How to play Octodad in Fraymakers

How to Play Octodad in Fraymakers – Ultimate Guide

Play Octodad in Fraymakers is one of the four playable characters in Fraymakers, the new indie hybrid fighting game that has entered Early Access on Steam. Similar as in his original title, Octodad should depend on his flapping appendages to make all the difference as he slams enemies with his arms and flings them around the field. He may be the most strategic character in Fraymakers, as cautious positioning is the way to victory for this elusive mollusc.

Fraymakers is a hybrid fighting game that brings together indie characters like Octodad and Shooter Clive and has them duke it out on the front line. The most notable computer game hero in Fraymakers is the Crewmate from Among Us, who goes about as a help character rather than a playable contender. The Crewmate likewise serves as the Fraud, as the player can involve either adaptation in battle.

How to play Octodad in Fraymakers

Octodad’s strengths and weaknesses in Fraymakers

Octodad’s fighting style is tied in with making the a large portion of his scope, as his limbs give the most expanded scuffle assault range in Fraymakers. These limbs have a perfect balance technician, like Marth’s sword in Really Crush Brothers. Extreme, where the tip has a more damaging hitbox than the shaft. In genuine terms, this just likens to a couple of additional points of harm with each hit, so players ought not be excessively centered around maximizing the harm from perfect balances.

This arrive at comes at the expense of any gone assaults, however Octodad’s side exceptional is a strong charging assault that gives weighty covering, making it the ideal decision for rushdown or securely getting out of evade in the intensity of war.

Where Octodad succeeds is in edgeguarding and spiking. His crouching assault has awesome reach and speed, so doing it at the edge of the stage can keep the rival from being ready to get back on. Octodad’s jumping spike likewise has incredible reach, with a twofold strike that can undoubtedly hold a rival down.

The second hit of his spike can likewise somewhat go through the ground, making it a protected decision for edgeguarding. Octodad’s compass likewise allows him to perform long-went tosses, some of which can send off a rival off the edge and into an ideal spiking position.

Fraymakers tier list – best character in the game


Octodad, from the indie hit of similar name, utilizes those long arms well with fast snatches and shuffle moves. He is particularly great in the air with his range yet his development experiences somewhat here.

Characters with better development capacities can go around him however he can corner off pieces of the stage and simply dominate the edge of the guide.

How to play Octodad in Fraymakers

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000

However he isn’t yet in the game, Ultra Fishbunjin 3000, a mystery manager from Ittle Dew and a brawler in another comparative game, seems to be an interesting character. They are greater than a large number of the other characters, utilizing heavier assaults and snatches.

They appear as though they might play in basically the same manner to any semblance of Ganondorf from Crush Brothers.

The Watcher

Being from Kill the Tower, The Watcher is somewhat of a magical character, utilizing three unique structures to get various impacts. It appears to be probable that they’ll involve a comparative specialist in Fraymakers.

This allows them the opportunity to be perhaps of the most special character in the game.


Orcane, from Opponents of Aether, can be a digit of a combo machine in the event that you use them right. Their up slant can shuffle adversaries and they have very strong development speed for decent combos.

He is normally exceptionally wicked good to the earth, making him somewhat more regrettable in the air yet he compensates for it his extremely fast moveset.