Where To Find Sand Grease Pupa Location In Genshin Impact

Find Out Where To Find Sand Grease Pupa Location In Genshin Impact

Is it true or not that you are on the chase after Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact? Look no further! As enthusiastic swashbucklers, we realize that finding these subtle animals can be a genuine test. Be that as it may, dread not – with our aide, you’ll have all the information you want to find this intriguing insect and add it to your assortment. So lock in and join us as we investigate where to find Sand Grease Pupa location in Genshin Impact. How about we get begun!

What is the Sand Grease Pupa?

The Sand Grease Pupa is a little, dark animal that can be found in the sand hills of the Gobi Desert. A meek animal is typically tracked down hiding in the sand. When disturbed, it will deliver a haze of dark smoke that can create respiratory issues.

Where To Find Sand Grease Pupa Location In Genshin Impact

Location of the Sand Grease Pupa

Assuming you’re looking for the Sand Grease Pupa location in Genshin Impact, you’ll find it just to the east of the Windwail High country region. This pupa is situated within an enormous gathering of little shakes close to a tree. Basically search for the gathering of rocks that is somewhat raised starting from the earliest stage you ought to recognize the pupa without any problem.

How to get to the Sand Grease Pupa location

Assuming you are starting from Mondstadt, the primary thing you want to do is head to the Windpaste Sanctuary which is south of the city. From that point, continue going south until you see a scaffold. Cross the scaffold and follow the way until you come to a crossroads. Follow the left way and continue to follow it until you arrive at the Sand Grease Pupa location.

How to get the Sand Grease Pupa

On the off chance that you’re looking for the Sand Grease Pupa, you’ll have to go to the Liyue locale. When there, advance toward the southeast of Wangshu Inn. You ought to see a little island in the center of a lake – that is where you’ll find the pupa.

There are a couple of things to remember while trying to get this thing. To start with, you’ll have to have finished the “A Day At The Ocean side” journey before the Sand Grease Pupa will show up. Furthermore, this thing is just accessible during explicit seasons of day – it must be gathered somewhere in the range of 4am and 8am or 4pm and 8pm. Make a point to remember that while planning your excursion!

When you’re at the right location and time, basically approach the Sand Grease Pupa and interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Where To Find Sand Grease Pupa Location In Genshin Impact


Sand Grease Pupa is an important asset in Genshin Impact and its location can often be challenging to find. However, with some persistence, you ought to ultimately have the option to find the ideal place.

Make certain to pay special attention to other important assets, for example, metal stores and gem pieces while searching for the pupa. With a few persistence and investigation, you will before long find yourself stacked up on sand grease pupae and prepared for any test that comes your direction!