can bounce up onto the work area with the photos hanging up on the wall.
  • Go near the one that is on the right half of the wall and continue to knock it crazy by using the interface button brief that shows up. Later, there is a message that can be made an interpretation of by B-12 to ‘The truth will come out at some point’ which is a clue for the riddle. Then, there is an image with a yellow robot on the left side that you can likewise decide to knock crazy as need might arise to knock off to uncover the keypad behind it for settling the riddle.
  • Since you have all that you really want, Swordsmans Teachings you can take a gander at the four timekeepers on the wall that will uncover portions of the code. While perusing the clock (hour) times from left to right you will get 2511. This is the code for the keypad that you want to include. After you do, the way to the mysterious lab will be opened for you to go through. Stray generally has something invigorating for you to do for sure!

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