Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Get a Horse – Full Guide

In this article we will show you Kingdom come deliverance how to get a horse. At the start of Kingdom Come: Deliverance your character doesn’t have a horse – he has to depend on a stolen one or travel by walking. Beneath you can track down information on how to get your first horse that will stay with you perpetually (or until you change it into another mount).

  • The start of the game can be misleading – after finishing the initial segment of the preface Henry mounts a horse and rides to Talmberg. You can’t keep this is because the horse’s “presence” is just plot-related. The horse inventory tab and its stats are as yet inactive.
  • You get your first horse after putting in a couple of hours and finishing The Prey main journey during which you go hunting with Lord Capon. After that you will get a horse – this second is introduced in the image above.

Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Get a Horse

The easiest ways Kingdom come deliverance how to get a horse towards the start of the game where you’ll experience three chances to ride one, with a portion of those chances to save it for great, too.

In the mission “Run!”

Whenever you first get a chance to get a horse is in your escape from the starting village, Skalitz, in the mission “Run!”. This current one’s just temporary however, yet assuming you’re battling to observe one they’re basically located at the finish of the soil path that leads out starting from the castle the slope, where you get a chance to save Theresa.

Before you escape from Talmberg castle

After that chaotic opening, you’ll end up tasked with leaving Talmberg – just the castle gate remains locked and guarded.

In the process of Kingdom come deliverance how to get a horse you’ll have to get yourself a bunch of Talmberg guard armor, however whenever you have that you can also nab yourself a horse, which is by all accounts the same one you rode in on. It’s in the town stable, which is in the courtyard of the actual castle. Bounce on – the one that says “Horse – Mount” is yours, not the one that says “Horse – Steal – Mount”, which clearly isn’t.

Third, after you’ve left Talmberg in the main story, assuming that you follow the main mission you’ll eventually wind up in Rattay, a larger settlement and the home of a few additional journeys.

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We Should Ride Horses

Horses are valuable companions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Traveling on horseback is significantly more proficient than traveling by walking. Also, horses assist with carrying your things as well. You can acquire a horse early on in the game, yet you may want to consider upgrading to a more grounded, faster horse later. This guide will explain how to get another mount to call your own.

How to Get Your Horse

There are a couple of ways to get a horse for nothing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can either steal a horse or be gifted one. The two strategies get you free horse, yet stealing is hazardous and less respectable. Obviously, you can always drop some coin to purchase a superior horse as well, however this choice will not arise until a couple of hours into the game. Your first horse will be the one you use to escape Skalitz, yet your experience with this horse is brief.

Stealing a Horse

However, in the early game this is your best (and just choice). For example, you can track down horses in the courtyard of Talmberg. This is the second town you visit in the story.

Horse as Mission Reward

In this mission you go hunting with Lord Capon in the forest. He wants a contest who of both of you can catch the most rabbits. Afterwards, he will go chase a boar with a bow and arrow which fails and he chases after it. At this point things get more precarious as you have to search for him in the forest.

How to Unlock Horse Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Horses are rated on a five point scale Kingdom come deliverance how to get a horse, with one being the least level, and five being the most elevated. The five star horses of Kingdom Come Deliverance have the best stamina stats in the game, allowing you to cover the totally open world very rapidly. You will want to keep your horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance safe, and that’s the place where horse armor comes into play.