How to find and defeat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Best Method to Find and Defeat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact and one of the numerous Hypostases bosses you can find in the game. This chilling boss is similar to a considerable lot of the other Hypostases bosses but has a series of devastating attacks that can freeze you to the bone if you aren’t prepared. Learning how to best melt this shape down is important to procure the materials necessary to raise your characters, and you can figure out how to defeat the Cryo Hypostasis here.

The Cryo Hypostasis Daleth is a boss that was included the 1.5 updates of Genshin Impact. The boss is found in the Dragonspine region and requires resin to claim rewards from similar as the other elemental bosses. As one would expect from a Dragonspine fight, there is more to stress over than just getting hit by a couple of elemental attacks. Sheer virus plays a tremendous job in this fight, and players will have to do a bit of prep prior to hopping into the ring with the Cryo Hypostasis.

Cryo Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact is quite possibly of the toughest boss that you will look in the game. Its attack pattern and abilities are different than others and if you’re having trouble with it, try to look at how to beat Cryo Hypostasis In Genshin Impact.

How to find and defeat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Find the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

The Cryo Hypostasis is located in the middle of Dragonspine, an expansion to Mondstadt. All the more specifically, there’s a Teleport Waypoint located at the bottom finish of Wyrmrest Valley. Teleport there, and you should immediately see the Cryo Hypostasis just a couple of meters away.

How to beat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

The Cryo Hypostasis has a variety of attacks for you to dodge. Like the other Hypostases bosses in the game, the Cryo Hypostasis has a basic pattern: play out an attack, and enter a state of vulnerability where you can attack the boss. The boss is simply Cryo, meaning all Cryo attacks are immune against this boss.

Cryo Hypostasis Prep

Prior to fighting the Cryo Hypostasis, you are going to have to do a bit of prep. This time there are a couple of additional steps than just boosting your attack and defense with dishes. You will want to bring along some Goulash, as this can slow down how quickly your sheer virus meter will rise.

Whenever you have used buffs, painstakingly go around the outside of the field. There are three heat sources that you will want to activate before you start the boss fight. This is crucial as the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact greatly accelerates the rate at which your sheer virus meter will increase.

Cryo Hypostasis Attacks

  • Applaud – The Hypostasis forms two enormous hands that try to applaud together on top of your character.
  • Crystalline Skirt – Forms three rings of icicles that it shoots out around itself.
  • Frost Wheel – Turns into a wheel with icicle spikes and quickly spins towards your character.
  • Homing Icicles – Shoots icicles that home into your player and arrangement cryo harm.
  • Icy Explosion – Spawns icicles around itself and where your character is standing or stepping on the field.

Cryo Hypostasis Strategy

The Cryo Hypostasis, like the other Hypostasis bosses, can be harmed when its center is exposed. Some attacks will expose the center, like when the Hypostasis uses its homing attack and Icy Explosion. During the homing attack using a catalyst or bow user can make the center easy to hit, but dodging should be a priority. The same logic applies for Icy Explosion, but the center will be on the ground and is a lot easier to hit with characters like Diluc.

Taking Down The Cryo Hypostasis’ Shield

The hardest part of the Cryo Hypostasis battle is the point at which you trigger its shield mode. Like the other Hypostasis bosses, the Cryo Hypostasis has a last-ditch effort to recuperate itself when it gets low on health. The boss will summon a cryo shield that has to be taken down using the fruit it throws out while in the shielded state. Indeed, even reactions and bursts will do little to diminish the shield all alone.

How to find and defeat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Why can’t I find the Cryo Hypostasis?

The Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact can be found in the Dragonspine region by teleporting to the Wyrmrest Valley waypoint and traveling south.

The Cryo Hypostasis (Code Name: Daleth) is a Typical Boss test found in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. In request to challenge the Cryo Hypostasis, players must complete the quest In the Mountains. After it is completed, the boss will spawn over the ice where the elemental monuments, automatons, and switches used to be.

To do this you really want to navigate to The Chasm region of the guide and interact with a Statue of the Seven to open a part of the Sumeru Guide. The second requirement for the Dendro Hypostasis boss fight is that you really want to have a Dendro character in your party to complete the fight.

How do you spawn hypostasis?

From that point, swim or follow the shallow pathways bridging every island together to arrive at the boss field. The Geo Hypostasis will respawn a couple of moments after its death and can be completed as ordinarily as required in seven days. Typical bosses like Anemo Hypostasis or Cryo Regisvine make some respawn memories of about 3 minutes. Note that the time possibly counts down when you left the current region.

Ganyu is the strongest Cryo user because of her group control elemental skill and her enormous AoE elemental burst. She offers high harm and can easily trigger some of the best elemental reactions. Her elemental skill places a blossom that takes the aggro from all enemies and explodes after a couple of moments.

The Cryo Hypostasis poses a bit of a test for players new to boss mechanics in Genshin Impact. However, it’s a totally easy fight for experienced players and those playing for quite a while.

To beat the Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact, players must have a Dendro character in their team. Ideally, this should be a unit that can bargain Dendro DMG without cooldown, so it’s either Collei, Tighnari, or Nahida.