Kingdom Come Deliverance Where is Ginger

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where is Ginger – Full Guide

In this article we will show you Kingdom Come deliverance where is ginger. The Quest, Ginger in a Pickle, is the 10th Main Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This journey will have you on the chase after the missing helper Ginger, as you leave Neuhof looking for where he might be stowing away.
To see as Ginger and tackle the secret of the criminals’ attack, you really want to track down the charcoal-burners, similar to the ones in the camps toward the South. The main issue is that Ginger regularly voyages North towards Uzhitz.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where is Ginger

Ginger in a Pickle is a fundamental story mission that opens subsequent to finishing The Hunt Begins in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After a vicious episode at a pony ranch, Henry should research who was liable for the wrongdoing Kingdom Come deliverance where is ginger. You’re shipped off observe a man named Ginger, who might have seen the occasions. Follow the means in this manual for track down Ginger and complete the Ginger in a Pickle mission in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Start the Ginger in a Pickle Quest

Soon after you’ve finished the story journey The Hunt Begins, Captain Bernard will request that you research a wrongdoing and observe Ginger, who might lead you to the offenders. In the first place, pause and converse with the homestead expert’s better half, Zora. She’ll send you to talk with Jakub, who ought to be remaining in the yard close to the horse shelter.

Press Jakub for subtleties on Ginger by choosing influential discourse choices. After some influence, he in the end uncovers that Ginger was associated with a couple of gatherings of Charcoal Burners, who are essentially charcoal sales reps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


The Neuhof stud ranch met with misfortune. A striking party killed a few ponies and certain individuals. The path drove me to speculate that somebody from the homestead might have been involved.

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Presently Kingdom Come deliverance where is ginger, to see as Ginger. Before you pass on to scrutinize the charcoal-burners, proceed to observe Captain Bernard and let him know what you will do. On the off chance that not, he’ll bite you up and spit you back out the following time he sees you – he’s a trooper, and warriors take a helpless perspective on assistants running off on their own missions.

Question the Charcoal-Burners in the South

The primary gathering of charcoal burners is tracked down south of Neuhof. Converse with the Charcoal Burner Spokesperson in their camp. In the event that they’re dozing skip time until 10:00 AM. He doesn’t have any data on Ginger’s area. Regardless discoursed you pick, he won’t know anything. He will direct you toward the following charcoal camp.

Question the northern Charcoal-Burners

In the wake of conversing with the representative in the primary camp you will get an enormous quest region for charcoal diggers in the forest close to Talmberg. The screen capture beneath shows the charcoal excavator area. They are in the clearing in the south of the hunt region. Converse with their representative once more, he will direct you toward the following camp.

Ginger in a Pickle

The primary charcoal-burners’ camp is situated on a little slope close to a stream, south from Neuhof. Talk with charcoal-burner representative with regards to Ginger. You can likewise utilize an exceptional discourse line and pay off the man. Nonetheless Kingdom Come deliverance where is ginger, that progression is totally discretionary – he will provide you with the area of the subsequent charcoal-burners’ camp in any case.

The subsequent camp is found north from Neuhof. Try not to be stressed over the size of the region on the guide that you need to look at Kingdom Come deliverance where is ginger, the camp is not difficult to track down. Follow the main principle way north. The camp is at its end (the image). Talk with the nearby representative. You get one more opportunity to utilize pay off yet this progression isn’t needed in your examination. You currently know the area of the third camp.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where is Ginger

The last, third, charcoal-burners’ camp is found west from your present area. Arrive at it by following one of the ways that run along the waterway.

Ginger in a Pickle Walkthrough

To see as Ginger and address the secret of the desperados’ attack, you want to track down the charcoal-burners, similar to the ones in the camps toward the South. There are multiple ways of tracking down Gingers area.

  • Ride south on your pony until you come to the charcoal-burners camp. Talk with their representative and discover that your ginger is in another palace.
  • Ride to the following camp set apart on your guide north of Neuhof and converse with individuals there. They will send you to one more charcoal-burners camp.
  • Talk with the twins there and he’ll request that you kill a few outlaws for data about Ginger.
  • Scan the market region on the guide for the criminals and kill the two scoundrels and report back to the twins.
  • Track down Ginger on the marker and question him concerning what occurred in Neuhof.
  • Report back to Captain Bernard and Sir Radzig.