Best way to get Water in Stranded Deep

Best Way to get Water in Stranded Deep

This guide will help you to find Best Way to get Water in Stranded Deep. However, regardless of being encircled by sea, drinking water isn’t not difficult to get. So how would you get water?

By pressing triangle on a PlayStation regulator, you can see your details in Stranded Deep. Your thirst meter is possible the one that will purge the fastest. All things considered, you’re out in blistering intensity; staying hydrated is critical to your endurance. In any case, getting drinking water doesn’t come simple. This is the way to get water.

Stranded Deep is a famous endurance computer game delivered in April last year. Created by Bar Group Games, Stranded Deep is about an arrangement crash survivors struggling to deal with their craving and thirst levels in the Pacific Sea. There are numerous ways to keep yourself alive and hydrated in Stranded Deep.

Best way to get Water in Stranded Deep

How to collect water in Stranded Deep


There is various ways to get water in Stranded Deep yet the most straightforward one is to get through the Coconut. Finding Coconuts in the Pacific Sea is very simple. To drink water, you just have to get Coconuts and hit them once. On the off chance that you hit them two times, it will be broken into two pieces, making it more straightforward for you to eat.

The best thing about Coconuts in Stranded Deep is they don’t go spoiled and players can collect an enormous number of Coconuts to extinguish their hunger for days.

Quwawa Berries

The second strategy that you can use to get by in the Pacific Sea is to eat Quwawa berries. After eating Quwawa berries, it will top off hunger as well as thirst level in Stranded Deep. Dissimilar to Coconuts, you can’t stockpile Quwawa berries for a really long time since they get ruined rapidly.

Water Still

The Water Still is viewed as the best way for creating a more sustainable wellspring of water in Stranded Deep. To make it, players should make them lash, three rocks and one canvas. When created, the Water Still can have the option to hold up to five drinks of water.

In the event that you wish to store water and convey it all through your excursion, you can do as such by creating a Coconut jar. To get the fundamental Coconut Cup, you will require one Lashing and one Coconut, which can undoubtedly be tracked down in the Pacific Sea.

Best way to get Water in Stranded Deep

Can you boil water in Stranded Deep?

A Water Still is valuable as a sluggish however sustainable wellspring of new water, where the Water Collector can be utilized to boil and collect salt water. Alongside thirst, another imperative has been added – Rest.

Does rain fill water still Stranded Deep?

Episodes of rain are viewed as significant de-buffs, as they keep the player from securely crossing from one island to another, because of the low perceivability through the haze. However, rain is likewise thought to be useful, as it can refill the Water Still and Farming Plots with new water.