How to report accounts on Discord

Here you will Learn How to Report Accounts on Discord

Report accounts on Discord server has its own arrangement of explicit principles, as well as global guidelines that each server has to keep (you can’t post illegal content anywhere, for example). Assuming you’ve seen someone break a standard, or just post something that you view as objectionable, you may want to report it. Reporting a post or user on Discord can assist with saving your server a safe place for everyone, yourself included.

There are two ways to report accounts on Discord, one of which is less complex than the other. This is the way to report someone on Discord using either the desktop app for PC and Mac, or the portable app for iPhone and Android gadgets.

Generally speaking, reporting other users on a platform like Discord is a last-ditch kind of thing. You don’t circumvent reporting individuals you believe are cheating, as you do in multiplayer videogames. Assuming that users are abusive, harass other users, send a beyond preposterous amount of spam, or act discordantly with Discord’s people group rules, you can go to their help page and report them manually. We should recap how to report accounts on Discord.

How to report accounts on Discord

How to Report Account and Servers on Discord

There are steps you really want to take to effectively report someone who is harassing, spamming, threatening, or just being abusive in chat. You could find a whole server is participating in harmful activity that violates local area rules. This is what you can do to alert the moderators at Discord.

Check assuming that the message violates Discord’s rules

You don’t want to report accounts except if their message actually violates Discord’s people group rules. Activities and messages that are not tolerated on Discord include:

  • Harassment
  • Spam messages
  • Violating IP privileges
  • Sharing kid pornography
  • Extolling or advancing self destruction and self-harm
  • Conveying infections
  • Threatening another user
  • Sharing images of carnage or animal remorselessness

Turn on engineer mode, find the relevant ID codes, and send report

You can’t just hit a “report” button on Discord, at least not on the desktop app. Instead, you have to find a couple of ID codes that Discord’s team can use to investigate the culpable messages. Take the accompanying moves toward make a report on Discord:

  • Click the Gear icon close to your name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Select the Appearance tab.
  • Look down to the Advanced section of this page. You’ll see a toggle labeled Engineer Mode. Turn it on.
  • To get three unique ID codes, go to the message in question and right-click straightforwardly on the user’s name.
  • Select Duplicate ID.
  • Paste the number you’ve duplicated some place and label it as “user ID” or something almost identical. Regardless of whether the user changes their username, the ID will remain the same.
  • Right-click on the actual message and once again select Duplicate ID. This time, you’ll get an ID number for the message and channel. Paste it and label it as “message ID,” as you did the other one.
  • Head toward the icon for the server on the left half of your screen and right-click on it.
  • Select Duplicate ID a third time and paste it with the two others.
  • Label this one “server ID” or something almost identical.

How to report accounts on Discord

How to Report a User on Discord using the iPhone App

Report accounts on Discord is a straightforward interaction on iPhones, and other iOS gadgets, like iPads. The complaint cycle is easier to use than on a desktop PC, where you really want to enter explicit ID codes.

Thankfully, iPhones make reporting users on Discord straightforward. However, the fact that the cycle is so fast doesn’t mean you ought to report any objectionable message. You ought to guarantee that the particular user is breaking Discord’s standards.

How to Report a User on Discord using the Android App

Reporting a user on the Android app works similarly to iOS. Follow these moves toward report a user:

  • Open the user settings: Tap your “profile image” to access the menu.
  • Look to see as the “App Settings” tab and tap it to open it.
  • From the new screen, pick “Behavior.”
  • Under “Chat Behavior,” toggle the “Designer Mode” option to the “ON” position.
  • Once you’ve enabled “Designer Mode,” find the message you want to report and its author. Tap the “user’s image” to open their profile and duplicate their “ID.”
  • Tap and hold the message and then pick “Share.”
  • Select “Duplicate to clipboard.”
  • Continue to paste the “User ID” and the “Message ID” into the “Description” confine the “Trust and Safety Center” menu, then depict your issue.
    After you present your report, the Discord team will tackle it as soon as conceivable.
  • Obviously, you can always report hate discourse or a similar issue to the moderators of a server. A few issues get settled by talking to a user first in the event that they composed something that doesn’t align with the rules.
  • You can always officially report it to the Trust and Safety team in additional serious cases of a standard violation.

How to Report a User on Discord using the Desktop App

Are you using the Discord app on your PC? This is the way you can report a user on the Windows app:

  • Open the Discord app on your PC and head over to the server where the guilty party is communicating.
    Right-click the users’ Discord ID and snap “Duplicate ID.”
  • Along with the IDs, you’ll have to give your email address and momentarily explain why you’re reporting this person. At the point when you’re done, click on “Submit,” and that’s all there is to it.
  • If you want to realize what happens with your report, browse your email inbox regularly because that’s where you’ll accept your answer.
  • Launch the Discord app on your phone or tablet.