How to Check Weapon Combos in Tower of Fantasy

How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, there is a progression of various weapon combinations that exist in Tower of Fantasy, each with their corresponding impacts depending on the weapon loadout that the player wound up selecting out of the program of weapons that they as of now have available to them. Using weapons of matching classes or having explicit sort arrangements in Tower of Fantasy help to give players extra rewards called reverberation, which is critical to consider if players have any desire to capitalize on their weapon loadout in the game, regardless of the situation that they find themselves in.

How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy

How to Check Weapon Combos in Tower of Fantasy

The combo list is genuinely all around concealed for such a significant aspect of battle. To get to it, you really want to get to the Survival Guide, which you open by pressing the interjection point button underneath the minimap.

When you’re in the Survival Guide, look over the left-hand menu right down to the bottom to uncover the Weapon Skill submenu. Click on it to show the combo list for each weapon type in the game.

Note that regardless of a weapon’s unique case How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, it will have a similar center moveset. The main genuine distinction between bows, lances, fights and other weapon bunches that have weapons at various rarities will be their component and improvement capacity.

Learning another weapon observes similar guidelines as learning some other new expertise. You’ll need to prepare it and update it however much as could be expected, then bring it into the overworld and use it against low-level foes to discover how it handles. Attempt the essential combos How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, then, at that point Spicy Burger Recipe, see where different moves link into them, and attempt to find the ideal arrangement. The more agreeable you become with a combo string, the higher the trouble of content you ought to endeavor until you arrive at your expertise limit. Remain at that level until you begin making progress again, then take your test much higher.

How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy

How to Access Weapon Resonance

Go to weapons and snap on Balance, an image with a triangle. From Balance, you will be coordinated to Weapons Resonance Effect. There is a rundown of impacts you can decide for the player, and every weapon’s reverberation permits you to pick a combination of these three jobs.

In Balance, you can prepare one of every weapon of any kind. It increases final harm and decrease by 5% and break and healing impact by 20%. Joint effort increases final endlessly harm decrease by 20%.
Mettle: Equip two safeguard type weapons to initiate courage. This increases harm decrease by 25%, break by 60%, and aggro by 800%. Joint effort further lifts harm decrease by 20%.


Alongside the natural sort, weapons are additionally ordered into three unique classes, these are guard, backing, and assault. You can prepare up to three weapons onto a person. Depending on the combination of impacts you execute How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, you might make a reverberation impact. The following are the Resonance impacts depending on which weapon types you pair together. To sort out which classification your weapon has a place with, it ought to have a symbol close to its component type which will either be a red blade for assault, a golden safeguard for protection or a blue in addition to for help.

Weapon Resonance Effects are set off after equipping two weapons of similar kind or three weapons of various sorts. In return, you will obtain fixed impacts that are additionally increased while participating in group play game modes, like Joint Operation How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, Dimensional Trials, and the sky is the limit from there.